10 Celebrities Who Look Younger than their Age

Have you ever tried watching celebrities on Hollywood movies or TV series and wondered what their real age is? Yes, you might want to believe that they got the role because the person they are playing is the same age as what they are. However, I’m sorry to bust your bubble now because they are actually way older than that!

It seems that they’ve been fooling around the audience for a while and they are really doing a good job because you wouldn’t even have guessed that a person playing the role of the mid 20s is actually on their 40s already. Are you ready to get jealous to those celebrities who look younger than their real age? Then, read on!

10) Alyson Hannigan

Are you a fan of the TV series like Buffy or How I Met Your Mother? Then, you might recognize this face. We’ve been seeing her face since she first came out on Buffy and we know her better as Lily Aldrin on How I Met Your Mother. Despite the fact that she has been playing the role of a New York girl in her mid-20s, she is already in her 40s now!

9) Brad Pitt

Who wouldn’t know this very handsome guy despite that he is already in his 50s? This actor from the movie with the title “The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button” would surely leave you hanging on what his real age is so that you can check if you guys can still be together or not. Ladies, I know that you’ve asked that once or twice.

8) Paris Hilton

Her iconic curly blonde hair and pink tote bag with a chihuahua inside would surely remind you of how young Paris looks. Despite the fact that she is in her mid-30s, a lot of people perceived her as someone who’s just on her 20s! Talk about fashion sense; this actress could really do a good job by adjusting her style to look younger.

7) Cicely Tyson

Those who have been watching How To Get Away With Murder would recognize this actress as Ophelia Harkness and believe it or not, she’s been doing a lot of TV series since 1956. Guess how old she is? Cicely is actually 92 already! Talk about someone who doesn’t have the term aging in their physical dictionary, right?

6) Jared Leto

The joke is out because the actor who played the role of Joker has been fooling a lot of audience with his age. Since he has been wearing makeup in the movie, it might be hard to recognize what his true age is. However, you might be surprised a person who is already 45 years old could really pull off the role of a psychopath killer and be good with it. Hands down to your youth, Mr. Joker.

5) Jennifer Lopez

The list has been some of the famous people you may know. But, the next one would surely make all those hot mommas bow down because J.Lo is on the floor! With all her famous songs going on, you might even wonder if she time traveled so she wouldn’t even age. As a matter of fact, she got even hotter! Where could she be hiding her pregnancy belly, if she even has one?

4) Elijah Wood

We all know that when Bilbo Baggins has been the owner of the ring, he ended up living for a very long time? Do you think Frodo still have the ring until today because Elijah Wood seems to be not even aging at all! If he asks your hand for marriage, do you think he would offer that ring as well so that you wouldn’t age as well?

3) Vin Diesel

People say that baldness is a sign of aging. But not for our bad boy Vin! One of the stars of Fast and Furious has been going around looking the same while his co-stars look a bit older than him. Do you think the cars they are using has a factor on his youth? Then, maybe we could hitch a ride and go to immortality with him, right?

2) Johnny Depp

From the owner of the chocolate factory up to a drunk pirate, Johnny has been one of the hottest actors around despite that he is already in his 50s. Now, who wouldn’t be in love with his beard or his sexy eyes? Even when it comes to his roles, everything is as versatile as it could get and you might even wonder, is this guy still in his 20s or 30s to be able to handle such roles? Well, for him, nothing is impossible. He might be drinking water from the Fountain of Youth, aye?

1) Patrick Stewart

Okay, maybe you think Professor X is on his 50s because of his role in X-men. We don’t even know if he is older or younger than Logan. But what we are aware is that Patrick Stewart is already on 72! Can you imagine that? Maybe he’s been using the powers of his students so that he could travel back in time and look younger than ever.

Whatever kind of magic or supernatural phenomenon they are doing, they are certainly doing a good job in making themselves look so young. Who knows, you can try taking a picture of yourself ten years later and compare it to them again and see if they have been really aging. If not, perhaps it’s time that we also dive into their world so we can experience the youth they have.

Even going again with the list makes me want to turn around and look at what kind of lifestyle have I been doing that I look older than my age. Maybe I can get a tip or two from these famous stars.

Did you love the list that I made? Do you also agree that life is unfair because these people were blessed with the young look? If you liked my list, you can comment your opinions about this article and be free to share it with others as well.