10 Signs that Your Acne is Hormonal and How to Treat it

Each one of us take a good care of our face because we know the possible consequences when we don’t clean it thoroughly. Who wants to have an acne breakout a day before your big photoshoot, right? However, there are really circumstances that breakouts are inevitable because it is hormonal.

When you talk about hormonal acne, it refers to your internal body processes like estrogen and progesterone changing and our physical body responds to it, resulting to blemishes, pimples and even acne. Now, is it even possible that you can treat them? Yes, you can! By simply knowing the 10 signs that your acne is hormonal and how to treat it, you can easily say goodbye to those breakouts that you are not very happy to welcome in your face.

1. Oily face leading to acne formation? No Problem!

Androgen is one of the hormones that is present to both males and females. However, during the growing progress of the person, depending on their lifestyle and environment, it may decrease or increase the hormonal level of that specific hormone and if it is the former, it may cause interference on your hair follicles due to increased production of oil that would lead to acne.

If you want to stop this symptom in contributing to your facial problems, we suggest that you use anti-androgen drugs that could decrease the androgen level of a person. In that way, your hormones won’t need to act up that might result you having acne breakouts on your face. You can also use Aldactone because it has anti-androgen effects as well despite being used as a treatment for high blood.

2. Is it a mild acne breakout? Immediately go for the fastest remedy

Sometimes, hormonal acne can be mild because it is a cycle that comes every now and then like when a woman is experiencing her menstruation cycle. In this case, you can use retinoids, which is a product from vitamin A. This could help your hormones balanced, avoiding some effects of the cycle like increased oil production on your face and dead skin cells increasing.

You can purchase retinoid creams, gels or even lotions on stores and they are available to purchase over the counter. But, it is highly recommended that you consult your doctor first to get a prescription regarding this because each type has different strengths and skins have also different levels of sensitivity. In that way, you are assured that no problem would occur further and the effectiveness will be apparent. Since skins in your face is very sensitive, the products you should use should be carefully picked. If you want the safer way, you can go natural by using some products that can be found in the environment or in your house.

Note: If you will use retinoid products on your day to day basis, be sure to apply sunscreen daily or as much as you can, avoid too much exposure on sunlight because this product could increase the chances of getting sunburns.

3. Are you experiencing inflammation on your skin already? You can use a natural remedy!

Basically, when you have a hormonal acne, you don’t need to purchase every product that you can use because you can whip up something out of the natural stuff around you. For example, if you are experiencing an increased level of inflammation in your skin, you can use tea tree oil to relieve the symptoms to avoid formation of acne further.

If you don’t have one available near you, just purchase a product that contains it because there are a lot of them in the market like cleansers or toners. In preparing the remedy for your face, make sure that you mix the tea tree oil with carrier oil before using it. Unlike other oil around, tea tree is actually good for your skin and doesn’t damage it because the effects are actually soothing, making it smoother to avoid stress in your face.

Tip: Remember that it is very important to do a skin test first before using this remedy on your skin. To test if you would not have negative effect with the tea tree oil remedy, you can try applying it inside your forearm first and leave it for 24 hours. If no irritation or inflammation occurs, then it is considered safe to be applied anywhere even o your face.

4. Or do you prefer a more natural remedy for your inflammation? If you do, there is a solution as well.

We all know that drinking tea could be beneficial not only on our internal body but also on the outside because there are some teas that could have effects like decrease aging effects or even to lose weight. In the case of hormonal acne, you can use green tea and apply it on your face because it is well known to decrease the inflammation. If you want to be healthy inside and out, you can also drink green tea at least 2 cups a day. If you prefer to purchase products that contains green tea, you should get those that have at least 2% of green tea extract so you are assured that it would give your face some benefits.

Green tea is actually a good product for your skin because it is a natural extract from leaves that could decrease the signs of aging by making it relaxed.

5. Do you have dead skin cells that clogs your pores? Use Citrus!

One of the symptoms that your acne is hormonal is the excess dead skin cells cause by fluctuations on your hormones. These dead skin cells would cause your pores to plug and would cause acne or even pimple breakout. If you want to remove those dead skin cells, you can use citrus fruits full of Alpha hydroxy acids or AHAs.

Scrubbing citrus fruits on your face can remove the dead skin cells and could also minimize acne scars to appear. There are also beauty products in the market that has this acid like masks and creams. However, remember to place sunscreen because it could also increase the sensitivity of your skin to sun just like the retinoids. Since they also contain citric acid, it can actually make some layers of your skin peeled of, basically exfoliating your face as well. However, since the new layers of skins are still new and fragile, it needs additional protection so that it wouldn’t get contaminated.

6. Stressed out? Take a break!

Believe it or not, stress can be a huge contributor to hormonal acne because we have a stress hormone inside our body which is called as cortisol. If you experience a lot of stress due to work, kids, home, or even a passenger trying to pick a fight with you, it will affect that hormone and may lead to inflammation on your skin and result to formation of acne on your face.

That is why as much as possible, you need to take a break and relax for a while. Take 10 deep breaths if you feel like bursting out or enroll in yoga classes to make your mind peaceful. Healthy diet can also be beneficial for you to decrease the hormonal level of cortisol by eating fruits and vegetables. If you have spare time, you can go to the mountains and hike to get away from the stressful city and enjoy the green leaves that could calm your mind.

7. Or better yet, fight bacteria causing acne

Even though we say acne can be hormonal, external factors could still affect the chances of a person getting an acne breakout. Since bacteria is everywhere, we can catch it anytime and anywhere we go. That is why we need to have a protection against it and holy basil and sweet basil essential oils are claimed to be very effective in doing that job. As they say, prevention is better than cure, that is, you need to avoid getting the bacteria on your skin so that it wouldn’t get the chance to accumulate on it.

Aside from fighting bacteria from the outside, the holy basil oil tea could also be beneficial when consumed because it also helps maintaining healthy blood sugar as well as keep your hormonal level to balance. You can also use some products containing this essential oil like masks, cleanser or exfoliating recipes that you can also do at home. Since hormonal acnes are basically cause by hormones, it is significant that you drink or eat something that could balance it out. In that way, you can assure that from within your body, there wouldn’t be causes of your acne or pimple breakout.

8. Proper cleanliness could also help

Related to the previous item, you need to keep your face clean to avoid bacteria accumulation that would result to pimples, blackheads or even whiteheads. If you want to go for the natural way of cleaning your face, you can use a homemade honey facial wash. All you have to do is wet your face with warm water and massage it on your face down to the neck. Do this twice a day, morning and before sleeping.

It is important that you wash your face before sleeping because your full day outside could have caused accumulation of different kinds of bacteria accumulation on your face and the idea of leaving it overnight on your face is kind of revolting. Also, that would make the accumulation of pimples to be greater.

Note: You may think that cleaning your face more often would be better because it could assure that your face will be clean. However, that is not advisable because if you try cleaning more often, it may cause skin irritation and will result to more production of oil.

9. Still problematic on dead skin cells? You need to moisturize

As it was mentioned, dead skin cells accumulation could lead to your hair follicles to get clogged and would result to breakouts. In order to lessen the number of dead skin cells, you need to moisturize your face every now and then. Sometimes, it can be supper strong for some skin types, but they can use coconut oil as an alternative for that.

In using the coconut oil, place ¼ tsp of warm oil in your palm and smoothen it on your face and neck. Leave it for 5 minutes and wipe it off using a dry and clean cloth. You need to make sure you got all the oil or else, it would result in a breakout. This oil is for moisturizing your face so it wouldn’t add the oil being produced by your body.

10. Finally, healthy diet!

Yes, the food you are eating could cause hormonal acne to react because the sugar content you are eating could increase some of your hormones. That is why instead of eating unnecessary sugar, go for the more healthier way by eating green vegetables, berries and food rich in protein. The diet that you are eating could also affect how your hormones would react, that is why you need to be very careful when choosing what to eat.

If you are not that fond of vegetables, you can try meat of wild fish or chickens as alternative. As much as you can, avoid fatty food and if you are going for a meat, make sure that they are grass fed.

Did you enjoy the list of remedies that you can use to treat hormonal acne? This article is actually very beneficial, especially for women out there because we are more prone with this kind of problem. What are you waiting for? Try one of them now and comment below on your experience so that other people would also know its effects. You can also share it to your friends who have the same problem.