10 Things to Stop Doing if You Want To Live a Long Life

Life, as many would call it is relatively short. It can be pretty boring at first but once you are passing the age to maturity, you slowly realize how much time you have left and would usually think back on all of those days.

It’s pretty normal to think so because we are all people and we tend to think to about things that we could have done with so much time. However, the right attitude is not to live with the past but learning, what more we can do at the present and towards the future.

Sometimes, there are things that you do that can affect your aging and refraining from doing these things can help in reducing your aging process. Is it impossible? It can be possible and it won’t hurt if you decide to give it a try.

Life has a clock ticking and many people are looking for ways on how they can slow down their own biological clocks. It can vary from those in their 20s to their 30s and 40s and even all the way to your 70s. what you should bear in mind is that it is never too late when you want to start your life again, clean and fresh.

You can still find ways to turn around and discard of the things you used to do which is currently damaging your health. Its better that you are aware of these things rather than be naive for the rest of your life. Think it as a reset to life and a rebirth for your lifestyle as well.

1. Refrain From Eating Processes Foods If You Can

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It’s not surprising that you would want to eat processed foods nowadays. This is because they are available everywhere and are easy to eat and can fill your stomach within minutes. If you are a busy person then you would want to grab something to eat along the way and not bother cooking yourself a healthy meal at all.

One of the many changes that have affected the world for the past years is that people are consuming more processed foods. This means that more people ingest additional sodium, more sugar, more saturated fat, and less fiber sadly. Owing to this, more people are at risk of experiencing hypertension, diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular diseases.

A person should not consume more than 2,300 mg of sodium each day. For seniors, it can heighten their conditions such as high blood pressure, which is why they should avoid eating these kinds of foods. A lot of salt can actually come from eating things like based goods, food from convenience stores, restaurants and even cured meats and soup. Make it a habit of eating clean, consuming more fiber and eat more salads and frozen vegetables.

2. Refrain From Smoking

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This is bad news for smokers out there. This is because once you start smoking, quitting it can be a real pain.however, it is not impossible. You can still change if you want to, and if you are ready to give up smoking, there are plenty of ways where you can get the help that you need. It can help you to know that death by tobacco can always be prevented. When you smoke you are essentially taking away half of your life.

Event though you are aware that your body is succumbing yo the effects of smoking, what makes it something that you can get over with is that the body heals itself after you quit. This means that your body is not permanently damaged when you smoke and the sooner that you quite, the more time your body can spend healing it.

Things like you risking getting cancer decreases each day after you quit. Not only you but the people around you also benefit from you quitting because they will no longer be exposed to the deadly second-hand smoke.

3. Don’t Sit Still

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Whoever knew that sitting still can be dangerous to the health? Sometimes too much of something isn’t good at all and that includes activities such as sitting down. Many people would experience this because there are a lot of jobs that would require a person sitting for the entire days. This means that you don’t get to have enough exercise to keep your blood circulation flowing healthily.

A good thing to do would be to allot a certain time of the day to exercise. It doesn’t even have to be elaborate exercises as something like brisk walking is good enough. This is great not only for the health but also for the cardiovascular benefits of the body. You can reduce the risk of having related cardiovascular diseases as well as being overweight as you can lose pounds through the exercises.

Don’t be afraid to integrate small exercises in you’re a daily life, such as a small jog in the morning, or a simple workout that would take away a mere fifteen minutes of your time. You will feel better and more pumped up to work afterward.

4. Let Yourself Loose And Don’t Hold Grudges

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Sometimes, our emotions get the best of us. Being angry is a really tough feeling to carry around with you. This would depend on the occasions and the situations that you’re in, but it is definitely a heavy feeling that you hate to carry around.

When you are angry or stressed, levels of the stress hormone tend to go up. This negative reaction from your body can affect you negatively as it affects your metabolism, immune system, and most of all your heart.

The scary thing is that most mortality has been associated with high cortisol results. As much as possible let go of your feelings of hatred and make your mind and body feel free and happy again. Nothing can come out of a grudge and it can also slowly destroy you and your happiness, the more that you think about it.

5. Don’t Be Antisocial

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There are positive and negative effects when it comes to keeping to yourself most of the time. The good thing is, you are more relaxed with yourself and you don’t have to worry about what others think of you. This is good in some ways, but you should not shut yourself off from meeting others and opening up to them about your problems.

Being social can help lengthen your lifespan. This is because you will be able to manage the stress that you feel and being confident and happy can also increase your immune system.

You can find strength in establishing connections with other people and having good relationships with them can help bring up your inner self-confidence and also help you show your personality to others.

When you have someone to talk to, you can find it easy to empty out your grief by talking to someone about the recent events in your life. They can help uplift your mood and generally brighten your day. It can be your colleagues, your old school friends, and even your family members, good communication can help you and your mood a lot.

6. Don’t Think That Only Big Changes Count

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It doesn’t always mean that if you change something big in your lifestyle, that it would create a huge impact on your body immediately. Bear in mind that it isn't how big the changes are that matters, but how consistent you can be with these changes.

Sometimes, all you need is one small change in your daily life and something that you can easily adjust to in order for you to achieve your goal. It shouldn’t be big or something you know you can’t cope up with, it can be simply jogging every day or eating a healthy serving per meal and so on.

Simple things such as sleeping early, waking up and doing your morning exercises, cooking your own food instead of buying outside or taking food from the outside and so much more. These are just simple changes, but as you can see, they are easy to follow and can be effectively assimilated in life.

7. Don’t Be Afraid To Get Healthy

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There is a huge difference when it comes to people who are generally concerned about that health with those that are afraid to know it. Make sure that you go and visit your doctor regularly. Have check-ups, if you are not feeling well go see a specialist check what’s going on in your body.

Being afraid of what the results are is a wrong way to handle the situation. It will only worsen over time and this does not help with your overall health either. There is a saying that goes “Better safe than sorry”, which means that it's better that you tackle the problem head on, rather than wait for the terrible consequences.

8. Sleep Well

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It is very tempting to stay up all night every day. You may so many things to do and you feel like working all through the night is more productive. For your body, it is not. Sleep is the only time where your body heals and repairs itself if you have been working all day or have been using your body for the entire day, you should give it a rest by the end of the day.

Don’t overuse your body because it could have repercussions in the end. Sleeping too little, or lesser than six hours or even more than nine hours can put you to a greater risk of death. Your quality of life is in danger and a simple reminder of getting a good night’s sleep once in a while will not harm you. A good sleeping pattern can take off risks of having depression, stress, and even heart disease.

9. Don’t Indulge Stress Eating

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Everyone may have fallen victim to this. Eating out of stress makes people feel better about themselves. This is because you find enjoyment with the food that you eat and it makes you feel better overall. However, this is not healthy for the body at all. Things like anger and stress affect the body and can even shorten your life. Try to improve your life by reducing the stress that you feel, there are other ways that you can do this.

You can try writing your thoughts through a diary or a journal, you can also try meditating and clearing your thoughts. There are a lot of benefits when you meditate and it is even said to contribute to the longevity of life. Release yourself from the tension and stress that you feel and you will start to see the world in a different way.

10. Refrain From Putting The Blame On Your Genes

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Blaming other factors for something that you are experiencing isn’t always the best idea. When your family has a short lifespan, it doesn’t mean that it is their fault. There have been studies that show, only a third of your longevity potential is caused by genetics. This means that mainly, your lifestyle and how you live your life is the main cause of how long you get to live.

There are many things such as your diet, the amount of exercise that you get, risks you are exposed to, toxins in the environment you are exposed to, stress, being conscious about your health, and strength of your social relationships, that affect how you live. These are what most researchers call as modifiable risk factors.

It’s Time To Change, And The Time Is Now

Are you satisfied with our list? Did it inspire you to improve your way of living?

Just as how many people would say, you live only once, and that is true. That is why it is important that you learn how to take good care of your body and your health as soon as possible. The earlier the better, if you want to live your life to the fullest, try to live it the longest.

You never know what life has in store for you which is why you should always be prepared to face it. Taking care of your body and health is like giving back to it. You rely on your body so much that it also needs to be pampered and taken cared of at times. Do not ever take your body for granted because it will all still come back to you in the end.

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