10 Wedding Hairstyle Ideas For The Lovely Bride

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In Greece, bride-to-be’s believe that choosing the best wedding dress is the soul of the event. While there is some truth to this idea, it is the hairstyle that will actually represent your day. After all, why do we wake up one day and say that we are having a ‘bad hair day’? You certainly would not want to experience it on your wedding day.

Just image yourself looking into your wedding photos as you reminisce your big day. Do you see yourself smiling proudly at the way you look? Or disappointed at your choice of hairstyle? Of course, you would not want nothing but the best. To help you out, we have listed the top 10 wedding hairstyle idea for the lovely bride.

These styles will give you the assurance that regardless of the style you choose, you will look at yourself as the most beautiful on your wedding day!

1. The Back Style

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Looking for a style that will make you look grand, yet natural on your wedding day? Leave the braids behind and choose a half up-half down option in this style. Braid your hair (or have someone do it) in the middle, and let the rest of the hair flow down. If you are not naturally wavy, create some with a curler.

2. The Woven Braids

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While creating a full-braided hair gives you an elegant overall look, braiding half-way gives that different twist. This hairstyle is not the typical braid, but a combination of weaving and braiding in one. You will never go wrong with this style on your wedding day!

3. The Flowy Waves

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If you are naturally wavy, why not let it flow on your wedding day! In this way, you do not have to worry about choosing the finer details of your hairstyle, but simply choose a hair ornament that will further accentuate the waves.

4. The Side Curls

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Having side curls border between elegance and sexiness. This will also allow you to further emphasize the beauty of your hair by using flowery ornaments and accents. You can even play with how you do the side curls, bringing up your personality in the game!

5. Hair Lock

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This hairstyle will allow you to lock your hair, using your own hair, and not with pins or other accessories. This unique hairstyle will certainly standout during your wedding day. You have the option to introduce some ornaments and accessories, though looking as natural as it is works wonders too.

6. The Greek Goddess

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Do you want to look divine on your wedding day? Sporting a goddess band on top of your head will give you that look! This is easy to achieve since you can just choose to let those waves flow down your shoulder.

7. The Flowery Bun

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Buns let you play with your hair, and it also keeps it safe from mess. As simple as they are, you can make your hairstyle output elegant by introducing some flowery ornaments to it. Aside from flowers, you can also choose other accessories to make your hair standout on your wedding day.

8. The Stylish Mess

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Not interested in having that ‘all-kempt-up’ look? Try some leaving some hairs behind unkempt with this look. This will look great when paired with buns, as much as it looks amazing on flowy hairstyles as well.

9. The Divine Style

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You deserve nothing but looking like an actual goddess on your wedding day. Aside from letting your wedding dress do the job, you can also play with your hair so that you can achieve this hairstyle.

10. The Chignon Petal Pushing Style

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The Chignon is a signature wedding hairstyle. There are many variations to it, and you can choose the one that best represents your style and preferences. You may opt to add accessories, or just leave it be – a style that shouts of elegance and class.


Indeed, your choice of hairstyle on your wedding day will serve as one of the most important factors that will lead to the event’s overall success. It will also create a statement for yourself, as well as that of your groom. These said, there is no doubt that choosing the best hairstyle for your wedding day should be given utmost consideration.

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