12 Popular Haircuts to Keep your Masculine Looks

Hair is a part of our body that we should take care of properly because there are some types of people who judge us base on our hairstyle. Sometimes, it even defines our whole personality by just simply looking at our hair! As a male, hair can be one of your assets to get the attention of girls. That is why if you want to express yourself through hairstyle, this article will introduce you to the 12 popular haircuts to keep your masculine looks. If you are the type of guy who is always being mistaken as a girl, perhaps changing your hairstyle could make the difference.

Haircut are essential factor that affects your overall appearance. There are some styles that would make you look good; others might just end up making you look older than what your real age is. So, if you are looking for popular haircuts nowadays, keep reading the article and get one or combine two of the hairstyles to be more creative.

1. Brush up that hair to make you look younger

Apparently, the brush-up hairstyle is very associated with young men because it shows their energy in their youth that they are ready for anything. However, not all men could pull it off because it gains a lot of attention from others, and sometimes, there is a physical body requirement to be able to make this hair stand out. Usually, men with small to medium physiques can make this look. However, if you are not a fan of using too much hair products on your hair, then you might want to reconsider this one. But, if you are aiming to look younger than your age and fool anyone you come across, then this hairstyle might be your thing.

2. Want to look tough? Use Undercut!

These men hairstyle would make you look tough because the overall appearance it would make to your face is someone who looks like a fighter or a bad boy or simply described as someone who can be a bit of intimidating. You can make it less tough looking by adjusting the style and softening the harshness in the hair. If you are not a type of guy who doesn’t take care of their hair that much, this is not ideal for you because it needs a lot of grooming or else it might end up looking very messy. Also, if you don’t want to get mistaken as a bad guy or a thug, perhaps you can be more creative by adding a bit fade on the side, or you might just want to skip this one.

3. Bored with the usual short hair? Go for the long one

Despite the fact that long hairs are being associated with women, there are also men out there who can pull of a long hair and would still look as manly as they could get. Ever seen Jack Sparrow with his wig on Pirates of the Caribbean? Or Jared Leto back then with his long hair before he cut his hair for the role of Joker? You can also do that by using the California rocker style. Based from its name, it is majorly used by people who wants to rock out the night or pulling off the bohemian look. Just make sure that you still take care of them properly or you might end up having split ends or dull look on it. If your hair is super straight, you can add some waves on the bottom so it wouldn’t look dead. Also, if you can, add some volume on the ends.

4. Experiencing extreme heat? Get cool with a Buzz

Since not all men are that dedicated when it comes to styling their hairs, they prefer to have it as short as they can or even go for bald look. Though, if you still want some style in a very short hair, you might want to try Buzzcut hairstyle because it is low maintenance plus it could easily grow back in its old length. However, you need to make sure that you trim every part of it every now and then because there might be parts of your hair that grows faster than the others and it would look off if you don’t trim it. A body and face shape like Zac Efron could easily pull of this kind of haircut and you can be more creative if you want to add a few beard and mustache with it.

5. Or if you prefer to go classic, try fading in with the stylish haircut around

There are a lot of men out there who tries out the style of fade haircut because it is very subtle and stylish at the same time. Aside from that, this hairstyle is a good choice for men who has a square shaped face in order to balance out their look. So, if you are one of those men who has that face shape, this is a good choice for you with a combination of long hair on the top. This hairstyle can also be awkward especially when it starts to grow longer. You need to trim some parts every now and then so that you can maintain the fading effect of your hair. Aside from that, be sure to use some hair products to keep your long hair in place and wouldn’t hinder on the side where your fade is.

6. Be versatile with Caesar

If you want a hair style that is suitable to any kind of face shape and body type, you can go for the Caesar haircut because it can also be pulled of not only on the professional world but as well as in the casual ones. If you don’t spend enough time to your hair, this can be an ideal style for you because it doesn’t need that much hair products and very easy to manage. Despite the simplicity of the style, it still represents strength of a man. Back then, this kind of hairstyle is associated with people who are in high power like Julius Caesar because of the simplicity it portrays. It wants other people to keep the simplicity as well and the leaders are the role models for that.

7. Get The Nerdy Look

Everyone loves a guy who is sophisticated or an adorable nerd that would make them flutter. Despite the fact that the two personalities mentioned are very different from one another, achieving their look can be done in a single style which is the side part. If you are a big fan of Leonardo DiCaprio or Clark Kent, then this hairstyle might be something you can also try for yourself. The overall appearance would make you look hot but at the same time, the hair will create the image that you are intelligent and knows a lot of things. Believe it or not, there are still some ladies out there who prefer to have an intellectual partner than a handsome one. With this hairstyle you can be both at the same time.

8. Or, go for the simple Style

If you think that the list so far has been too much for your style, you can try the close-cropped hair cut because it shouts out simplicity but has been a classic for a very long time now. It can work with every type of hair, face and even body physique. If you are the type of person who wants to stay looking clean and neat but wants to add your own style, you can try this one and be creative with what you can do. Since this is close to getting bald, you might want to add some few cuts like a mohawk or fade in the side so that you can have variation.

9. If you want to stand out with your style, go to the popular classic

If you are looking for a hairstyle that is easy to manage, keeps the shape all day long and doesn’t require too much products or trimming, then the short back and sides can be a good haircut for you. One good thing about this style is that it can work with any kind of faces and you would surely still be able to steal the limelight because of the overall personality it can give you. This hairstyle could really give out the manly look because of the shape it gives and would make your face stand out more, which is something a man could say that it is his features.

10. Do you have medium length hair? Perhaps you can try going with the flow

The hockey hair or wings haircut is a style that is commonly done by a lot of professional hockey players and surfers. However, this hairstyle is not that easy to maintain because you really need to take care of it properly to retain its flow. Despite the fact that the appearance it gives to the guy is a bit carefree, maintaining it needs a bit of dedication. But, the good thing is that you won’t need hair products like wax or gels, but you need patience to achieve this. It might be surprising that this kind of hairstyle is something hockey players would do because they always wear a helmet. But that is actually the thing here. To achieve the waves on the bottom part of their hair, they need a hat or helmet to make it happen.

11. Another style for medium length hair? Do a man bun

They say tying up your hair is only for girls. But who said that men couldn’t pull that off? Of course they can also do a ponytail to their medium length hair and roll it to make a man bun. Despite the fact that the hair is long, it would still look very masculine especially when accompanied with a beard. This look actually looks like a man in stone age who has long hair. It suggests a great masculinity. Just look at Khal Drogo of Game of Thrones, and you would really portray him as someone who is really a man of power.

12. Finally, Mohawks are still manly

Even though this has been very popular to rock stars, a lot of guys who wants to pull off a manly look would go for this style because the baldness on the sides plus the upper part longer makes them look very cool and punk. That is why even girls who prefer to look like boys would want this haircut because of the manly aura it emits. Although, some people tend to make some changes to make it not that much intimidating. You also have the option if you want to use a lot of hair products to make it straight up, or be a bit creative and do other things like a side sling. Also, you can combine it with a fade on the side if you want more flare. But then again, the main attraction here is your middle part of the hair. It should be properly groomed because this would be where people would be basing your hairstyle.

Did you like the list of haircuts mentioned in this article? You can try one of them and see what benefits you can get from it then you can share your stories to others by commenting below about your feedback. The hairstyles of men are very important as much as the article wants to provide guys out there some tips so that they can manage to get an outstanding look and maintain their manly image. If you liked this article, you can share it with your friends, especially guys you might know who can benefit from the information in here. Then, you can also comment your suggestion on the comment box and share your insights or experience when you tried the haircuts listed here.