14 Foods That Will Make You Look Older – Avoid Them While you Can

A lot of people worry about their looks nowadays. This can be because many people have become conscious nowadays. With the advancement of technology, almost everyone has access to phones with cameras and social media.

When you take a simple picture, you can immediately post them online where your friends and family can see. With that at hand, you can get comments from your friends saying your older or younger and so on. This is why you would probably think whether or not you need to be aware of how your lifestyle affects your appearance. You would want to look fresh and young all the time, also yo don’t want your friends thinking that you are overworked or stressed out because of how you look. Which is why the questions lead to, are you eating right?

What you eat affects a huge part of your body and your body develops according to your lifestyle. If there is something that goes wrong, it will be because of something within your body that you need to check. The kinds of food that you eat easily affect how your body develops and ultimately, how you would look on the outside.

Take this article as a simple advice on how you can improve your lifestyle and get rid of bad habits that can potentially damage your body and thus make you older than how you really are.

A List Of 14 Foods That Can Make You Look Older

1. Sweets

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This is probably one of the most common type of food that everyone eats and would find it hard to give up. Sweets contain a lot of sugar and too much sugar is never good for the body. If people consume a lot of sugar,more than how their cells can synthesize, the excess sugar molecules then bond with the proteins. This can lead to a process being triggered which affects the skin collagen. Collagen is protein that keeps the skin youthful and elastic. Sugar also damages the teeth which causes tooth decay and also discoloration.this is why if you don’t want to look like someone who has been staying at home and drowning himself in sweets, it’s better to steer clear away from them.

2. Alcohol

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A lot of people love to drink alcohol. This is because it can give them stress relief especially when they're tired or stressed out. However, too much consumption can lead to harmful effects on the body. If your liver functions well, the toxins which are affecting the skin are naturally expelled in the body. However, if your liver is not functioning well, the toxins are not broken down properly and your skin can experience various issues such as wrinkles, sallowness, and acne. In addition, alcohol is also not good for the sleep. It dehydrates the body and lessens your chances of a good sleep. Having inadequate sleep is actually linked to uneven pigmentation, wrinkles, and even reduce skin elasticity.

3. Charred Meat

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Some people like seeing the black charred part of the meat, however this doesn’t give a good effect on your body when you ingest them. The charred part of the meat can cause the collagen on the skin to be damaged. This doesn’t mean that you should stop having barbecues, barbecues are amazing and if you love having them there’s nothing that can stop you.just make sure that when you find charred meat, scrape off the black chars and also clean your grill every time that you finish using it. Be hygienic and simply watch what you eat throughout the barbecue party.

4. White Wine

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Are you a fan of white wine? This next fact can be hard to take in, but it helps when you are aware of what it does to your body. White wine can actually damage your enamel and also stain your teeth. What you should be careful of would be to brush your teeth quickly after you drink it, this also applies with any other acidic drink that you may have consumed. Give your teeth time to heal because brushing your teeth immediately after acidic drinks actually encourages the erosion of your enamel. You should at least wait for about an hour before you brush your teeth after drinking.

5. Salty Foods

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If you love salty food, then this can also be bad news. Salty foods actually causes the puffy look. If you are cooking, make sure that you season it just a little amount of salt. Make sure that if you can, always go for fresh food. Pre-cooked foods are usually the ones that affect your body negatively which is why it is best to avoid them as much as possible,. look for ways where you can prepare only the freshest food that you can eat. Go for fresh salads as well as fish,fruits and vegetables as much as you can. Instead of using salt when you season your foods, you can also use fresh or dried herbs.you can also use fresh lemon juice as well as oil and balsamic vinegar or pepper. Don’t eat packaged or processed foods, and instead you can make your own food from whole food sources.

6. Processed Meat

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It is everyone’s favorite, but as they say, too much of something is not good for the body. Food such as Vienna sausages, bacon, and more can be detrimental to the health and also affect your youthful looks, these meat have sulfites within them as well as other preservatives. These preservatives trigger inflammation in the skin and can also accelerate the appearance of aging. Not only that but they also contain large amounts of salt which isn’t good for the body as well. If you can, always look for fresher food that you can prepare or eat. There are many of which that are available in the market for you. Basically, processed meats contain chemicals that generate N-nitroso compounds such as nitrate preservatives. Not only that but in some cases, they also create chemicals that increase the risk of cancer in the body.

7. Trans Fats

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Also have a look out for trans fats. This is food that can be dangerous for the heart. Not only that but it also causes your skin to age. Trans fats can promote inflammation and will make your skin vulnerable to UV rays. Make sure that you avoid products that have hydrogenated oil on their label. Trans fats are the fatty acids that are formed when the manufacturers turn liquid oils into solid fats. Such examples are hard margarine and shortening. Trans fats are created through hydro-generation wherein the vegetable oils are converted into solid fats through adding atoms. You can find trans fats in small quantities in pork, beef, milk, and butter. Mostly, they come from hydrogenated foods.

8. Red Meat

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Yet another and news for meat lovers. Red meat is delicious and it can really be a treat for meat lovers out there however too much of something is always bad for the health. Fat meat generates free radicals. These free radicals are molecules that have one electron instead of the common two. They are unstable and prone to snagging electrons from other molecules.this means that they can turn them into unstable cells. These free radicals can affect the ability of the skin to protect itself from harmful environment and at the same time prevents it from generating collagen that the skin needs. It is better if you choose to eat lean meat like chicken and turkey as well as eat lots of fruits and vegetables that are high in antioxidants.

9. Spicy Foods

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Spicy food lovers should also be aware if this. Spicy food aggravates blotches and can do the body damage especially in stages of menopause. This is where the blood vessels of the skin tend to be more reactive. It doesn’t mean that you don’t have to eat spicy foods all in all, just don’t eat too much of them. They can give you puffiness, spider veins and even redness. Spicy foods also produce a burning sensation on the skin as well as on the mucous membranes. This includes the inside of the mouth which can also be very painful that it can blister your palate and lips, if not careful. Always control what you eat to an extent.

10. Energy Drinks

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Even drinks can make you old nowadays. Even though energy drinks are there to give your body a boost of strength they also have adverse effect on the teeth. If you are in need of an energy drink, the best option would be to drink it from a straw. This will limit its contact with your teeth and will reduce the risk of damaging it.

11. Caffeine

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Caffeine does not escape from the list because it is just the same as any other diuretic out there. This means you are excreting fluid when you drink it. This depletes your body of the moisture you need. Things that can dehydrate you will dehydrate your skin, thus you look older, wrinkled and simply dull.

12. Coffee

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Alarming news for coffee lovers out there. Your body dehydrates because of the caffeine content and it also damages your teeth. A lot of acidic beverages create microscopic pores on the surface of the teeth enamel. This will cause an erosion on the teeth over time. Not only will you look better when you lessen your intake of coffee, but it will also give positive feedback from your health. You should not forget to drink a glass of water every after drinking coffee. Water contains neutral pH that washes away the acid.

13. Sugared Lemon Juice

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Drinks like lemonade can damage the enamel of the teeth. That’s why it is important that you also should drink a glass of water after drinking lemonade to wash away the acidity. Don’t brush your teeth immediately and wait for at least an hour before you do so. If you don’t want to experience tooth plaque, do not add sugar to your lemon juice.

14. Black Tea

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A lot of people who enjoy drinking black tea usually have problems with stained teeth. This is because of the high tannin content of the tea. There have also been studies published which reveal that milk reduces tooth stains, on the other hand, citric acid in lemon makes the enamel have more pores. This means that your teeth is very much vulnerable to stains once the pores are large enough.

Keep These In Mind And Prevent Further Aging

Did you learn something new with this article? Are you now able to identify which foods you should eat and which ones you should avoid?

It’s easy to eat everything that you like because you feel better in eating them, but it is important to remember that not everything is good for the body. If you want to stay young looking, you should always look out for your skin. Everything you eat will affect your skin which is why you ought to consider your diet seriously.

There are many healthy options that you can always choose from and with time, you can learn how to adjust to them, living a healthy life would not only make you look young and fresh, but it will also help make your body stronger, immune to sickness, and best of all healthy.

Make it a point to adjust your diet over time. You can begin with salads and then gradually go to eating fruits and vegetables. Refrain from eating fatty foods especially those high in cholesterol. They are not the only bad for your skin, but they are also bad for your heart.

Bear in mind that your diet plan should not only be for cosmetic purposes, but it should also be for the well-being of your body. Healthy food is equal to healthy life and even living longer.

Any interesting thoughts with the article? Did our list give you ideas on what other things you can do to prevent aging through foods? If you liked out content, don’t forget to like and share it with your friends!