15 Best Beard Styles for Men

It seems that growing beard has become a trend in the recent months, isn’t it? Even the so-called ‘millennials’ are enjoying this fashion, as seen in the way images of these bearded guys start appearing on social media, and in the streets. As a new generation is coming in, new styles have also surfaced.

If you are interested in growing beard yourself, here are the 15 best beard styles for men. You do not have to be stuck on what you think is the ‘only’ way to grow a beard. In fact, you would be delighted to know that there are several ways to sport a beard. This list will help you learn about them, and choose the best one for your own.

This list includes not just the style, but also the way in which you can achieve it. I am sure you would be able to decide what beard style suits you after reading the article. Refer to the pictures and imagine whether it looks good on you. No need to go elsewhere and ask around as you have everything that you need – right here!

1) Bandholz

As suggested by the name, this beard style was named after the founder of Beardbrand, Eric Bandholz. This is a good match for men who have oval, oblong, triangle, inverted triangle, as well as diamond face shapes. In-taking proper vitamins is important for beard growth.

This style may require patience when growing. You will have to go through looking patchy and quite unkempt, particularly throughout the first four months of growing your beard. After reaching a maximum length in 7 months, shape and cut it accordingly. This style stands out from the rest because you can keep it free.

2) Balbo

Dubbed as one of the most popular beard styles these days, the Balbo was made famous by none other than Mr. Iron Man himself, Robert Downey Jr. This is ideal for men with a narrow chin. A full beard is needed in order to have enough hair to shape to a Balbo look.

Aside from growing a beard, you also have to grow a mustache. Careful sculpting is needed using good razors in order to achieve this look. You may want to use an electric or disposable razor to remove hair from the sides, and a straight razor in shaping this beard style perfectly.

3) Circle Beard

The circle beard is often referred to as the ‘standard’ style of beard. It combines rounded goatee and mustache beard styles. Since this style gives a tidy look, it is a preferred option for men who want to keep their beard, and still maintain an attractive look.

You need to grow a reasonable length of hair in order to achieve this look. The way to achieve this can be fussy, so visiting a salon for professional help can be a good option in this regard. Once you observe the way to do it, you can start doing it on your own later on.

4) Friendly Mutton Chops

This beard style is more commonly known as the ‘sideburns,' as well as ‘side whiskers. It is ideal for men who have square or circular face shape. In order to achieve this look, allow your mustache and sideburns to grow until the ends meet. Shave hair on the chin, just until the bottom lip area. In order to make it even more standout, you can choose to allow your sideburns to keep on growing until they feel fluffy.

5) Extended Goatee

The extended goatee is also referred to as the Hollywoodian or the tailback. It combines a goatee and an actual mustache. It is different from the commonly known full beard because of the absence of the sideburns.

This style is ideal for men with oval and square face shape. Before shaping your beard accordingly, grow your beard into a soft stubble. Remove the hair from the sideburns, adjusting its width depending on your preferences. Keep your mustache the way it is.

6) Garibaldi

If you do not have enough time to make sure that your beard stays kept all the time, the Garibaldi look is the perfect option for you. It is the shorter version of Bandholz, which means that you still have to trim it from time to time. This is ideal for men with a rectangular or oval face.

To achieve this look, you need to be patient while growing your beard. It usually takes about four months to do so, depending on the speed of growth until reaching 15 to 20 cm. Afterward, trim and shape the bottom area once in a while to make it appear round. Give focus to your mustache, paying attention to the length so that the focus should just be on the beard.

7) Full Beard

The full beard is often regarded as the much preferred and therefore, the manliest among all beard styles. It is an attractive style because it has the capability to accentuate better your features. This is ideal for those with triangle, inverted triangle, and diamond face shapes.

This look is achieved by growing your beard first. This may be easier for those who are genetically blessed with hair all over their faces. All you have to do is to allow your hair to grow until it reaches medium stubble, evenly shaping it with a razor. It usually takes about six weeks before trimming to maintain the look.

8) Short Stubble

This beard style is often viewed as the simplest to achieve. It can also be easily maintained since there are no required ‘special methods’ for you to achieve the look. While it makes you look manly, it does not look untidy on you. This is also a perfect match for all face shapes.

Make sure that you do not shave your mustache and beard for 1 to 2 days. Trim it in order to maintain its short length. If hair grows above the cheeks, shave it from time to time to keep the look. You may also cut the growing hair on the neck area so that the stubbles are focused only on the lower part of your face. Make sure you have a proper neckline.

9) Imperial

The imperial style is actually a mustache which can be integrated with chin beards or sideburns in order to create that amazing look. Keep the beard simple though, so that the focus stays on the imperial mustache. This is ideal for those with oblong or rectangular faces. I am sure you will look like King Leonidas if you grow a bit more beard over it.

Keep your mustache unshaved for weeks or months, until you achieve whiskers with a length that is enough for shaping. Shave the hair near your mustache or your sideburns. Avoid trimming so that the beard looks natural. Curl the ends to achieve the look and maintain it by using mustache wax or beard oil.

10) Van Dyke

The Van Dyke beard style is a combination of a mustache and a goatee, but with delicate precision applied. Wait until you achieve long stubbles with your beard. Shape it slowly using a quality shaver, removing the hair on your neck, sideburns, and cheek. Leave it first, and shape the beard on your chin area, creating an inverted T. Allow the beard on your chin area to grow until reaching around 2 inches. Trim from one to time in order to attain the V shape. Wolverine has almost the same beard.

11) Medium Stubble

Medium stubble is the next option to keeping a short stubble. This is an ideal option for all shapes of faces. In order to achieve the look, your beard should not go beyond your neck and cheek area. Therefore, all excess growth should be trimmed or shaved. Make sure that the length does not go beyond 5 mm so make sure that you trim it from time to time, at least once a week. The beard style would make you look more professional.

12) Long Stubble

The long stubble beard style is, of course, longer than the short and medium stubble styles, measuring at around 5 mm. It is quite challenging to maintain since it needs to be trimmed really well in order to remove stray hairs, particularly those growing on the cheek, as well as those above your Adam’s apple.

Avoid shaving your week for a week or two, until you achieve a length of 6 mm. Make sure that it stays well-trimmed, making it look like a ‘shadow,' particularly on the lower 2/3rd part of the face. Remove the stray hair using a shaver or a trimmer. Dan Bilzerian is a perfect example of having such beard.

13) Royale Beard

The royal beard or the royal goatee style is a mustache which is anchored with a chin strip. It is a simple look to achieve. Use a styler to achieve the right length of your beard. Use a trimmer to even your beard hair out. Afterward, you can define the shape of your goatee, depending on your preference. In order to achieve the best results, you can keep your hair shorter on the cheeks and neck or make sure you trim your beard up to cheek line.

14) Short and Tapered

This beard style is preferred by those who have oval and round face shapes. It is quite simple to grow and is expected to blow your mind when done the right way. To achieve this look, you need to have a short hair, cut into well-defined lines right at the edges. You need to keep those sideburns almost invisible, in a fading way, into your mid-cheek.

Allow your mustache to blend into your beard, keeping the meeting point at similar length. Don’t forget to trim your beard so that it reaches just past the chin, and tapered to a rounded point. For a fuller look, grow a soul patch. Drake is a perfect example of having such beard.

15) Viking/The Warrior

If you want to try an unconventional style for your beard, the Viking/Warrior is the best option for you. You have to expect, however, that it may take a while for you to achieve this look, but when you finally do, it looks amazing. You can use scissors to keep the beard and mustache maintained.

The final output will give you that look of a Viking, which is amazing in its way. To achieve the look, grow your hair look, allowing the sideburns to flow to a full beard. Allow your mustache to grow too, and do not shape it. The secret lies just under the chin. Separate the beard after growing it long enough, and create two separate braids. Usually, Santa have this type of beard.

Do you like this article? We sure do! Rather than going around in circles attempting to create the best beard style for yourself, referring from the list above will help you choose the best one that will fit your style and preferences.

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