15 Home Remedies for Pesky Pimples and Acne

Does your skin have constant zits and breakouts? Are you having problems with the unending growth of pimples and acne? It can be annoying, too much in fact that it hurts more than physically. While some are gifted with the perfect skin, some of us have to struggle to deal with these blemishes and bad skin conditions and finding some alternative cure to keep our skin smooth and healthy. Though we can always bring it to the dermatologist, it can, however, be expensive. These 15 home remedies for pesky pimples and acne are easily available, inexpensive but greatly effective. And you know what else helps? Having a healthy lifestyle and quit stressing on trivial and petty matters that may trigger some hormonal imbalance.

1) Mask It with Egg Whites

While it makes a delicious and healthy breakfast, its protein content, however, can help combat the growth of acne, improves the skin tone and tightens the skin. Egg white mask makes a good moisturizer as it absorbs excess oily sebum from your face that traps dust and dirt. You can apply it with other natural ingredients as well for best results.

2) Combat with Papaya

Either by eating or using it as a powder or raw papaya mask, the antioxidants, chitinase enzyme and Vitamins A and C present in papaya works side by side for you to have healthy cells and eliminate acne. And it makes a great smoothie, so that’s hitting two birds with one stone.

3) Stir it with Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar (ACV) detoxifies and restores the PH level by balancing the alkaline level of your skin to regulate the oil production and eliminate the free radicals and other toxins that promote the growth of acne. So while you dress your salad with it, leave some to use as an astringent to dry out pimples too.

4) Cook your way with Oatmeal

You may use it raw to exfoliate or cook it to sooth the skin and prevent inflammation and irritation, either way, you have an anti-microbial agent that can kill these acne-causing bacteria. So keep those hormones in balance so you can eat all the oatmeal to your heart’s content.

5) And Pour Yourself Some Green Tea

No stranger to effective home remedies for different health concerns, and with high health benefits, unsurprisingly, green tea also helps fight all the fundamental causes of acne such as inflammation, insulin resistance, and hormones. As the study suggests, drink 3 to 6 cups per day to eliminate that irritating acne and get healthy in the process.

6) Make Use of Baking Soda

How does this work? I’m surprised that this too can cure pimples and acne. But backed by scientific research, baking soda actually contains amphoteric property that balances your skin’s PH level, and at the same time acts as an effective exfoliation that removes excessive oil, dirt and dead skin cells. After knowing the why’s, I bet you want to know the how’s too. It is pretty easy just by following these steps.

7) Eat and Apply Some Yogurt

Nourishing your skin both on the outside and inside, the lactic acid component of yogurt is a natural antibiotic that exfoliates and increases the production of collagen that promotes healthy and young-looking skin. The many types of yogurt also contain several bacteria that fight acne. Hence when eating, you can use a portion of it as a mask on your face for fast and better results.

8) Aloe Vera is the Answer

By just rubbing the fresh gel from the pulp directly to the skin, it already helps cure pimples and acne as it has an excellent moisturizing feature that revitalizes and rejuvenates the skin making it more elastic and toned. You can make homemade mask and creams as well with the use of several ingredients with aloe vera.

9) The Wonders of Turmeric

Turmeric swears on fighting this pimples and acne by curing the cause, which is the excess production of sebum oil that traps the impurities and clogs the skin pores, thereby promoting bacterial growth. Aside from that, it also kills acne bacteria, reduces inflammation, manages insulin and increases the antioxidants in your body. Do you like honey? You can spare some to mix it with this turmeric to apply to your acne and pimples as if you can use it with other ingredients too.

10) Apply some Olive Oil

With its many uses in cooking and preparing food, olive oil is a natural antibacterial that aids in killing acne-causing germs. And with its antioxidant component, it helps reduce acne scars as well. So, how to apply it to the skin? There are several ways. By pairing it with other kitchen staples, like lemon juice, garlic, apple cider vinegar and others, you can make a mask and apply it to your skin.

11) Crush it with Garlic

Can raw garlic actually help treat pimples and acne? Many people who tried it actually prove it to be effective. It is believed that the antioxidant, antiviral and antiseptic properties of this common food ingredient are what help cure pimples and acne. You can try and find out by following these steps. And the next time, you may be one of those giving the testimonials.

12) The Not So Secret Ice Cubes

They say ice is the secret pimple fighter, well it seems that it’s a secret no more as the word is already out. Ice cubes are perhaps one of the most convenient and available and the easiest to apply. It’s practically a no-brainer and there’s no other secret involve.

13) Feel the Orange Peels

As part of the citrus fruit family that contains a high level of Vitamin C makes oranges an active natural candidate for treating both acne and pimples. Don’t worry; you can eat the whole fruit without a problem as you will only need the peel to squeeze and dab on your skin for this procedure. Just be patient, and in few days, you will see its effect.

14) Get all Natural with Potato

If you have pimples and acne, probably the worst best advice is staying out of French fries and greasy potato fries. So it is probably a little confusing why we have a potato on the list of natural remedies. If it's not greasy and oily, it has a lot of health benefits, and one of it is treating acne and pimple by consuming both internally and externally because of its acne-fighting ingredients and properties.

15) Steam those pimples away

Either by getting all fancy and go to the salon for face steaming or pay for a steam room or rather use the old and cost-effective way of doing it at home with a bowl of warm water covered with a towel, steaming is proven to be good and healthy for the skin. Though it does not, however, clean out the pores alone, it, however, soften the pore blockage and blemishes for easier extraction.


So did you find the list interesting? Were you also amazed of some of these home remedies that are just sitting in our kitchen in plain eyesight, but we fail to recognize as an effective cure for this acne and pimples? These skin blemishes are surely very unpleasant that does not only affect us physically but also emotionally. We can get real and say, it does affect our self-esteem and self-confidence a great deal. Hence we should work on curing it. What is great with this, however, is that the treatment can be just easily available and yes, inexpensive.

Do you have any other natural remedies in mind to help cure these stubborn zits? Comment below so we can know about it. Let us all work in achieving a beautiful, clear skin. One way is by sharing this article. And that would be highly appreciated.