20 Makeup Tips and Tricks to Make You Look Less Tired

Women nowadays are not only contained within the house to take care of their family and household chores. They are now also working in the corporate world and doing what men could also do back then. Because of that, they also get tired but still need to look good for their work, especially when it is included in their job description. That is why they tend to invest a lot of money in buying makeup. Using cosmetics could have a big impact for women not only on their physical appearance but also on their internal aspect because making them look good also makes them feel good.

Though, not all kind of makeup works on all occasion, especially when you just had a rowdy night and needed to work the next day. That is why here are some few tricks that you can do to pull off that still fresh look despite being tired.

1) Use bright lipstick

A lot of different brands of makeup have different shades and types of lipsticks to choose from. There are nudes, matte, glossy, and even glitters to make you more even fabulous. But, one of the things that you can do in order to make you look less tired is to distract other people in looking on the overall appearance by highlighting a certain part of your face; in this case, your lips. It is recommended that you use bright colored ones so that it would stand out and hide the paleness as the effect of lack of sleep.

2) Bronzers are life-savers

Apparently, bronzers are not only used as a finisher in doing your makeup because it would be used as an overall glow for your face. With the effects of the bronzer, you are assured that your face would still look glowing and will hide the dullness due to being tired.

3) Facial Mists to Revive Your Face

After a long day at work, your face gets stressed up and would have different kinds of facial problems like dryness, or worse, pimples. That is why if you want to make your face feel revived after it died out of stress, use face mists and it would give your skin a natural glow because it is boosted with energy.

4) Blush is not only for people who flush

Your cheeks are turning pink due to embarrassment or romantic moment could really make you look alive because of the flow of the blood in your face. However, it shouldn’t only be during those times. Conceal your pale face by applying a light blush on your cheeks to make you look more alive

5) Concealers are not only on dark circles

One of the common mistake people do when concealing their dark circles caused by tiredness is the wrong application of it. The proper way of placing a concealer is by applying it under your eyes and make an inverted triangle up the tip of your nose and gently spread it

6) Choosing your eye concealer

If you are going to purchase your eye concealer, make sure that it is a shade lighter than your skin color so that it could really cover up the dark circles that make you look like a panda.

7) Use other facial products

Do not rely mainly on the makeup to conceal your haggard face because it would only do the work temporarily. Instead, use products like a facial mask, moisturizers, and other stuff so it could also decrease the signs of aging.

8) Painting your face with color corrector

Nope, you’re not going to paint your face whatever design you prefer. The color correctors are used before the foundation in order to conceal things like dark spots, blemishes or even pimples that could ruin the overall look.

9) Highlight the brows

Women are very meticulous in their eyebrows, and it could really take a lot of work in order to make it look perfect. However, to avoid making your face look dull and tired, highlight your brows so that it could give a sharper finish look

10) Long lashes for livelier look

If you have long lashes, you need to apply mascara and curl it upwards to make your eyes look bigger and fuller. However, if you want to make additions, you could also use fake lashes to increase the fabulous look

11) Highlights are not only for important parts

Some parts of your face could end up getting dull because of stress and fatigue. You can use a highlighter in order to make them look glowing to brighten it up a bit.

12) White eyeliner for rounder eyes

Tired eyes could make your eyes droop. In order to make an illusion, apply a white eyeliner under the eyes so that it could make your eyes bigger

13) Purchase an illuminating concealer

Concealers can make your skin very flat looking because it covers up a part of your face. But, with an illuminating concealer, it saves you the trouble of highlighting those parts again.

14) Use with eyeshadow or eyeliner

If you want your eyes to look more awake, apply a white pencil or white eyeshadows on the inner corners of your eyes.

15) Proper blending on the eyes

In order to make your eyes look more well-rested, blend concealers on the following parts: under the eyebrows, between the lead and crease, and beside the inner corner of your eyes

16) Contouring Face

Do you want to look fresh despite a big night? You don’t have to worry because you can create an illusion using proper contouring and make your cheeks pop up so you can add blush later on.

17) Use light eye colors

Dark shades for eyes could only make your eyes look dull, and they are for your night life. Instead, use a lighter color shade to make it look livelier and fresh-looking.

18) Make your face refreshed

If you want your face not to look dry and dull, you can use hydrated spritz and apply it now and then. Not only it would make your makeup longer, but it would also refresh up your face

19) Avoid Smokey eyes

Tired eyes don’t need dark colors because it would make them look more exhausted. Avoid doing Smokey eyes first and go for lighter shade.

20) Curl the lashes

Curling your lashes could make your eyes look bigger. Remember, flat hair looks dull even on the lashes

Try one of these tricks, and you can comment below which one works best for you. Remember to share this article with other girls out there so they could also learn a thing or two.