20 Makeup Tips for the Girls Who are Always on the Go


There is just a lot of things to learn about beauty and makeup out there. At times, it can really be overwhelming. “If only I have all the time in the world” – have you said this line too? Being always on the go, looking into specific makeup details can seem challenging.

I hear you, girl! As someone always on the go myself, I felt like I have been left behind with all these transformations in the makeup industry. Worry no more! I have compiled here 20 makeup tips for the girls who are always on the go! Enjoy reading!

1) Eyelash Curler + Blower

To give your eyelash curler extra holding power, heat it up using a blow dryer for just a few seconds before you actually use it to curl your lashes. The heat will further enhance the capability of the curler, thus allowing you to take control of your eyelashes and making it stay curled longer.

2) Use Concealer Brush to Apply Lipstick

Tired of seeing smudges on the corners of your lips while applying lipstick? There’s a trick that you can take into consideration. Use a concealer brush to apply your favorite lipstick. This will ensure a more precise application, considering the angle that the concealer brush offers. Just make sure that this is a new brush, and not a previously used one with concealer leftovers on it!

3) Avoid Stray Mascara Marks

Stray marks on the lid looks horrible during application of mascara, and even more after a few hours, especially when you chose the wrong product. In order to avoid this, aside from making sure that you get yourself a reliable mascara, hold a plastic spoon (or a business card) on your eyelid as you apply mascara. This will help in avoiding some stray marks on the lid.

4) White Eyeliner Trick

If you have the time, you have all the options in the world to choose your primer, or makeup base. However, as busy as you are, you have another option for a faster preparation. Use white eyeliner as your eyelid base. This will help in making your bright eye shadow last even longer, and stand out at the same time.

5) From Kohl to Gel Liner

Did you know that you can convert your regular kohl eyeliner into a gel liner? Yes, you can do so! All you have to do is to hold it under a flame for about a second only. Allow it to cool for another 15 seconds and apply it gently to your lash line.

6) Expiry Date Reminder

Are you aware that makeup items actually have expiry dates? Yes, they do, and using them beyond the expiry dates may inhibit their full potential in bringing out the best in you. To monitor their ‘freshness’, write the expiry date when you first open a new item using a permanent marker, in this way, you will always see the date on it.

7) Get Those Kissable Lips

If you are worried because your lips are a bit flaky or chapped, all you have to do is to exfoliate your lips. No need to use an actual exfoliating product, because you just have to use an old toothbrush in order to brush away the unwanted flakes in order to reveal softer, and definitely kissable lips!

8) Fix a Broken Powder Compact

A broken compact powder is messy to look at. But you can still fix it. All you need to do is to pour a small amount of rubbing alcohol in its tin. Afterwards, combine the powder and the alcohol together using a cotton swab until the consistency becomes clay-like. Let it dry flat for a day, and it will look like new.

9) Make Your Lipstick Last

Unless you are using a long-lasting lipstick, there is always a tendency to lose your lipstick fast because of the things you do throughout the day. To make your lipstick last longer, apply it and hold a tissue over your lips. Dust some translucent powder lightly over the tissue. This will help the lipstick to hold on to your lips.

10) Clean Up Wings of Cat Eye

A messed up winged eye liner is certainly messy to look at. Clean it up using a cotton swab with a dab of concealer. This will help you to remove unwanted excess liner. This also helps if you made a mistake in applying as it will cover the mistake up easily.

11) Make Your Makeup Last

Planning a long night out? Set your makeup for the occasion using hairspray. This does not mean applying it directly, though! Spray some straight up in the air, and tilt your head while closing your eyes in order to allow the hairspray to fall down on your face. This will help set things up evenly.

12) Keep Lipstick Away from Teeth


Worried about smiling because your lipstick might have transferred on your teeth? Worry no more! Keep your lipstick from getting on your teeth with this simple trick. Make an “O” shape with your lips and put your index finger inside your mouth, pulling it out after. This will remove the excess lipstick which would have transferred to your teeth, transferring it on your finger.

13) Achieve Thicker Eyelashes

In order to achieve thicker eyelashes, all you need to do is to dust a thin coat of your favorite baby power on your lashes right after applying the first mascara coat. Afterwards, seal it by applying a second coat. The baby powder will serve as a thickener, thus making your lashes look much thicker.

14) Control Unruly Eyebrows

Unruly eyebrows are challenging to deal with. Perhaps you have already tried your best to brush it, but to no avail. Deal with it by spritzing some hairspray on an old toothbrush, brushing it gently through your brows. The effect is similar as with applying hairspray on your hair, holding it in tightly.

15) Stop Creasing of Under Eye Concealer

While concealer does great in hiding blemishes away, it can also be a problem with it starts creasing under your eyes. This can be avoided by removing any emollients or creams completely from the area. Use a makeup sponge in applying concealer. In order to achieve extra staying power, set the liquid concealer using a thin veil of powder.

16) Lipstick as Cream Blush


If you have accidentally forgotten to bring your cream blush, or if you forgot to buy a new one, need not worry! You can actually use your lipstick as a cream blush too! In a pinch, swipe some color to the back of your hand, and use your index finger in applying the color to your cheeks. This can also help you save money on your makeup!

17) Improve Staying Power of Gel Eyeliner

Gel eyeliners are designed to last. However, with all the things that you have to go through during the day, it might not stay long. Give it a little boost by going over it using the same color in your powder formula. Use an angled liner brush to achieve the perfect look!

18) Perfect Application of False Lash

In order to achieve the perfect application of false lashes, apply the adhesive glue on the false lashes line using the tip of a bobby pin. This will help in avoiding excess glue from entering your eyes. For better precision, you can also cut them into smaller pieces before applying.

19) Achieve that Camera Ready Look

To achieve that camera ready look and look better in your photos, apply a thin mineral veil of powder on the center of your face using a fluffy brush. This will remove the shine out of the oiliest parts of the skin. At the same time, this is also a trick in making your face look slimmer.

20) Grow Those Eyebrows


While having false eyebrows can help, there is nothing better than growing real ones. If you start seeing your eyebrows thinning, or even with some bald patches, apply products such as a lash growth serum or Rogaine to the area in order to help your eyebrows grow.


There you go! Did you like the article? These are some of the many techniques that I have learned through time! Being always on the go is not a reason not to look and feel good while wearing makeup. Achieving the perfect look need not take a long time, so long as you take note of the tips above.

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