7 Women Prove That Bald is Beautiful

Your hair is part of what makes you beautiful and what makes you a woman. Society sees your hair as an extension of you! When people see a bald woman, more bad things are said than good ones. This is why many women are afraid to enjoy the benefits of going bald. However, there are a brave few who defied convention. Let us get to know 7 of them.

1. Sinead O’Connor

Source: HungerTV

It has been many years since “Nothing Compares 2 U” was released by famous singer Sinead O’Connor, but we remember the soulful vocals in our head as if we’re listening to her right now. She has almost always been bald, and she did it to defy unspoken and unwritten rules set by society for women.

2. Flaviana Matata

Source: Lipstick Alley

Flaviana was Miss Tanzania 2007. She is known as the first woman to compete in the Miss Universe pageant with a shaved head. This was a big deal back then, as pageant contestants seemed (and still do, actually) to have some unspoken required ‘do that nobody until that point dared to defy. Flaviana is now a model in New York.

3. Bette Davis


Bette Davis was an actress popular for her role as Queen Elizabeth I, whom she played in 1939 and again in 1955. She shaved her head for the movies despite the negative reaction from her peers. However, Bette had always been known to devote a lot of work into each of her roles, and that includes altering her looks drastically.

4. Lupita Nyong’o

Source: Blogspot

Oscar-winning actress Lupita Nyong’o made waves a few years back when she decided to get rid of her locks. The 12 Years a Slave star said she was worried at first about how the move was going to transform her look but eventually gave in. She said she liked the way it made her feel. Lupita is no longer bald but continues to wear her hair very short.

5. Natalie Portman

Source: Pinterest

As an A-list actress, Natalie Portman has definitely tried hundreds of different hairstyles, including the no-hair hairstyle, for a while. She originally shaved her head for V for Vendetta but decided to stick with it even after the movie was done. She has grown her hair back since, but Natalie is always happy to share how much fun she had with her short hair back then.

6. St. Rose of Lima


St. Rose was born in America in the late 1500s. She is known for her devotion to suffering, allegedly wearing a spiked metal crown and sleeping on a bed of broken glass every night according to the church. She decided to lose her hair when she was young to thwart sexual attention.

7. Demi Moore

Source: Pinterest

Actress Demi Moore is unarguably one of the few celebrities who pulled off baldness well. The A-lister shaved her head for a role. The movie was titled G.I. Jane, and it turned out to be a flop. However, Demi seemed to somehow get something out of it. She obviously enjoyed her baldness and even hosted a nightclub party called “Shave your dome” one time.


It is true that your hair is your crowning glory. However, that is no reason to be restricted by it. If you feel that it is getting in your way or if you have a condition that requires you to lose your hair, do not grieve over it! The wind blowing on your scalp, the lightness of each head turn, and not to mention the shorter fix-up time in the morning can give you that liberating feeling.