8 Best Mustache Styles to Try and Switch Up your Looks With


A good mustache can change and enhance the proportions of your face. Whether you are aiming for a more mature edge, or an artistic and fun feel, a little facial hair can definitely achieve a lot. With the growing popularity of mustache these days, we have compiled the 8 best mustache styles to try and switch up your looks with!

Have fun styling up!

1) The Debonair Look – The Errol Flynn

If you are aiming for that dashing debonair look, the Errol Flynn mustache style will complete the ensemble! This is also the perfect choice if you always go out with your suit on. As a reminder, keep your mustache sculpted and clipped because you just don’t want those stray hairs from getting in your way.

2) For The Serious Man – The Ron Swanson

If you want to achieve the looks of a serious man, the Ron Swanson is the best option for you. It is luxuriant, full and even bushy. This is a favorite choice among cops, lumberjacks, or even football coaches, which means that this is highly preferred by tough men – like Ron Swanson himself.

3) The Polished Swanson – The Magnum P.I

If you like the Ron Swanson look, but would like to achieve a polished version, the Magnum P.I will certainly suit your taste. It is quite a trend among mariachi musicians, as well as news anchors. A requirement, though, is that you need to have a full upper lip so that the follicular volume is accommodated, especially since the mustache is really thick.

4) Badass Mustache – The Gunslinger

If badass is what you want to be described with your mustache on, the Gunslinger is a smart choice. Take note, however, that it is among the most challenging to pull off. This is primarily because your personality should go with it. You need to be the quiet, cool type of person. It also looks best when paired with a dusty trench coat and cowboy boots.

5) The 80’s Look – The 80’s Baseball Player

While the modern baseball community stays away from sporting a beard, it was different back in the 80s. It was all about it back then. One of the favorites then was the walrus look, which is one that goes with a little bit of attitude. This kind of look also looks perfect with denim.

6) The Absurd Stance – Salvadore Dali

If you are up for an absurd look, the Salvadore Dali is the most absurd option in this list. In order to sport the look, apply a good amount of Super Glue on to your mustache, holding it in place while pointing a blow dryer on it. This unique style will certainly make you the talk of the town!

7) The 90’s Look – The Slacker

Love the 90’s look? This is your chance to have a trip down memory lane. This style is also known as the ‘coffee house poet’ or the ‘beatnik’ look. The goal here is to make sure that the goatee and the mustache do not connect. It is best with a ratty T-shirt on and some attitude.

8) Comedic Look – The Brooklyn Bartender

If it is fine with you to be the comedian of the night, the Brooklyn Bartender is a top choice for you! To get this look, you need to grow your mustache so that styling becomes easier. Infusing it with a funny attitude makes it the best combination!


Did you like the list above? Of course, there are several other mustache styles that you can try to switch up your looks. My friends have tried it a lot of times, and these styles make events fun and memorable.

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