9 Anti-Aging Routines You Should Do Regularly

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Do you know that training yourself to do certain skin routine may help tremendously in making your skin look young? And though having the right beauty products does a marvelous job, nailing the best skin care routine is another story.

So the next time you see someone with the perfect skin, don’t just ask about the products she use as chances are, you and others might have used it too but does not have that same effect. Instead, ask about her daily habits. It might include any, if not all of these 9 anti-aging routine you should do regularly. Because having a great skin is a piece of work.


Maintain A Healthy Diet to Make your Skin Glow

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Eating the right food will not only add years to your life, but will also have a glowing effect to your skin. We are all aware of the benefits of healthy diet including its ability to slow down the aging process and even the age-related diseases such as diabetes, osteoporosis and heart diseases.

The most important component in keeping our skin young is the anti-oxidants. And this can be found in these 7 anti-oxidant rich foods:

  • Olive Oil
  • Yogurt
  • Fish
  • Chocolate
  • Nuts
  • Red wine
  • Blueberries

More than the creams and beauty treatments, experts suggest that eating healthy is a highly effective routine that can fight wrinkles, age spots and other signs of premature aging.


Moisturize you Skin Every Day for A Smoother and Softer Glow

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Do you include the habit of putting on moisturizer in your face every morning and evening? This thing may be simple and easy to do but many of us may be guilty of skipping the process because we are either too tired or sleepy or in a rush. In order to, however, maintain your youthful glow, moisturizing should be a top priority and something you should not fail to do no matter how exhausted you are. And this works for both men and women.

While applying it seems easy, there are actually few things that you should know of to ensure that you are doing it correctly. It starts from the moment you pick your moisturizing cream. It is essential to make sure that you choose one that is right for your skin type. Best time to apply is after shower or shaving while your skin is still damp as the moisture will help absorb the lotion more. By doing it religiously, you will be assured that your skin will be smoother, softer and more elastic.


Not Using Too Many Skin Care Products to Prevent Skin Irritations

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To keep our skin from looking young, moisturizing is only one of the everyday rituals that you should do, as there are also the process of cleansing and toning among other things. With this, you may be overwhelmed with the amount of products that the market is introducing promising that youthful glow. Now the question is, is it safe and beneficial to use that many products to your skin?

We all heard of this saying a million times, in different circumstances, that less is more. And that may be said true with using skin products.

Some experts may say that more is better when it comes to fighting wrinkles and blemishes as several treatments may be needed for these skin issues. Piling these products in your skin may, however, be a huge concern as instead of the skin absorbing it, it, instead sticks within themselves. In this case, strategic layering is advised.

This is not the only concern when using these many products to your skin, though. Experts also pointed out that the different active ingredients and multiple formulas applied may increase the risk of skin irritations. Most of these products may be gentle on the skin but once mixed and matched with others incorrectly may cause major problems such as burning, redness, and swelling.

Hence, to avoid this, experts advise, stick to one product line.


You Need to Stop Touching Your Face to Avoid Contact of Bacteria

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It is the cardinal sin of skin care. Our dermatologists may be like a parrot already telling and reminding us about this one important rule that is not letting that hands and fingers of yours touch your face. It is simple as that, but a struggle to do.

What makes that little bad habit alarming and worrying?  You might be surprised to know.

  • It helps spread germs. As our fingers being in contact with a lot of things, germs and viruses could be all over it.
  • It worsens the acne and other conditions as it helps spread the bacteria that cause it.
  • It can cause picking blemishes, which is a huge cause of skin irritation.
  • It can cause eye bags. Touching on the eye area may cause blood vessels to break and decreases the elasticity of your skin. And of course,
  • It can ruin your make up.
  • Therefore, for those times that you are unconscious and unaware that for some reason you are already touching your face, make sure to always keep your hands clean. Keep a sanitizer or alcohol handy, and most importantly, always make sure your cellphone is clean.


Keep Yourself Hydrated for a Radiant Skin

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Drinking eight glasses of water every day helps not only in digestion, but also in circulation, absorption and excretion. And for the skin? It is very beneficial as well. Though there may be claims that drinking water has no effects whatsoever in making the skin radiant and youthful, many studies proved otherwise.

Like any other organ, our skin, too does not function properly if dehydrated because it is also made of cells that is made up of water. Thus, the lack of it makes it dry, flaky and makes it prone to wrinkles.

Staying hydrated can also rejuvenate your skin and makes it less sensitive to germs and irritants that may slip through the barrier when your skin lacks moisture. Aside from drinking water, there are other ways to keep your skin hydrated. You can apply moisturizer, eat food rich in fatty acids, use warm water when bathing, and turning down air conditioner and furnace as that could steal moisture from your skin and leave it dry.


Wear Sunscreen Every Single Day to Protect your Skin from  UV Rays

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Photoaging is one of the serious effects brought by too much exposure from the sun. And one way to combat that is through the use of sunscreen. Researchers have proven that daily use by both young and even middle aged brings cosmetic benefit such as preventing harmful effects to the deeper skin most especially to collagen and elastic fibers and decreases the risk of having skin cancer.

And how to find the right sunscreen? The important aspect is the presence of SPF.  The higher the SPF the better, as it means it filters the radiation more when it hits your skin. You need to also take note that even when you know you will not be exposing yourself to sunlight, applying sunscreen is still essential. This is because regardless of our activities, we need to be protected as UV rays can be just anywhere.

Clean Make Up Brushes Regularly to Avoid Skin Breakouts

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One of those makeup mistakes that most of us are unaware of doing that causes aging is not cleaning your makeup brushes regularly. There are several repercussions of this, the gravity of which is causing your skin to be prone to irritation, breakouts, clogged pores and even wrinkles. It also helps in the development of bacteria that may come in contact with your skin when used. Thus, it is also advised that as much as possible, not to share your brushes with anyone as that may also means exposing your skin to someone else’s bacteria.

So even though it can be tiring to do, you have to make time and make it a part of your routine. After all, you don’t necessarily have to do it every single day. After every use, you can just wipe it with a towel, while make a scheduled wet washing at least once a week if possible. And if that seems not possible, you can spray a cleanser every week and do the full wet washing once a month instead.

There are two ways on how to do it. You can do a quick-dry method or you a thorough wet-wash depending on the kind of brushes. There is also a proper way on how to do it, as otherwise, you will distort the pattern and damage the hairs in it.


Get Enough Sleep to  Avoid Premature Aging

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Who doesn’t like a good night sleep? If we can, I know many will grab the opportunity to take a full 8 hours of sleep or even more. To make you less guilty about it, you’d be glad to know that added to the list of its health benefits is, it slows down aging.

It is a known fact that lack of sleep can impair your memory and cognitive ability. And now as backed by research, it proves to contribute to premature aging and reduces the ability of the skin to recuperate from sun burns. If you are not getting enough sleep, chances are, you will be prone to development of fine lines, and uneven pigmentation. It also reduces the skin’s elasticity.

The number of hours required may be depending on your age but by standards, you must take about 7 to 8 hours of sleep every day.

Exfoliate your Skin to Remove Dead Skin Cells

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Exfoliation is the process of removing your skin’s dead cells and other forms of impurities that are present in the outer layer of your rind. We have to understand that even with regular washing and religious beauty care regimen, you still need to exfoliate at least twice or thrice a week.

It rejuvenates your skin regardless of your skin type. It make it look fresh and clean as it removes those dead cells from the pores that causes clogging and further results to acne and blackheads. This is also the reason why sometimes you notice your pores being too large and noticeable.

There are certain types of exfoliating and certain procedures and suggested ways that you should be aware of depending on your skin type.



How did you find this article about developing these healthy routines to fight anti-aging? By doing these simple and easy-to-follow practices regularly can help tremendously in keeping a younger-looking skin. Best part is, it is free and something you have the absolute control of. The key to ensure its effectiveness is consistency.

Do you include these things to your routine too? Do you have any tips on your sleeve that you would like to add on our list? Tell us your thoughts by commenting it below. We’d love a good sharing. And please feel free to share if you like this article.