8 Anti- Aging Tricks Dermatologists Won’t Share

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Do you always worry about having dry and damaged skin and possibly deal with premature aging before you know it?  It seems that, you are not alone. Having that younger looking skin has become everybody’s obsession that you can see it evidently with the many kinds of anti-aging procedure and products available in the market.

But aside from the regular checkups and use of beauty products, your habits may play a significant role in order to avoid aging, which you may not usually hear from your doctor. Hence, here are the 8 anti-aging tricks dermatologists won’t share but are effective and definitely easy to do.


Sleeping on Your Back Prevents Wrinkles and Sleep Lines

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What is your normal position when you sleep? Do you know that the side you are usually sleeping in has effects on your skin? Dermatologists has attested that sleeping on your back is the best sleeping position as it yields several benefits to your health and skin.

If you are included on the 8% that actually sleeps in this position, you might have saved yourself from getting wrinkles on your face and neck, which are evident signs of aging. These “sleep lines” as dermatologists call it, appears along the temples, eyes, cheek and around the mouth. Sleeping on your back will help avoid having these lines and facial asymmetry that is the uneven texture and volume of your face, which you get from sleeping on one side for years. It reduces the risks of having swollen facial feature on the upper cheek area and eyes too.  Additionally, it keeps your whole body relax for a better cell turnover in the face.

Not Switching on Different Beauty Products Frequently for Consistent Results

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With the regular and constant introduction of new and “improved” skin products every now and then, a lot of us may be guilty of experimenting and trying it all out to our skin aiming for better results. But will it be beneficial or may cause damage instead?

Dermatologists pointed out that though there is actually no direct bad effect of changing products regularly to your skin, it may not, however, have the consistent results as that of sticking to the same beauty products. Also, you are not giving the product the chance to fully take effect and see visible results, which usually takes about 30 days considering that the average cell turnover takes 28 days.

There are instances, though, that changing your product may be paramount such as weather conditions, season changes, or traveling. When you notice that these environmental conditions causes your skin to get dry or oily, then you might need to make a change on your skin routine as that means your product cannot keep up with the needs of the weather.

Good Eye Cream can Replace Surgery to Tighten Skin Under the Eyes

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Having dark circles and puffy eyes are definitely one of the signs of premature aging. Our eyes are perhaps the first thing people will look in our face. And in that case, having tired, wrinkled and swollen eyes is a big no-no. Hence, it is no wonder why many people have resorted to eye lifts and surgery to counter the effects these signs of aging.

Basically, the extra skin in your eyelids is removed or tightened to make it more elastic and makes you look younger. Dermatologists would, however, want you to understand that this effect is not permanent, and may wear off after some time, as your skin continuously age even after the surgery.

What many don’t know is that by using a good eye cream or under eye serum may actually give you the same effect and results. And how is it possible, pray tell? This eye lift cream or serum in composed of ingredients that enhance the production of collagen, which is the prime component in making our skin tight and elastic. Applying it regularly and religiously will surely remove those wrinkles and dark circles under your eyes and give you a younger looking skin. And the best part? It is more cost-effective and assured to have no complications.


Excessive Workout can Damage Joints and Strain Muscles

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We all know that exercise has a marvelous effect to our skin as it gives us the younger and fresher look. It seems, however, that there is a finite use of it that we should be aware of.

Like most things done and consumed in excess, having too much exercise also has some serious negative effects to our body and ironically, causes aging. This does not debunk the fact, though, that proper exercise can combat the aging process. We just need to be aware of these following red flags:

  • Running Too Much
    • Though it is an effective release of endorphins, cardiorespiratory fitness, lose weight and boost our energy, doing it more than you should, can damage your joints, creates imbalance that may result to poor posture.
  • Not Lifting Weights
    • Applying this heavy resistance exercises are the only way for you to build strength. Hence, absence of it can cause decrease of your body’s fortitude and endurance as you get older.
  • Poor Technique
    • By not doing the routine and exercises properly does not only make you prone to getting injured and strain your tendons and muscles, but also stresses your joints.
  • Overtraining
    • Unless you are an athlete then your body may not be equipped of the rigorous exercise, and frequent workout that may instead harm your central nervous system and require you long rest and recovery to compensate.
  • Poor Sleeping Habits
    • Get enough sleep for the recovery process after workout.
  • Unhealthy Nutrition
    • Without the proper nutrition your body needs, all the training and time in the gym is a waste.


Drugstore Brands Can Do the Job Effectively

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Your dermatologists may not tell you but drugstore beauty products also have the same ingredients as theirs, therefore are also safe and effective to use in fighting any signs of aging. We see a lot of these anti-aging products from moisturizer, cleanser and creams that fit all types of skin.

The secret is reading the labels and getting yourself acquainted with the ingredients that can make your skin younger than your age and prevents signs such as wrinkles, age spots and sun damage. Just be careful to avoid the hype. Antioxidants, is perhaps one of those active components that repairs skin damages and slow down the ageing process that could be present in any of your drug store finds.

Have a Glass of Red Wine for Dry and Saggy Skin

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Red Wine has always been one of those foods that have several benefits to the body. Having a glass of it after lunch or dinner may actually help combat your anti-aging problems.

While it is natural for our skin to look all dry and saggy as we grow older because the level of collagen to repair the damaged cells weakens and reduces, drinking red wine with its high anti-oxidant content fights the growth of these harmful free radicals in our body. Aside from that, it also contains Resveratrol, which stops premature aging.

Furthermore, drinking red wine also prevents having skin lesions and enhances the arterial functions of our body. Adding to the list is the decrease of the risks of having diabetes and Alzheimer’s.

Given these benefits, how much of this should we consume so to avoid any possible counter effects of consuming in excess? It is recommended that optimal consumption of red wine is about 200 -300 mg per day. Simply put, 1 to 2 glasses with 125 ml each will do the work.


Avoid Sun Damage While On the Wheels

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We may be unconscious about it but the sun can actually give you wrinkles and damage your skin even from your car window. A study revealed that about 53% of the skin cancer conditions happen from the drivers’ side of the body. This could be because of the exposure to the UV rays, which are very harmful for the skin. One of its effects is of course is the development of premature aging.

Most car windshields are partially treated to protect us from the UV rays, however, the side and rear windows may be left exposed, leaving those in the back being highly affected with the radiation. Thus, car manufacturers have addressed this concern with the use of the transparent window film, which filters the UV rays by 100% without affecting the car’s visibility.

It is also advised to always wear sunscreen in the car with high SPF and with sun-protecting ingredients such as zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, ecamzole and oxybenzone. Be prepared and if possible, opt for a closed roof cars especially during summer or if not, safeguard yourself and use a hat and cover your arms to limit your exposure.


Frowning Causes Wrinkles

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Frowning can be synonymous to wrinkles. And wrinkles are something we dread to have at least when we are still young and can still be avoided. They say any twitching on your face, even smiling, can possibly create lines on your face in the long run. And among these top everyday habits that can cause wrinkles, frowning tops the list.

It creates those crows feet, vertical lines around the eyes, lines in your forehead and around the mouth as well, which are all making you look old and aging. It is because every facial movement makes our facial muscles to contract and create wrinkles. And repeating it overtime, the muscles grow bigger that those wrinkles become deeper and permanent.

So what’s the solution? Make a conscious effort not to move your face as much as possible. Now you have the excuse for having that bitch resting face.



So what do you think of the list? These every day habits are generally be easy to do and will give you huge positive effects if you are being dead serious of following it to the latter. It will definitely save you a lot of time, money and effort from regular checkups and visit to your dermatologists.

Do you have anything to add on the list that you know could also help avoid premature aging? Tell us about it and comment it below. We would be delighted to know your secrets and tricks as well. And please share if you think this article is worth the thumbs up.