Anti-Aging Tricks For A Younger Smile

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Despite the fact that our eyes are considered as the windows to our soul, our smile could say a lot about our age or even our personality. Sometimes, a person can tell whether the person is genuine or not based on the lips or even the way they speak. The mouth in total could already say a lot about the person’s age.

By looking at your teeth, they can say how old you are because aging tooth becomes darker, dull and a bit yellowish. However, you don’t need to be sad over it because this article will list about anti-aging tricks for a younger smile.

White pearls for younger smile

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As it was mentioned, stained teeth make your mouth look older than it should be. There can be various reasons like diet and acidic degradation of the surface of the teeth. The only way to be able to revert them back to white color is to bleach them.

Different companies have different tools that you can use in order to bleach your teeth. There are stick-on strips, toothpaste, and even laser treatments, which can be a bit expensive. Aside from that, you need to find the tool that would work best for your biters because there are some methods that could take a while before it gets effective.

Regular visit to your dentist could also help you maintain your teeth’s color and health. After the dentist check-up, be sure to follow the advice of doctor and brush daily at least twice a day. Cavities causing tooth decay may cause your teeth to fall off, and it will look older since you need to place dentures as replacement.


Stop crooked teeth and reshape with braces

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No matter how popular braces are nowadays because of the trend, this is not supposed to be seen as fashion or just for show because there are some people who really need to have their teeth braced because it started to collapse inward due to aging or you are born with crooked teeth.

Because some of the corners of your mouth will appear dark due to the overcrowding of your teeth, you won’t see the full smile and just see something dull and plain. If you have too much teeth in your mouth, you can ask your dentist for an advice if you need some of your teeth to be removed. Then, they will also advice you if you really need braces or not really necessary.


Plump that pucker

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Medical doctors explained that as we get older, the more our lips deflate and gets flat. Majority of people who wants their lips to return to original shape is by surgeries, which can have negative effect in the future. But, if you are not really a fan of surgery or needles sticking on your pucker, there are treatments available as well.

Lip enhancing serums and plumping glosses could do the trick because they have ingredients that could stimulate the blood flow on your lips and create a plumping effect. You don’t need to worry because side effects don’t include getting a fish lips.


Choosing The Right Hue


Pale lip colors are also being sold in the market, but not all people can easily pull them off. Women who shop for lipsticks tend to match their lip color based on their skin tone. Although, experts mentioned that those with yellow hints can make your teeth look whiter.

If you decided to go for darker color, this can make your teeth look discolored and there are circumstances that the lipstick could stain your teeth as well, which is something that can be really off. When you are purchasing the lipstick, make sure that you also consider the type of lips that you have. If you have dry lips, go for the glossy ones. There are also matte types that is good for everyday use.


Clear Out Metal Fillings


Yes, cavities are inevitable especially if you don’t brush regularly and properly because they will leave holes to your teeth and your dentist needs to fill them up or else you might need to have it removed. If your teeth is full of metal crowns or silver fillings, this could indicate an aging mouth.

If you decided to get those holes filled, ask your dentist for a more tooth-colored material. Since technology already created new inventions for the needs of our teeth, the new fillings are better instead of the metal colored ones because it is made of resin that doesn’t weaken over time.


Remove wrinkles


Wrinkles above the lips could also form due to years of smoking, genetics, or even from drinking with straw. We all know that wrinkles is a sign of aging and if it forms above your lips, it can really make your smile a bit older than your real age.

Reverting it back from its younger form, you will need treatments or if you are up for it, there are lasers dermatologists offer, but they can be very expensive, although the results will be permanent so the price is worth it. You can also prevent this from occurring by applying sunscreen.


Make your gums look healthy again


Whenever we brush our teeth, our gums can possibly recede. However, that is not the only reason why our gums recede because there are also factors like poor hygiene and reduction of collagen production, which happens when we start to age. Since this can be a natural phenomenon due to growth, we still can do something about it.

By using an electric brush or applying minimum force on your toothbrush can already decrease the speed of your gum recession. Aside from that, you can also ask for procedures like gum graft that could improve the color and health of your gums and also help you protect the roots of your tooth.


Smile every now and then


Smiling requires a lot of muscles to be able to accomplish it. That is why smiling more often could exercise your mouth and make it look younger. According to psychologists, people who smile more than other people tends to be mistaken more to be younger than those who don’t smile.

Aside from that, keeping a smile could also make you feel happy inside, decreasing the stressors that could increase your aging.

Our mouth is a very important part of our body because this is where we eat, drink and sometimes, even breathe, if needed. So, taking care of it should really be considered as a priority not only to make it look young, but also for your overall health. If you liked the items listed, kindly share your thoughts on the comment section below and share this list to other people as well to be able to increase the number of smiles on the streets and decrease the signs of aging.