Drinks you Should Avoid if You Want to Stay Young and Healthy

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Are there drinks you should avoid if you want to stay young and healthy? Yes, there is and knowing what you should avoid can help you a lot in the future. Bear in mind that your body will not be as fit and strong as it was when you were younger.

This is why it is important that you know what are the things that you should stop consuming as you approach an older age. It’s normal to see things such as muffin tops, sagging skin and even man boobs for aging people.

However, you should not think that everything can’t be turned back. What you should focus on is having to live your life as healthily as you can. It can be quite difficult to change what you eat and drink, but if it is for the betterment of your health then always consider it.

Make it a point to age as gracefully as you can. This can help you flaunt your body whatever age you may reach. Not only that but you feel healthier and you would still have the energy to undergo physical activities that you use dot do when you were younger.


9 Drinks You Should Be Avoiding When You Wish To Stay Young And Healthy

It pays to be careful, and if you know you are notorious for drinking unhealthy things when you were younger, it is about time to change it up. Not everything will taste the same when you grow older and you might as well want to avoid any stomachaches as well.


Canned Soup

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There has been a study that states there is a connection between high blood pressure and skin aging. People who have lower blood pressure tend to have fewer wrinkles. The connection may seem unclear but it can help you when you cut back on sodium for a bit.

Sodium is well known to raise people’s blood pressure which is why to try to avoid them as you can/ a lot of canned soups have a high amount of sodium and you should try to check the ingredients every time to you wish to eat one.

A lot of soup cans are also laced with BPA, which has been linked to infertility, cancer, and weight gain. If you want to eat something warm on a cold winter night, then try to make your own healthy hot soup in your own kitchen instead.



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Cola drinks may have been one of your favorites when you were younger. However, as you grow old, they will not give your body the nutrients that it needs. They have cancer-causing dyes as well as a source of asses sugar in the diet.

Sugar can negatively impact ovulation and it can also affect poorer sperm motility. It can be hard for you and your spouse to conceive and as start a family if you drink too much cola. This is why for aspiring parents, this should be in one of the don’ts list.


Cocktails and Beer

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Alcohol can be to drink when you were younger, however as you grow older, the body’s ability to break down alcohol also weakens. When you have alcohol in your system, it also becomes harder to go to sleep and rest your body.

In your 20s it is easy to sleep for less than five hours, however, when you age, your body will need more time to rest and repair itself. When you have sleepless nights, you tend to have sugar and carb cravings for the next day and this can contribute to unnecessary weight gain.

When you have more alcohol in your body, it actually sucks the moisture out of your skin. This also makes fine lines more noticeable on your skin and if you still continue to drink, your skin may also lose its elasticity and give you more wrinkles.


Mountain Dew and Freska

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Even if you think that mountain dew and freska have fewer chemicals in them compared to coal, they still are bad for your body. The coloring has nothing to do with it, instead of using caramel coloring, they use brominated vegetable oil.

It’s a chemical used in flame and fuel retardants.it has also shown negative effects on the body’s thyroid hormones as well as fertility. If you are in your 30s then this could be a serious health concern.

BVO is said to contribute to internal inflammation and can also be linked to obesity. The best thing you can do is to find another drink that is healthier. Go for juicing with fresh fruits and vegetables to start your healthy lifestyle.


Iced Coffee

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Caffeinated beverage should be one of the things that you should be avoiding Having too much caffeine in your body can double your aging process. Every day, you are exposed to skin-stressors such as UV rays and it can be bad when you don’t get enough sleep.

When you drink caffeine it keeps your body from getting sleep. When you don’t get enough sleep, your body doesn’t get the time it needs to rest. During your sleep, that is where your cells repair themselves and you need all the rest that you can get when you’re older.

Skinny Coffee Drinks

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Drinks that are laced with artificial sweetness should be out of your diet list. These drinks can confuse the body and lets it expect calories which aren’t there. This means that it can interfere with the body’s ability to regulate what you eat.

This is also what they call as metabolic derangements such as poor insulin response and also elevated glucose levels. This means that your body is prone to fat storage and can also be susceptible to illness like type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and metabolic syndrome.


Soy Sauce

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You don’t necessarily drink soy sauce, but putting too much on your food can lead to looking older. Things such as puffy and dark circles under your eyes would be more noticeable and it also makes you look more dehydrated.

Soy sauce and other salty foods can dehydrate the body such as a tablespoon of soy sauce can already give you 879 milligrams of sodium. You would have to drink plenty of water to make up for all the sodium that you have just taken in.


Sports Drinks

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You might have seen a lot of commercials for sports drinks and thought that they are great for keeping the body young and fit. However, drinking too many sports drinks is bad for the stomach.

It does provide you with post-workout electrolytes such as potassium and sodium, however, it also gives you sugar and calories. You don’t need the extra sugar and calories that are plentiful in sports drinks. As you age, metabolism slows down and you’re less active.


Coffee Creamer

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You might be shocked that something like a coffee creamer can affect your aging. Coffee creamers contain titanium oxide which is an ultraviolet radiation blocker and can also function as a whitening agent.you can also find it in a lot of healthy bottles.

However, the additive has been proven to cause tissue and liver damage in mice and can also cause some damage to the human body. It is also packed with trans fats and hydrogenated oil that is said to diminish the memory of adults under the age of 45.



If you have fun while reading the list? Are there any more drinks that you can add and warn others from drinking? Did you think of other healthy drinks that you should drink instead so that you can keep your skin and body from aging too fast?

Aging can do a lot to the body not only physically but internally as well. You need to understand that you won’t be the same as you were in your younger years. Which is why it matters a lot that you start taking care of your health.

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