Foods You Should Eat to Get Natural Beauty Results

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Do you know any foods that you should eat to get natural beauty results? The trend nowadays calls for more natural beauty. You might have seen models sporting that dewy, radiant, and luminous look.

However, there are many things that go into making models look all natural and beautiful. You might think that you never get to that level without using expensive makeup or skincare products, this isn’t true at all.

You can actually improve your skin through natural methods that don’t need for you to spend too much. All you need to do would be to make your skin and your body healthy by changing your lifestyle for the better.

Getting the glowing and the radiant skin that you want is achievable by changing your very own diet. Your skin is part of your body which means that the way that you care for your body and your health will ultimately affect it.


5 foods you should consider eating to get natural beauty results

The food that you eat is something that you should consider greatly if you want to age gracefully and also to make your skin look naturally glowing as possible. You don’t only have to look healthy, but you should help your body become healthy.


Start a Healthy Diet

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Whatever you eat will directly affect your health and also how your skin looks like. Foods that get digested are broken down into vitamins, minerals, and even amino acids. When you ingest healthy foods, then they are also there to help you build healthy skin.

When you eat too much unhealthy and highly processed foods, it will also show on your skin. Your skin becomes weak and not as supple as it was before. When your body doesn’t get enough protein, then it also deprives your skin from the amino acids that it needs.

Your skin needs as much collagen as it helps in making the skin look and feeling young. The elasticity and the strength that you feel on your skin is all thanks to the collagen that your body builds and supplies.

Even if you use absolutely every skin care method what you eat will still directly affect your skin. This is why it won’t matter how expensive your skincare products are when you still don’t take good care of your skin, the results will still be less than great.

Avoiding Eating Foods With Too Much Sugar

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When you have a low-glycemic diet, your skin is very prone to acne. When you have acne or have skin that is prone to this, it’s a good way, to begin with reducing your sugar intake. You can always replace them with other sugary foods such as vegetables, fruits, and Omega-3.

One thing that you should clearly avoid would be protein bars. They are candy bars and the sugar that comes from them will quickly spread into your bloodstream. This means that your insulin levels go up really high and this is where wrinkles, acne, and rashes show.

You can try eating almonds instead when you need a quick and sweet snack in the middle of the day or after a workout. You can even add your favorite fruit to the selection. There are plenty of sweet fruits that you can buy from the fresh market to help you out.


Stay Away From Dairy As Well

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Dairy isn’t much recommended when you want to have healthy and glowing skin. There are studies that show connections between eating dairy and having acne. Although they are not directly associated, too much dairy can contribute to breaking out acne on the skin.

If you do want to steer clear of any skin problems, then it is well recommended by experts that you should avoid dairy as much as possible. A lot of the milk that comes from the market is from pregnant cows. Hormone level in the milk adds to excess sebum production.

Having excess sebum on your skin can actually propel acne production and you would want to avoid that. Sebum production is well influenced by androgens as well as hormonal mediators like insulin type growth factors that can be found in milk.

If you really want to consume dairy, then the safest option would be to take goat’s milk. This is just one of the alternatives that you can choose when you are in absolute need to drink milk. You should always check the ingredients of where the milk comes from to be sure.

Eat Vegetables For Glowing Skin

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When you eat different colored vegetables every day and also green juice, you can start to notice that your skin begins to look amazing. Try to begin eating some avocado every day in your salad. You can even add avocados into your smoothie.

These can supply the skin with phytonutrients. If you are not fond with eating and drinking salads and green juices, then don’t worry, you can always buy liquid chlorophyll. This tastes like mint and helps in oxygenating the skin. It also helps make the skin healthy and glowing.

Eating vegetables in red, yellow, and green colors are great for the skin. Tomatoes are good in reducing the sun damage to the skin. This is because they are high in lycopene and also helps in fighting off the free radicals.

When the tomatoes are cooked, the antioxidant is easily absorbed. It is also easier for your body to absorb the antioxidant when you eat tomatoes plus avocados and even olive oil. The lycopene that the tomatoes have also vary depending on their ripeness.

The redder the tomatoes are, the more lycopene it carries. When the color is darker and brighter, then here are more nutrients. For greens, the darker colored ones such as spinach or kale are better. You can also pick arugula or dandelion greens.


Add Spices Into The Mix

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What else is there for glowing skin? There are foods that are high in skin strengthening with Omega-3 fatty acids would be great. They include sardines, flaxseed, chia seeds, and walnuts.

You can also eat collagen boosting vitamin C foods like strawberries, bell peppers, kale, citrus fruits, broccoli, and kale. Then for antioxidant rich vitamin A and E, you have swiss chard, almond butter, pumpkin, wheat germ, carrots, potatoes, and cantaloupe.

Even though most people think that vegetable is the only antioxidant sources, herb and spices actually do the same job. Turmeric is a spice usually found in Indian cuisine and it is one of the best spices that also function as an antioxidant.



Did you find out is it interesting? Do you think you can add more foods to eat in order to get that glowing and healthy skin? Did we forget anything on our list that you would also like to be included?

It can be challenging to change your lifestyle and your diet, however, it is never too late to try and be more healthy. You can always start small and incorporate the foods into your diet. In the long run, you will learn how to get used to it.

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