Top 16 Foods That Help Prevent Skin Aging

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All of us want to look younger than what our age shows but we have to face the fact that we are going to get older and we are going to have our skin show the evidence. All of our daily habits are shown externally as it affects us internally. With the right food that has antioxidants to fight against free radicals, we can enjoy your skin’s youthful glow any day. Most foods that have antioxidant are readily available near you.

#1 Take In Blackberries

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Blackberries may be small but with the right amount of dose, they can provide you that youthful glow. With its high-level content of Vitamin C, it can boost the immune system and benefit the skin. The antioxidant level of blackberries is powerful to the point that it can prevent you from skin cancer or any type of cancer as well.


#2 Strawberries (Put it On Your Sweets!)

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Strawberries are considered more of a treat rather than something that can save your skin from aging. However, it is also proven that strawberries are high in fiber and are high in Vitamin C (both can protect you from those free radicals) to help you stay healthy and look healthy. Strawberries can also be found everywhere due to its popularity.

#3 Green Tea (An Old Way To Be Healthy)

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Not only a way to be healthy but to relax and keep yourself young. Using unoxidized leaves, green tea is one tea that is different when it comes to processing. Green tea is processed less than any tea making it high with antioxidants that can prevent skin cancer and other types of cancer and is efficient to keep the skin young.


#4 Watermelons (Keep Your Skin Hydrated)

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The skin always needs some hydration to keep itself moist and avoid being dry. If you want to make your skin young and always smooth in a way that is sweet and tasty. Watermelon is the best for you. Watermelon also has a lot of antioxidants to keep those pesky free radicals away. Watermelons also have Lycopene to prevent cancer.

#5 Artichoke: Add Them With The Food You Eat

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Artichoke is one of the most popular ingredients placed in different servings of food. You can put it on your fried rice as a breakfast or dice the heart of the artichoke in salads. Artichoke is a food that removes cholesterol in the liver that can cause your skin to be healthier as well. You can be creative with artichoke.


#6 Olive Oil:Cook Food With It

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Using different kinds of oil will have different effects in your body. However, olive oil will be the best option or alternative you can use whenever you are cooking. Olive oil is responsible for making your food extra healthy. It has polyphenols, phytosterols, and Vitamin E responsible for making your skin extra smooth, extra healthy, and extra bad fat-free.

#7 Blueberries (The healthy treat)

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Blueberries are quite expensive. However, it’s nice flavor is something that made it popular as a topping for desserts and sweet pastries. The berry can prevent Urinary Tract Infection and can improve your eye vision. Moreover, it can make your skin extra healthy with its antioxidants. The superfood can also fight against cancer because of its antioxidant level.


#8 Chocolate Gets You Glowing

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Chocolates are one of the best treats out there. It is well-known around the world and few people know about its benefits for the skin. Chocolate is full flavonoids, an antioxidant that is potent and can be responsible for making the skin less saggy and firmer. Eating chocolates daily in a healthy dose will keep the skin healthy for years.


#9 Yogurt To Make The Skin Smooth

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Using a lot of protein, yogurt does not only give the muscles look bigger and firmer. It also helps your skin to be intact. This means you or your skin will less likely to show wrinkles. Yogurt can also be placed in areas where damages and irritations are present on the skin to prevent further damages and keep skin nourished.


#10 Sunflower Seed To Light Your Skin Up

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Dried sunflower seeds do not only own up to its name to make gardens glow. It can also help you make your skin glow. Sunflower oil can also help moisturize and heal parched and damaged parts of the skin. Its vitamin E can make help your skin be protected from the sun to prevent ultraviolet rays from damaging your skin.


#11 Walnuts: Something Hard To Smoothen The Skin

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Walnuts may be hard on the outside, but when you take in some of it daily, it can help your skin a little bit more nourished, healthy, and smooth. It helps your skin create or produce more collagen using the mineral copper from walnuts. The Walnut can even be a useful exfoliant to smoothen the skin’s texture and less rough.


#12 Pomegranates To Keep The Skin Healthy

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The skin also needs to be kept healthy to help you look good on that shotgun date with your crush. If you want to make your skin extra rosy and extra blush, polyphenols from pomegranates will do the job for you. The nutrients also normalize blood flow to keep the liver and the heart extra healthy. Keep your skin smooth.


#13 Kidney Beans Will Clear Your Face To Smoothness

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If you are having problems managing your pimples invading your face or any part of the body, kidney beans are the right food for you. The zinc from your kidney beans is effective when it comes to preventing you from having acne or pimples. Meaning, it also does kill bacteria that are living on your face for quite some time.


#14 Oatmeal Will Make You Young Again!

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There are a lot of benefits oatmeal can give especially to people who already are aged. Aside from oatmeal is good for the heart, oatmeal can also be good for the skin as well. Steel-cut oatmeal is the best because it is processed less than the others. Benefiting the heart also means lessening the levels of androgen that causes wrinkles.


#15 Soy For Clearer Complexion

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You can do so many things with soy. You can make milk out of soy and you can make a sauce out of soy. Hyperpigmentation might be the least of our problems but, we all need to know that it is still best to make our skin evenly toned. Soy’s minerals and proteins help us manage our complexion and tone better.


#16 Coffee: The Best Beverage Next To Tea

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Aside from drinking coffee, you can use coffee as a face scrub as well in order to make your face beautiful looking. The flavonoids of coffee keep you well away from free radicals in the body that can cause cancer. It can tighten and smooth, fix, and brighten the skin up. Along with that, coffee can also keep you alert!



Who said there is no way to stop you from aging? There is always a way to keep you young and fresh even if you are already 50 years of age. The ways to slow down aging does not even have to be expensive or does not require you to use a lot of chemicals just to look young and feel young. All that needs to be done is a change of habit or a change of diet.