11 Hair Mistakes That Will Make You Look Older

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We heard this before, our hair is our crowning glory. And how you style your hair can have a huge impact on how you look. That being said, if you are not being careful, you might end up looking old and aging as opposed to wanting to be young, hip and fresh. Thus, for sure you don’t want to be caught in the midst of doing these 11 hair mistakes that will make you look older. Trust me, you will want to know about this.


Your Hair is Too Long

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Having long hair makes you look more womanly, so to speak. But only to an extent! As according to experts hair longer than your rib cage is already considered an old lady long hair, as it starts to make you look older than your age. Hence if you are planning to keep it long, you know where to check.


Don’t Make it Too Short, Either

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That goes the same thing with cutting your hair too short, as it also add years to your look. If you really prefer the short hairstyle, then you can make it slightly shaggy for a modern twist. It will still be age-appropriate but more youthful and fun.


Hair Color that Does Not Match your Skin Tone

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Apparently, choosing for the right hair color is not a random and “just picking whatever you like” kind of thing. It has to actually compliment your skin tone. Experts recommend going with lighter shades, as it makes you look more youthful. Dark hues can be too much especially for fair skin. Adding depth and dimension can be a good thing, too, as long as you steer clear from the trends.


You Have Way Too Much Volume

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Keeping things moderately can be applicable to hair styles, too. While volume can give your hair some bounce and character especially if you are struggling with thin and flat hair, too much can, however, add years to your look. Hence, the key is always to keep it just enough.


Or You Ironed it Too Much it Became Too Flat

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While it can’t have too much volume, it should not fall too flat in your face as well as it makes your facial features more pronounced and prominent. Hence, it you are trying to distract people from your nose, skin or cheekbones, then it will not be much help, and instead it will draw even more attention.


Your Hair is Dry and Damaged

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Unhealthy hair reflects your face, making you look old and your skin dry, too. Thus, it is important to always keep your hair shiny and glossy. If you notice some split ends or dryness, then you know it’s time to take a trip to a salon.


Wearing All Your Hair Accessories

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Well, it was cute and fun before. But don’t be too sure now that you are a grown up. Perhaps you are aiming for a younger look by wearing those accessories you were so fond of when you were a kid, however, with all the changes you have, it may be distracting and instead makes you look juvenile and worst, a fashion victim.


Trying Too Hard to Cover Those Gray Hairs

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As we get old, appearance of gray hairs are inevitable to some. And majority of them try to cover it with hair color thinking by showing it off makes them look older. Well, you might want to consider other alternative. Because it seems now, many hair stylists can recommend ways on how you can embrace it without the risk of looking old.


You Cut your Hair with Wrong Length

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While we choose based on the model’s hair we saw in the magazine, trust your stylist as they know best to find you the cut that will match the shape of your face. We can only wish we have the same contour as our favorite actress. As otherwise, we might be a victim of haircut gone wrong and will make you look older instead.


Keeping the Same Look for Years

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Unless you keep the same weight, skin tone, and its 1970s all over again, then you might consider not changing your haircut. But the truth is, just like clothes and everything else, hairdressing is also evolving, and so should you, when it comes to your personal hairstyle or risk looking old and stuck in time.


Perhaps you are Using the Wrong Shampoo

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Ever noticed the labels on your shampoo that pertain to your hair type? Turns out not using the right shampoo for your hair will make you look older. As we age, our gray hair may develop distinct features and may require different care that using shampoo for normal hair may not be sufficient. And we know what will make of us when we have unhealthy hair.



So what do you think of these common hair mistakes that we are not quite aware can make us look older? Most of us might be guilty of picking hairstyles without giving too much thought on whether it will fit our facial features and match our look. And it makes a difference, now that we know that doing so can make us look old. So the next visit to your salon, you know very well to trust the experts as they know better.

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