17 Hairstyles That Prove Going Gray is Gorgeous

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We normally acquaint it with being old. Appearance of gray hair is something that happens naturally as a result of aging and hormones. And we probably notice our parents getting their hair dyed to cover these gray stands. But you know what they say, if you can’t beat, ‘em, join ‘em. Indeed. Hence, instead of fighting it, many are embracing this natural color and it even has become a trend. In fact even the younger ones would have their dark hair dye instead in order to rock this gray and white hair. To show you that this new hair color trend is indeed cool and stylish, here are 17 hairstyles that prove going gray is gorgeous.


Go Short and Edgy

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Describing her style as minimalist, nonchalance and Avant-garde, this accidental icon sure knows how to rock that gray hair. Follow Lyn Slater, a professor turned blogger’s signature “do” for ultimate hair goals.


Rock those Locks

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Because you can never be too old or too young to work on some serious dreadlocks. As it sure looks amazing in black, it’s even cooler with your gray hair. And you know they say, age is but a number.


Slick Back Ponytail

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Nothing can go wrong with a ponytail hairstyle. It is easy to do, simple, practical but clean and sleek. Fits perfectly well if you want to ace that natural hair look.


Laid- Back Braid

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Also perfecting that natural and effortless look on your long, gorgeous, gray hair is doing this loose braid look. Works well when on the rush and has little time to prepare, but looks amazing nonetheless. Like no one knows, you ran out of time.


Mess that Curly Long Hair

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Messy look has been a recurring trend for years. With its big volume and hair looking undone, not all people who wear this look can actually rock it. Seems easy to style, but achieving the perfect look can be as much of a struggle as other neatly done hairstyles.


Or Mess that Hair Bun

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While you have that messy curl “do”, there’s also this, what we call the messy bun style. Stylish and a perfect mess, your gray and platinum hair will surely look good on it.


Posh Spice’s Bob

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Styling it may be the reason why short hairs can be difficult to maintain as well. Without sacrificing your look and personal style, this short bob hairdo is a great cut option if you want to go with the shorter hair look. I know someone who does think so. And she is very posh.


Dare for Some Pixie Cut

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Perhaps one of the hardest hairstyle to pull out, this pixie cut is ideal for those who are bold and daring to try even the shortest hair and still feel womanly about it. Kirsten Stewart, Katy Perry, Keira Knightly and Charlize Theron are just some who have jumped in to this bandwagon. And yes, your gray hair will look great in it.


When One Color is Not Enough

Adding some character and dimension, this gray and black ombre style is a perfect complement for your hair. The black color tones down the gray in a way that it is not being overpowered by the darker hues. This works best with the younger ones. Gives you the rocker vibe, or at least I think so.


Too Short for A Bun

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Your gray short hair will definitely shine in this half bun “do” that exudes the stylish, laid back and cool vibe. Because short hair is in, there are just about many ways to style it.


Curl those Medium Bob

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Another awesome way to style your medium bob gray hair is set it by curling it loosely like those big beach waves hairstyle for long hairs. Keep it simple by tying it in a half bun using an invisibobble.


A Little Bohemian Touch

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Hair braids come in various sizes and forms. Especially with long hair, there are just so many braiding styles to muster, which also looks incredible with your gray or white hair. Go a little Bohemian with this hair style and hair goals.


Opt for Some Subtle Waves

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Bored with the ultra-straight hair look? Want to achieve that dainty, simple but still stylish hair? One of the good things about having a long hair is you can style anything. Set your hair with those subtle waves to add a little character and fun to your straight locks.


Big Curls for the Short Hair

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Think Marilyn Monroe. Curling your white platinum short hair are also a must-do as you embrace your classic hair color. The vintage look may be hard to pull but definitely gives you that ultimate hair goal once you perfect the look. And you know with classic, it never goes out of style.


Get Some Serious Short Hair Curls

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A play with texture, as the secret for most gray hairs, you can embrace that natural gray color by styling it into this curly “do”. What makes this even luminescent is how the silver strands completes the look and shines as the light occurs.

Or That Rocker Curl for your Long Hair

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Again, because age is only but a number, aging shouldn’t have to be dull and uninteresting. Your gray hair can totally rock this rocker chic look, styled in small curls and purposely set to be a little messy. So yes, you don’t even need to color your hair black to achieve this tough badass look.


Super Short Bob

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Many celebrities started it, and everybody follows. Your gray hair can sure use a super short bob hairdo. Perfect not just for summer but for all occasions. Best thing about this hair is, it can be pretty low maintenance.



How did you find the list? Were you inspired to hit the salon and change your hair color to gray or white? Young or old, gray and white hair may be a bit risky to keep up but once you own it, it is cool and stylish. Hence if you are one of those who have it naturally, no need to hide but embrace it.

Do you like how the gray and white hair looks too? Tell us what you think in the comment section below. We would love to hear your thoughts. And if you like this article, please feel free to share it.

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