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20 Heatproof Beauty Products That You Should Have for the Hot Summer Season

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Finally! The harsh winds of winter and the uncomfortable temperature are gone! Summer is here! Time go to out and enjoy the warmth of the sun. Unfortunately, along with the coming of summer are the endless worries related to our beauty routines. Summer means oily skin, frizzy hair, melted makeup, and overall sticky body.

Does this mean that you will just give up and let summer pass? No way! Never allow the heat ruin your summer. Take note of these 20 heatproof beauty products that you should have for the hot summer season, and stay cool and beautiful while out in the sun!


Light Moisturizer

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In colder weather, it is normal to moisturize your skin to ease dryness. Some people, however, have the wrong notion that there is no need to apply moisturizer in summer because the skin is not dry. Rather than using your typical moisturizer, opt for a fast-absorbing, hydrating and non-greasy formulation instead, which features an all-natural sunscreen solution which protects your skin under the sun.


Tinted Moisturizer

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If you do not feel wearing foundation under the heat of the sun, an alternative for you is a tinted moisturizer. Aside from moisturizing your skin, it also works in protecting and soothing skin. Since it also comes with BB mineral pigments, you are assured of a fresh and even complexion.


Makeup Primer

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If you opt for a foundation, you may want to use a skin primer first. This will help the foundation to stay put even under the sun. Our pores have the tendency to enlarge under the heat. Therefore, opt for a primer which helps in minimizing pore appearance. There are those that are lightweight in formulation, which prepares a smooth canvas for your makeup.


Lightweight Foundation

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Summer will not prevent you from looking great and beautiful. Even on a steamy day, you can still wear foundation. However, you have to be picky. Choose a natural-looking and lightweight formulation. Choose a long-wearing option which offers a breathable and great coverage.



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Summer is the best time for you to focus on your eyes! Brighten them up by using a little concealer around your eyes. They can make you look alert and awake. A lightweight formulation for a concealer is the best pick. For your convenience, you can also opt for those pen-designs of concealers so that you can easily touch up whenever needed.


Low-Pigment Pressed Powder

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Some people hate summer because they end up with oily faces. However, this should not stop you from looking great. To solve this problem, you can treat those shiny zones as soon as you see them. Choose a low-pigment pressed powder. This type of product is designed primarily to control shine without the cakey texture. Use this powder to set after applying foundation, as well as for touch-ups during the entire day.


Blotting Papers

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Blotting sheets are very important during summer time. They help in controlling shine and oil, and are good alternative to powder. Choose a good product that can also absorb excess sebum, thus helping you maintain that perfectly fresh and shine-free look.


Waterproof Eyebrow Pencil

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If you are planning to undergo some water activities, choosing waterproof makeup is very important. When it comes to your eyebrows, choose waterproof and long-lasting brow pencil which offers shape and buildable definition at the same time.


Wet Eyeshadow

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Who says you can’t wear eyeshadow under the sun? Yes, you can. It is recommended, though to go for wet eyeshadow because they are designed to last even while you are doing sweaty activities. You have two options to accomplish this. One is to apply your eyeshadow using a damp brush, giving your eyes a glazed look. Another option is to choose a shadow that comes with wet/dry finish.


Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner

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While pencil liners are comfortable to use, especially because they are what we have been used to using ever since, reality dictates that they have the tendency to last shorter compared to liquid eyeliners. As your option, you can select an extra budge-proof solution in liquid form. It is an easy-to-use, thin, and marker-line eyeliner which offers a defined line to your eyes, minus the smudging.


Waterproof Mascara

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The summer season should not stop you from wearing mascara. However, just to free yourself from smudging, opt for a waterproof solution. It will stay on much longer compared to the non-waterproof options. Plus, you can also wear them even when doing your favorite water activities without being afraid that you might end up looking like a zombie afterwards.


Cream-to-Powder Blush

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True, the heat of the sun can naturally give you rosy cheeks. However, if you are out for a night out, a blush-on can also add contour to your face aside from adding a bit of color to your cheeks. Choose a cream-to-powder blush product as it is easy to use, and glides on creamy, while offering a powdery finish. To achieve a sun-kissed look, go for the bronze shades.


Moisturizing Lip Stain

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Lipstick is good. However, if you spend a lot of hours under the summer heat, there is a huge tendency that your lipstick might run down your face. As an alternative option, choose a lip stain instead. For a refreshing feel, you can also go for a lip stain that is infused with peppermint, while delivering that stay-put popping appeal and moisture.


Hydrating Spray

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Whether you choose to wear makeup or not, you will certainly need a refresher by the mid-part of the day. A good hydrating spray will give you this hydrating sensation that also smoothens your skin, tighten pores, while providing a burst of brightness and radiance. It is also recommended to apply this as a toner before applying makeup, and a refresher at midday.


Minty Shower Wash

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Why not start your summer day right with something that works in cooling you down. A minty shower wash, perhaps? Go for an aromatherapy and fresh body soap that is formulated with essential oils that can refresh and enliven the skin. It also helps in cleansing deeply but gently, offering a charging boost of energy.


Cooling Body Lotion

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By opting for a cooling body lotion, you can stay cool all throughout the entire day. This type of product offers that cooling and refreshing sensation that you definitely need after spending hours under the sun. At the same time, it also helps in locking in moisture that further softens and awakens the skin.


Foot Scrub

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Our feet is one part of our body which is often neglected, especially during summer time. With all the heels, sandals, and sneakers we wear during summer, it is but natural to give your feel a little dose of love. Why not enjoy an ultimate foot scrub? It will help in softening, moisturizing, as well as reviving rough feet while deodorizing and cooling at the same time.


Dry Shampoo

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Next, you also have to pay attention to your hair and scalp. After all, they are the most exposed part of your body under the heat of the sun. If you feel your hair getting wet and damp, attend to it immediately. You don’t have to worry about your hair looking greasy, since you can always opt for a dry shampoo. Simply spray it on your hair to add life and volume, while revitalizing greasy, dull and sweaty strands.


Hair Spray

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Using heat tools in the summer season is not a good idea. This does not mean, however, that you will have a bad hair day all season long. Embrace your natural waves by using a good hair spray. Choose one with summer scents, such as Tahitian Gardenia and coconut, and create a body for your hair. You will notice your hair turning bouncy, soft and filled with texture.


Anti-frizz Spray

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One problem that is commonly faced by our hair during the summer season is frizz. This is common when humidity is high. Prevent frizz from happening by using, guess what? An anti-frizz spray! This product is also equipped with UV protection, adding shine and volume while fixing your hair’s flatness and weather induced frizz.



So, who says that summer is not the best time to look your best? By using the heatproof beauty products mentioned above, you can still look as glamorous as possible, without worrying about the heat damaging your looks.

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