How to Apply Eye Cream The Right Way


The eyes are considered a very noticeable body part, and not just on the face. People tend to look you by the eye, along with your face. That’s why you should make sure that your eye will look beautiful at all times. Otherwise, some may see your eye as old-looking, enough to consider you as old already. Gladly, there are some ways that you can consider in order to remove blemishes, dark areas, and wrinkles on your eyes. All you need to do is to apply some eye cream in order to get it done.

However, only a few know how to apply the eye cream the right and proper way. Gladly, there are different steps that we can provide you in order to fully apply the cream at the most correct way possible.


What Will You Need

Here are the following that you should need in order to properly apply the eye cream.

Eye Cream

The very first item that you must have is the eye cream itself. It’s the very foundation of this tutorial-article so then you will be able to fully get its benefit of making your eyes look better. Take note that there are different types of eye cream to purchase, and it means that there are different brands.

But if you ever want to get the best one there is, make sure that you read the reviews of each popular brands. It’s a well known fact that popular brands are usually the ones that have the most effective formulation that can prevent your eye skin to get all wrinkly. However, it’s not only the brand that you must check out so then you can get the utmost results that you’re expecting.

You also have to remember the fact that there are also two types of eye creams to purchase. One is meant to wear during the day, and there are some that are only effective for evening purposes before you go to sleep. It’s like pre and post-workout supplements, where each of them has effects that are beneficial for the specific time where you will be using it. That’s why you must always consider care whenever you choose the eye cream that you will purchase.



Cleansers are very important products for keeping your face fresh. There are two types of cleansers:facial wash and cleansing oil. Facial washes are often used before you use the eye cream, and the cleansing oils are used after you apply the cream. Facial wash products are perfect for skin protection during the daytime, and cleansing oils are perfect for skin cell regeneration during the evening. It’s the perfect match to apply with the eye cream.



Your face will often have oil during the day time, and that can damage your skin and even cause pimples. You must use moisturizers in order to balance your skin complexion, as well as hydrate it to prevent wrinkling. It’s one of the perfect products to use before you apply the eye cream as you go outside or at work as it can protect your face from getting dry enough for wrinkles to form.


Neck Cream

A bit of neck cream always serves as a perfect partner with an eye cream. So instead of only focusing on your eyes, you should avoid getting wrinkles all over your face and neck as well. In this way, you can look younger. So always remember that neck creams are always important to go with eye creams so then you can fully make yourself beautiful and younger than before. A lot of beauticians also know well that neck cream should never be missed on your list.


The Proper Application

Here are the ways for you to apply the eye cream properly:

Step 1: Wash Your Face



The very first step is to wash the whole face. The absorption of your eye cream will be at a better rate if you apply on a well rinsed face, and it’s not that comfortable to place facial creams and other cleaners without a good wash. So be sure to do it the day or night you scheduled to apply it. To properly do it, just use warm water for your face.


Step 2: Apply Facial Wash


Be sure to apply the facial wash after you wet your face with water. It can moisturize your skin, as well as other benefits that the product can provide.  Massage the facial wash on your face by making circular strokes. Rinse by washing your face with warm water afterwards so clean up the facial wash residue.


Step 3: Apply the Moisturizer


Next is to apply some moisturizer or sunscreen that you tend to use. You only need to apply the moisturizer on areas where the oils tend to come out. These areas are the nose and forehead areas, but you can still apply some on the cheeks. Be sure to apply ample amount and do circular rubbings on the areas where it’s needed.


Step 4: Apply Eye and Neck Cream

Finally, it’s time to apply your favorite eye and neck cream. First of all, you should apply the eye cream by patting it around the area where the orbital socket is present. The orbital socket is the circular bone around your eyes, but be sure to apply it half an inch from the eye. Do not rub the cream as the substance might tear the delicate skin around your eyes. Gently spread the cream all over It afterwards.

Apply the neck cream next by placing ample amounts of it on the areas of the neck where the lines are prominent. Be sure to rub it until the lumps of cream have disappeared.


Step 5: Night Treatments


It is optional to use facial wash at this point. A simple bath could be enough, too. Next is to apply the cleansing oil during the evening as it serves as the evening alternative of your facial wash. Be sure to use a cotton ball and drain the oil on it. Be sure to rub it all over your face in order to remove the dirt and dust that it has accumulated during the day. Afterwards, follow step 4 once again with the eye cream, or if you have an eye cream that’s specifically for evening use. Never miss this final step as the products supplement the recovery time that your sleep provides for better results.

We hope you like the following steps that we have mentioned as it can definitely help you not just in helping you get rid of wrinkles. It can also help you nourish your skin, as well as prevent wrinkles and neck lines from forming any further. Thus, this is a guide that will surely help you in looking young and healthy looking. So be sure to follow these tips carefully, and be sure to have the right products with you.

If you’re still wondering about the things that you will be doing, or if you feel like our explanation is not enough, feel free to leave comments below. We will definitely reach you out for help once you leave some.