How to Apply Eyeshadow Like a Pro Even If You are a Beginner

We all know that eye makeup takes the way we look to a higher level. Especially when it comes to applying eye shadow, it’s either a make or break game. Things can easily go wrong. If you try and do things that you are not yet sure of, you might end up looking at a horrible version of yourself, as if you are getting to attend a village Halloween party, instead of preparing for work make-up.

If you consider yourself as a beginner in applying eye shadow, it can really be challenging. Without getting to familiarize the techniques, the result can turn into a disaster. Despite your hesitations, there is no need to worry! In order to help you out, we have created this step-by-step guide on how to apply eye shadow like a pro even if you are a beginner.

Before starting, however, it is important to understand that there is no need to expect perfection from yourself, especially when it comes to the output. However, with the basic information that we will provide you, as well as with practice through time, you may become a pro in doing it, and may even have your own style later on.

To start however, learn from the basics and find your way into becoming confident in applying eye shadow – just like a pro!

What you need for this tutorial

  • Blending brush
  • Flat brush
  • Concealer
  • Skin-tone padder
  • Primer
  • Eyeliner

Step 1: Remove Little Stray Hairs

Just like when you are working on a piece of art on a canvass, making sure that everything is prepared accordingly is your starting point. This can include making sure that your eyebrows are perfectly done. This can be done through different processes, including threading, plucking or shaving.

However, threading is the recommended option because aside from the fact that it prepares a cleaner ‘canvass’, so to say, it also takes time for the eye brows to grow before another cleaning is needed. This is also important because your eye makeup will just be useless without well-prepared eyebrows.

Step 2: Prime Eye to Make All Colors Pop

Your goal in the end is to make sure that the colors of your eye shadow pops, as this is the only way that it becomes really noticeable. This can be done by priming your eyes. This can be done by cleaning it first using concealer, particularly applying it under the brow. For this process, you can use a flat brush and some concealer, pulling it underneath, going all over the lid.

Step 3: Set Powder Base

Setting a powder base is the next step in the process. Identations as well as fine lines can make the blending quite difficult later on. To complete this process, it is recommended to use a skin-tone padder as well as a setting primer.

Aside from making sure that the eye shadow is easier to blend, it also creates an overall smooth looking base for your makeup.

Step 4: Create Gradient

Next, you need to create a gradient on your eyes. First, take some eye shadow, applying it to the area where you will see your eyes open, that is, just above the crease. This is often referred to as the transition shade.

This creates the gradient in the eye shadow look, thus making it more natural later on that just applying color on your eye lid. Apply some light colors on the inner corners. This will also serve for safety purposes so that dark shadow will not transfer to the inner area.

Step 5: Add Dimension

Add dimension to your eyes by working on the outer corner of your eye. This is where you need to apply a darker shadow. When doing this, hold the brush closer to the bristles in order to pack color well. This is made possible because of the firm control on your hands.

Later on, when blending, make sure that you hold the brush a little farther away in order to get less control of it, thus achieving that overall airbrushed look.

Step 6: Blend it In!

This time, use a blending brush, and start pulling in the color towards the middle part of the eye and towards the outer area. This is so that you will get rid of any lines which may have been created by the brush earlier on.

After blending, take a little bit more color, packing it on in order to intensify the look even further. You may also opt to add another layer of the lighter colored eye shadow on the inner corners, as well as on the brow bone, blending them in until everything becomes seamless.

Step 7: Finish with Eyeliner

To complete the overall look, finish with eyeliner. You may also refer to other tutorials on how to apply eyeliner accordingly. You also have the option to use false lashes if you want to. This will make your makeup more dramatic.

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That’s it! By following the above mentioned step-by-step guide, you are now in a better position to apply your own eye shadow like a pro even though you may still be a beginner. Take note that this may need practice, so just keep on doing it, and you are on the right track to becoming a professional at this!

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