How to Get Golden Glow on your Face Fast

Are you looking for ways to get that golden glow on your face quickly?

Nowadays it can be hard to keep your skin glowing and feeling soft a smooth. That is because of how hectic life is and how much pollution you have to face throughout the day, from going to your work, out on the field, going home and even visiting other places, it’s impossible to keep your face and your skin away from the harsh environment around you.

Good thing, there are remedies that you can find in order to restore that healthful glow on your skin and at the same time get that beautiful golden glow. You don’t even have to prepare special equipment to get the work done as there are very simple recipes that you could prepare.

You can literally find ingredients in your own kitchen and make your own facial. It doesn’t take much in order to keep your skin young and smooth, all you need is the right natural facial care and the all natural ingredients as well.

Even though there are so many commercial products offering to give you the solution that you need, they can be very expensive. With homemade facial care recipes, you don’t have to spend so much to go out there to buy the product because you already have everything that you need.

Ingredients You Need To Prepare:

  • Tomato - You will only need one piece of tomato for this procedure. You can repeat the process for a couple of days and stock up on a good number of fresh tomatoes to use. Just make sure that you can use them all before they start to rot.
  • Tomato juice - This is mainly juice made out of the tomato and is a popular beverage. It is very powerful because of the many medicinal purposes that it has. A lot of studies have shown that tomato juice is great for the skin whether it is consumed or used in homemade skin and facial creams.
  • Rose waterYou will also need a cotton ball in order to use the rose water on your skin. You will be using this to rinse off your skin which is why cotton balls are the best choice.
  • You can choose to purchase rose water or make it on your own. Basically, rose water is flavored water that is created through the use of rose petals. It is said to have great antioxidant effects and at the same time, it is also used for anti-aging.

    If you plan to buy one, make sure that you buy only the 100% pure rose water. Usage of this for facial care has been dated way back to early Egypt as Cleopatra herself has used the natural product in order to keep her skin pristine.

    Rose water also has anti-inflammatory properties and can get rid of acne, reduce redness in the irritated skin, gets rid of eczema, and dermatitis.

    It’s a wonderful cleanser and removes dirt and oil that has accumulated in clogged pores of the skin.

  • Sugar - You may have a jar of sugar in your cupboard and a small amount of this is already okay to use with the procedure.
  • Aloe Vera Gel - 
  • You can get this from your garden if you happen to be planting them, or buy them off at the market. Storing them will have great uses for you since they are known for moisturizing the skin. Unlike other types of moisturizers, this gives you no greasy feeling on the skin. It doesn’t clog your pores and at the same time, it softens the skin.

    It can also be used as an aftershave treatment since It has healing components. The healing components can aid in healing the razor burn and the small cuts. It also helps in hydrating the skin.

    It has been proven that aloe vera is very effective when it comes to improving the skin hydration. This is why it is very popular when it comes to cosmetic formulations and treatment for dry skin; it is often used as an important ingredient.

  • Vitamin E capsule
  • This is another factor that gives the skin the immunity that it needs. Healthy skin shouldn’t just be taken cared of from the outside. You should also learn how to take care of it from the inside. These are popular being antioxidants and are known to protect the cells from further damage.

    It is often used to get a smooth and hydrated skin effect. It also helps in soothing burns and can even aid with stretchmarks. If you have scars buried in your skin, Vitamin E can help diminish their appearance.

    You can buy the ready-made Vitamin E oil for application, but you can also make one yourself with the help of Vitamin E capsules that you can buy from health stores.

  • Rice flour - It is also known as rice powder.
  • It is rice in the form of flour which is made out of milled rice. It is important to know that this is different from rice starch because the latter is producing by steeping rice in lye.

  • Lemon Juice
  • One of the most well-known uses of lemon juice is for the skin. It is a very effective blackhead treatment. Lemons are basically antibacterial. They will be able to treat skin problems and even aid you to get rid of acne.

    All natural lemon juice is said to be the most effective, which is why many prefer to buy them and cut them up on their own. They also help make your skin look brighter because they are rich in Vitamin C as well as citric acid.

    A lot of people use lemon juice to lighten the dark parts f their skin and it effectively does its job.

How to prepare it (Step by Step Instructions):

Step 1. Use the rose water to wipe your face with

Before you put anything on your face, try to take some rose water and pour it into a clean bowl. Then, grab some cotton balls and gently soak them in the rose water. Once they are full, gently wipe your face with them. This will help clean your face and at the same time prepare it for the facial treatment that you will be doing. There are a lot of advantages when you use rose water on your face. This means that you are not just cleaning your face with simple water, but you are also helping maintain its pH balance.

Rosewater actually helps in controlling the excess oil that comes out of your skin which is why it is a great start when you would like to prepare your face for a home facial. It also helps hydrate the face especially when you just came home from a hard day at work. On top of that, Rose water also helps in moisturizing the face, making it loo healthy and makes it easier for you to proceed with the treatment. You will feel the difference as the rose water’s effect will give a new and revitalized feel on your face.

Step 2. Prepare the tomato for the procedure

Then you will have to cut the tomato in half. After doing so, sprinkle the sugar on it. The reason for this is to be able to create a powerful facial scrub. The combination of the tomato plus the slight roughness of the sugar make a great facial scrub, just make sure not to put too little or too much; just put the right amount for the scrub session for the day. Gradually sprinkle the sugar on the tomato.

Start scrubbing your face with the tomato and sugar for around two to three minutes. If there are any affected areas on your face then make sure as well to focus on them. Gently scrub your face and massage it without crushing the tomato. Don’t be in a hurry and follow through a good time phase. This process is said to help open up the pores of your skin.

In addition, it also helps in removing the dead skin cells from your face. Once they have been removed, your skin will feel free and start to glow again. It is important to open up your pores so that your skin can also breathe and everything that is clogging it will be scrubbed away.

Step 3. Mix in tomato juice, aloe vera gel, and Vitamin E capsule

Start massaging your face after the facial scrub. Get two teaspoons of tomato juice and pour it in a clean bowl. Then also scoop up two teaspoons of aloe vera gel and add into the same bowl. Last but not the least, add one Vitamin E capsule right into the mixture. Make sure that you mix them well so that the solution will not come out as lumpy. By the end of the mix, you will have a smooth and soft cream which you can apply onto your face.

Scoop up an even amount of the mixture and gently apply it on your face. Make sure that the cream is applied evenly on your face and then start massaging thoroughly. You will need to massage it on your face for about five minutes. This is because you would want the cream mixture to enter your pores. After having your pores open from the previous facial scrub, it will easy for the cream to enter them.

Step 4. Mix in rice flour, tomato juice, and lemon juice

You will then have to prepare another mixture, in the form of rice flour, tomato juice, and lemon juice. Grab another clean bowl and scoop up two teaspoons of rice flour. Also, add two teaspoons of tomato juice as well as a few small drops of lemon juice into the mix. Make sure that you mix them well, and if it appears to be too thick, you can simply add more rose water.

When all is okay, start applying the mixture on your face. In order for the effects to work, you will need to wait for fifteen minutes. This means that you will be leaving it on your face for that amount of time before you can wash it off with water. You will also have to wash it off with cold water.

Don’t forget to check out the YouTube tutorial!

Visit YouTube to watch more about steps for getting the golden glow on your face. Here is the link to the step by step process of the homemade facial scrub complete with pictures and voice over.



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Make your skin look bright and new again!

Getting that golden glow isn’t so hard after all right? If you know what the right thing to do and how you can do it, you will be able to reach the look that you have always wanted.

Did you love our simple tutorial? Did it inspire you to create your own homemade facial scrub?

The simplicity of this tutorial is what makes it a miracle, as everything that you need to make it work can be found right in your kitchen. It doesn't even take much and you can already see and feel the difference. No amount of commercial products can give the full effect as all natural remedies do.

This is very simple and very fast to do. In only twenty minutes you will already see the amazing results. When you go out you can already notice the soft and glowing effect that your skin softly radiates. For the best effect, make sure that you repeat the process every day. Not long, you will notice that your face will be glowing like it never did before.

What did you think about it? If you have any tips and tricks to improve this homemade facial scrub recipe, don’t forget to leave comments, also like and share this article with friends and family!

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