How to Get Younger Looking Skin

Some people are naturally born with smooth and clear skin that they do not look their age at all, while some of us have to work hard to keep it fresh and free from breakouts and stubborn zits. Well, it’s true, the world is not fair. So, how to get younger looking skin? Well, it can be both hard and easy in the sense that the rules of the do’s and don’t’s are pretty basic and straightforward but doing it consistently and religiously is a huge challenge. Our lifestyle plays a major role in this process. This article will show you how to achieve a smooth and radiant skin that will make you look younger.

What you need for this tutorial

For this tutorial, you will need your pen, paper and basically your undivided attention as we lay out the steps and ways on how to improve your lifestyle, and to have a younger looking skin.

There are some products mentioned that are used such as:

  • sunscreen with SPF 60
  • face oil or serum
  • face peel
  • brightening cleansers
  • toner
  • warm washcloth

These easy-to-follow steps are highly doable and will require your commitment, discipline and a whole lot of effort to do it consistently and regularly for better results.


Our skin is very important that taking extra care is essential. I know the struggle of keeping it smooth and maintaining its glow and freshness, considering the different factors that can damage it easily and unknowingly. It is no secret how our lifestyle can make or break us as it affects both our health, body and our skin. Thus it is important to know and be reminded of these pro tips and useful ways collected by vlogger, Jennifer Chiu on how we can take care of our skin for a better and beautiful you.

Before we uncover the list, please note that:

  • These tips are subjective and are based on the vlogger’s personal experience that has worked tremendously well for her that I’m sure skin experts will approve as well.
  • Before you make any switch to some skin products or diet, you may need to consult your dietician or dermatologist first to make sure there’ll be no possible unpleasant effect like allergies that may occur to your skin and body.
  • And lastly, enjoy reading and taking tabs of the things that you like, and together let’s get the fresh and fair skin.

Step By Step Instructions

The secret of having the smooth and younger looking skin is not on the products you use, but a huge part of it mirrors your lifestyle. That being said, the following are the 10 essential ways on how you can achieve that.

1. Quit Smoking

Smoking kills. I can even say it without batting an eyelash because it is, and whatever proof you need, it is all written and seen anywhere and everywhere. Aside from the hideous fact that it can cause several known diseases such as cancer and other respiratory and heart illnesses, it damages our skin as it promotes premature ageing and causes several skin disorders.

2. Lessen Alcohol

Yes, you read it right. You don’t necessarily need to stop drinking though, but keep it at a minimum. Red wine is good for the body, as it contains high level of antioxidants and good for the heart, among other things. Alcohol has several benefits when consumed moderately. As otherwise, it has long list negative effects to the skin and body affecting the cell structure, for one.

3. Eat Less Sugar

You might need to hold off your sugar and skip the dessert, as too much sugar consumption may increase the risk for certain diseases and can be bad for your skin as it is one cause of acne and wrinkles. I know what you’re giving up. Just saying NO alone already takes a huge toll, so we can all be realistic and say that though it is possible to say NO, it is difficult and a decision we can’t be ever ready to take. I mean, what’s life without dessert? So let us not crucify ourselves, it is okay to eat as long as we consume moderately.

4. Drink enough water

This is perhaps one of the most important heath tip not just to our skin but to our entire well-being. It flushes toxins and gives our skin a nice glow and color. Not only that, it makes our hair shinier and our body healthier. That is pretty much as lot of benefits by just drinking water. And how many glasses do we need to drink per day? Health authorities recommend 8 glasses a day, at least, which is equal to about 2 liters.

5. Nourish yourself with these Vitamins

These vitamins supplement to keep our body healthier and get that younger looking skin:

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is an effective treatment for aging and acne. It works to prevent the appearance of those annoying zits and wrinkles. This happens as it eliminates dead skin cells and produces new and healthy skin faster through the shedding process. Look no farther, as we can always get this by eating carrots, spinach, pumpkin and sweet potato.

Vitamin B

It could be that this Vitamin B stands for Beauty as it helps keep our skin from getting dry and flaky and even reduces the appearance of fine lines to get that younger looking skin. It works with our hair and nails as well as it counteracts the harm caused by free radicals. You can find this vitamin from lentils, almonds and peas.

Vitamin C

Our skin benefits from Vitamin C through the production of collagen, which rejuvenates the skin and reduces the symptoms of aging. It also protects the skin’s DNA from discoloration and skin cancer. At the same time, it helps lightens your skin’s dark parts like freckles and age spots for a smooth and fair skin. Fruits and vegetable are the primary source of Vitamin C. So make it a habit to eat those regularly.

Vitamin D

Perhaps the cheapest and most accessible to acquire, our body may be able to produce Vitamin D through the sufficient exposure to sunlight. If however you are not getting enough sunlight or you live in a place that has limited supply of it, then you may resort to eating foods that contain this vitamin or take supplements. These foods include salmon, tuna, kale, cereals and soy milk.

6. Always Use Sunscreen

Whether you are exposed to the sun or not, wearing sunscreen is essential because sunlight can still penetrate and damage your skin regardless. Using it regularly protects your skin from the sun’s harmful effects and UV rays. This vlogger particularly use one with SPF 60 for maximum protection.

7. Get Regular Sleep at the Exact Same Time.

By setting your body clock for sleeping at the same exact time for three to four weeks or for several months may create positive changes in your lifestyle and mind set. Getting enough sleep is important for a healthy and glowing skin.

8. Take a Nap Everyday

Taking regular nap can also give you a younger looking skin. Jennifer Chiu shares how she does it, as by doing so for 30 or 90 minutes, also helps enhance your creativity. Hence, you are not only all freshened up, but up with some fresh ideas and ready for another round of brainstorming.

9. Regular Skin Regimen

By doing these skin regimen will make your skin soft and look young.

Use face oil or serum every night

For this tutorial, Jennifer uses the Fresh Seaberry Moisturizing Face Oil with Omega 3, 6, 7, and 9. It is applied before going to bed and after removing your make up, before you put on your moisturizer as it will make you skin a lot younger.

Face peel every month

Treating yourself to a face peel every month to loosen your dead skin cells. Ole Henrickson Face Peel is what she has been using for her skin. It should be applied on clean skin and leave if ten minutes before rinsing.

Use Brightening Cleansers

This is especially for those with freckles and sun spots. Vlogger’s current favorite is from Juice Organics’ Brightening Facial Cleanser. It removes make up and effective to brighten and tones your skin.

Use Skin Toner

Another favorite from Juice Organics is the toner. Toner is good for those have freckles, wrinkles and sun spots as well as it helps even the tone of your skin.

Use warm washcloth at night

As moms know best, this tip from her mom gives the skin a nice wipe especially when taking off your make up. Using your fingers alone may not remove all the makeup residue and impurities.

10. Keep happiness level to a Maximum and Stress to a Minimum

This simply equates to always choose to be happy. Do the things you love, go and see your family and friends, have fun, and be optimistic. For sure, your skin will thank you for it as a happy and positive disposition will manifest naturally on the outside.

Jennifer Chiu, a lifestyle, beauty and health vlogger collected these personal skin tips based on what had worked for her through the years on how she was able to achieve her smooth, fair and younger looking skin. She swears by using her favorite skin care products, proper diet and a positive and happy lifestyle are her secrets.

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Did you guys enjoy the tutorial? Do you also agree with the list? I definitely believe that the secret to having the perfect and younger looking skin is on your lifestyle and how you take care of your body. As it is said, you are what you eat, thus important to be super mindful of what we eat and consume. And it is also very important to give our body the rest and fuel it needs for it to work efficiently and productively. And ultimately, nothing can beat the positive disposition and being happy as it exudes and shows in your skin.

You probably have your own tested and proven skin tips as well that you want to share. Comment below and we’ll give it a try. I know there a still a lot out there, some even handed down from your mom, who might be as ultra-meticulous with her skin too. Well, we can’t be blamed. And if you like this article, please don’t forget to share.