How to Maintain a Short Beard and Keep That Modern Gentleman Look

While some men would prefer that clean shaved look, some want a little stubble to make them look distinguished and older than what they really are. And while wearing a short beard may look effortless, it could be more complicated to maintain than an actual full beard.

A short beard is basically what it is. Sometimes called a stubble, it is the phase before a beard looks haggard or rough; a couple of day’s growth of beard would be the best description. A short beard can transform a man with a smooth baby face into to a man with a masculine, handsome and sophisticated look. This article will discuss how a short beard is done and how it is effortlessly maintained with the use of simple and easy to find materials.

What you will need to follow this tutorial

Maintaining a short beard needs the following materials:

  • A simple disposable razor
A simple disposable razor with a good grip is necessary for pin point shaving and last minute trims. You need a disposable shaver to maintain your stubble even when you are on the go.

  • An electric shaver/trimmer with a 3 to 5 guard setting
A good electric shaver or trimmer is an indispensable tool to have anywhere you are. An efficient electric shaver should have a 3 to 5 guard setting and should be a versatile razor that will work for wet and dry hair. has an excellent lineup of electric shavers and trimmers to use from (

  • Exfoliating cleanser or facial scrub
An exfoliating cleaner will wash your face to remove dead skin cells and lift hair to allow the razor to glide over the skin. Cleansing your face is important every time you begin shaving. Fashion Beans has the latest in exfoliating cleansers for men who would like to grow a short beard (

  • Shaving cream or gel
Apply shaving gel or oil to your beard to soften the hair. There are many brands of shaving creams, and the best choice is a natural blend made of all-natural oils.

  • A good mirror
Use a mounted mirror to shave efficiently and safely. A magnifying mirror used to apply makeup is the best mirror to use. Proper lighting is also important when you shave and if you want to maintain a soft, even shave.

How to start with a short beard

1. Determine the ideal stubble length

Before anything else decide if a short beard is really for you. Remember that cutting and shaping a short beard is just the first part. You need to regularly maintain a short beard and make sure that it does not grow unruly. Therefore you need to shave and cut more often, and if you have sensitive skin, your skin may become easily irritated.

The length of your stubble is up to you. Look up photos of actors and models that wear short beards or look up image results online. You will also find good inspiration from people that you actually know like a friend or family member.

2. Stop shaving

Possibly one good way to find out how short your new short beard will be is to stop shaving. Allow your beard to grow a few days and compare your look from day to day. A good way to remember is to take a selfie and label your photos. And aside from comparing images of your short beard daily take note of the level of comfort you are experiencing. Are you still comfortable wearing a two or three-day old beard? Or would you prefer a shorter cut or longer beard? Everything is entirely up to you.

3. Dealing with short beard maintenance

As you gauge how long your stubble would be, you would soon realize that a short beard needs more maintenance than wearing your beard long or not wearing a beard at all. Although you don’t have to trim your stubble every day you still have to clean it at least three to four times a week. Washing and moisturizing your beard could take longer than shaving it so if you have no time to do all these then a short beard is not for you.

4. Shorten in increments

Aside from observing beard growth from day to day, you will also be able to settle on a particular length of stubble when you shorten it in increments. You have to begin with not shaving it for a week or two and then cut it in in increments.

Use a trimmer to make accurate cuts. Use a trimmer with a longer setting such as 4 to cut your beard to an even length. Most likely your beard would have become as long and as thick as actors like Hugh Jackman. And if you think that this is still too much, reduce the setting to 3 and then 2. Usually hair density, hair color, and your face shape affect your decision on how short your short beard would be.

5. Different parts of the face, different stubble lengths

Your stubble could be at different lengths on various parts of the face. Use a trimmer at number 3 setting to trim your jaw and mustache while a number 2 setting can be used along the cheeks. A 2 on the cheeks will allow you to blend it with the neckline or jawline.

After you have settled on the right length of stubble on the different parts of the face, remove unwanted hair near the edges with the use of a disposable razor. This has to be done to define the short beard look and to create a cleaner and more sophisticated look. Common areas of the face to clean up are the cheek bones, the upper lips, and hair around the jawline.

6. Trimming your neckline

There are two choices when it comes to trimming the neckline; you can either shave all the hair found along this area or fade it out. The first one is easy, just apply shaving cream and remove all hair along the neck and underneath the jaw with a trusty razor. But if you plan to fade it, you must use a trimmer with setting number 2 past the jawline and then set number 1 near Adam’s apple. This will create that faded look instead of abruptly ending your beard along the jaw. Here is a good vide from E How Beauty about shaving our jawline ( ).

Short beard maintenance

Shaping and grooming are essential in maintaining a short beard. As mentioned a while ago, keeping a short beard could be more time-consuming than completely shaving your beard or just growing it out. But beard maintenance will make your beard more manageable and healthy. A good short beard maintenance plan goes this way:

1. Exfoliating

You need to wash your face thoroughly every day to remove dirt, excess oils and dead skin cells. You need a good product that can wash your beard but still keep it soft and won’t dry your skin. Ordinary soaps may be used, however; regular soaps will only dry skin. A few products from top manufacturers such as Clinique, Clarins, Bull Dog and Lab Series are among the most popular.

Instead of just washing your face, try to massage it as well using the tips of your fingers. Use small circular strokes to exfoliate well and to stimulate blood flow to the area for improved hair growth.

2. Using shaving gel

After washing your face, towel dry and apply a shaving gel or cream and leave this or 30 to 40 minutes. The shaving gel will soften your beard and allow you to glide the shaver effortlessly. Shaving creams and gels come in a variety of brands like American Crew, Clinique, Taylor of Old Bond Street and Anthony Logistics.

Most shaving gels and oils sold in the market these days are made of natural ingredients which won’t harm skin and won’t irritate the user even when these are used on a regular basis. However, natural does not mean that it’s safe. Check the ingredients before use and test for any irritation by applying a small amount on the skin found on the inner arm. A burning and itchy feeling could mean that the product is not for you.

3. Shaping a short beard

Use a razor for this step, so you will have better control of how much stubble you will be trimming. Do not rush; only cut slowly and in small increments to avid cutting off too much hair and running the shot beard look. Shaping your beard is often be the hardest part, and this requires a lot of patience and even trial and error to do so.

Switching from a clean shaved look to a shot beard

If you have made up your mind to wear a short beard but have not exactly decided how long or how short this would then consider wearing your beard while on vacation or over the weekend just to see which length of stubble is for you. Most who switched from a clean shaved look to a shorter beard took the time to get used to their looks completely. It takes a lot of patience to learn all the steps in caring for a sort beard even finding the ideal products to use. Maintenance starts from day one, and it has to be done daily.


In order to keep that modern gentleman look as you wear a short beard, you need to commit to daily maintenance which includes using a shaver or trimmer and face care products for men including a moisturizer and shaving gel. It is really easier to maintain a long beard look or a no beard style compared to managing a short beard which is why you need to master these techniques. Don’t forget to share your ideas and thought about wearing a shot beard and to share your unique strategies.