How to Make an Anti-Aging Apple Mask

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Apples contain a lot of nutrients. No wonder why a lot say that it could make the doctor away. Apples are said to contain flavanoids that can prevent osteoporosis, it can cleanse your body through its antoixidants, it can keep your teeth clean with it as well, it can give you Vitamin C for a stronger immune system, it’s great against constipation, it’s anti-cancerous, and the list goes on and on.

But what you’re going to learn about apples is the fact that you can also use it as a facial mask ingredient. Apple contains enough Vitamin C and antioxidants to keep your skin lively and healthy, and it can remove wrinkles as well. In this article, you will learn how to create one and how and when to apply it on your face.


The Ingredients

There are two types of masks that you will need to fully use the benefits of an apple mask. We are not going to cook, but there are some ingredients that you will need to successfully create the mask. Here are the following ingredients for the hydrating mask:

  • 1/2 apple – the other half will be used for the other type of mask.
  • Warm milk – a tablespoon of this will give more nourishment to the apple mask, and it can turn it into a cream-like substance for masking.
  • Egg yolk – this makes the mask creamier, and it contains nutrients as well.

Here are the ingredients for creating the clarifying mask, which is often used after the hydrating mask has been utilized

  • 1/2 apple – so be sure to save the other half that was left behind earlier.
  • Honey – a teaspoon of this miracle product can be enough to provide a lot of cleansing benefits for your face.
  • Lemon – just use a teaspoon of this for you to get more vitamin C. You can turn the rest into a juice or mix it with honey to make tea.
  • Flour – a teaspoon of this binds everything to create a paste.


The Hydrating Mask

The purpose of this mask is to help your face moisturize in order to prevent dry skin. Dry skin means formation of wrinkles, too, and that’s what we will avoid this time. Here are the following steps that you need to take in order to create the hydrating mask:


Step 1: Puree The Apples

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You will need a blender or a food processor in order to fully create the apple puree. Apply everything on your utensil there, or pound everything until its mashed enough (if you don’t have any blender). Make sure that you leave the apple skin behind, but it is fine if you want to peel and discard the skin. However, be sure not to make it too pureed just yet.


Step 2: Add Warm Milk and Egg

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Next is to add the warm milk into the half-pureed apples so then it can turn all creamy. Make sure that you only apply one tablespoon of the milk as too much will liquefy the apple. We don’t want you to create an apple smoothie or a milk with apple. Remember: you are here to create a facial mask. Add the egg after a second of blending the milk into the apples. Make sure that you mix it well this time until everything is bound and ready for usage.


Optional: Only When It’s Not Creamy Yet

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If the mixture appears to be too runny, add a little bit of flour or oatmeal. Oatmeals are much more preferable as it can provide nutrients for your skin, and it can make the mixture more spreadable. If there’s not oatmeal to hold all the ingredients together into a paste, then add a little bit of flour instead. Flour may not contain skin benefits, but it can support the mixture to make it spreadable into a mask.


Step 3: Application

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Once your mixture is complete, start applying it to your face. Use a spoon’s back and dunk the spoon to the mixture. Apply the mixture on every part of your face such as the cheeks, forehead and the nose. Spread everything until it overs all of your face except the eyes and the mouth and leave it for 20 minutes. You can also extend up to 30 minutes for you to really feel the effects. Rinse afterwards.


The Clarifying Mask

This mask provides Vitamin C for a smoother skin, which is needed for a younger skin. It can also provide skin cell regeneration so then your skin cells and collagen can become stronger. Here are the ways to make and apply it.


Step 1: Puree The Apples

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Use the other half of the apple in order to create the puree for this type of mask. You can use any type of blender, food processor, or just by mashing it if you don’t have any of the former two. Once again, you can either remove or retain the skin of the apple. You also need to only puree it a bit as you will be adding the other ingredients.


Step 2: Add Honey and Lemon

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Next is to add the honey and lemon together. Simply place the tablespoon of honey to the mixture, and apply one teaspoon of lemon Don’t apply too much of the two as it can ruin the mask, and it might appear too runny for you to turn it into a mask. Make sure that you blend everything well so then all ingredients can turn into a paste-like substance.

Step 3: Add The Flour

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The mixture will further thicken once you a teaspoon of flour. Since there is no milk, you cannot use the oatmeal. And in contrast to the hydrating mask, this is a required step in order to bind and thicken the ingredients at the same time. Make sure that you blend thoroughly until the mixture thickens into a real paste that you can apply as a mask.


Step 4: Application

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Just like the hydrating mask’s final step, you need to apply the mixture all over your face with the back of a spoon. Make sure that you spread everything around your face, except on the mouth and eyes. Leave the mask for 15 to 20 minutes this time. The mask will provide all the nutrients that you need for you the skin cells to regenerate. So it’s best to apply this product during the night before you go to sleep. Rinse the mask once you’re done.

It seems that an apple can even keep the laser surgeon away so then you can save money! The products of nature has prevailed once again when it comes to giving us the utmost benefits that we need, and it even includes a better look. We do hope that you like our simple recipe in creating the two types of anti-aging apple masks. For sure you’re going to feel the benefits and wonders of apple as it helps you in your quest to look even younger than before. If you’re quite confused with the recipe itself, feel free to leave a comment so then we can help you right away.