How to Prevent Turkey Neck

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One thing that is considered as the most obvious among all signs of skin aging is the lack of firmness. As we continue to age, our skin also loses elasticity, thus causing it to become saggy and appear loose. Aside from the face, sagging is usually evident on the neck. Even though you really cannot turn back time and do whatever you could have to save your neck, there are things that you can still do. This tutorial will teach you how to prevent turkey neck using home treatments.

Step 1: Exercise your neck and facial muscles

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When we do exercise, we only focus on certain muscle groups of our body. Most of the time, we neglect the muscles on our face and neck, thinking that there is no need to do so. However, there are actually several exercises which offer a good combination of workout out and stretching of your neck, as well as lower facial muscles. Make sure to do them at least once or twice in a day in order to strengthen the muscles of your neck, thus making it appear firmer and more attractive.

Step 2: Avoid repeated facial gestures and expression

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At times, we unconsciously repeat some facial expressions or gestures. This may include tilting your head when you disagree. Even though this may appear harmless, it can actually weaken some adjacent muscles. Every time you use your neck or facial muscles, it results to the formation of a groove under the skin.

As the skin on your neck loses elasticity through time, the groove can no longer be filled, and may result to the creation of a permanent flaps or wrinkles on your neck. Why not make a conscious effort to observe if there are any repeated facial expressions that you may make? This will help you maintain the firmness of your neck.

Step 3: Maintain a healthy diet

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We all know that by maintaining a nutritionally balanced diet, you can protect your skin accordingly. This means the need to avoid unhealthy junk foods which may help in keeping loss of elasticity and wrinkles at bay. With this in mind, it is worthy to note that diets that are rich in sugar and fat may slow the speed of cell turnover. Limit intake of these substances.

Instead, consume foods that are high in Beta-carotene and Vitamin A, including vegetables and fruits such as carrots and raspberries. These are filled with nutrients that are effective in increasing cell turnover, thus resulting to a healthier skin.

Step 4: Keep yourself well-hydrated

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Skin that is well-hydrated is typically more firm and plump, with less likelihood of being prone to wrinkles or sagging. By ensuring that you enjoy enough liquid every day, you can also tighten the skin on your neck area. While water is the main source of hydration in your body, you can also opt for other forms, such as non-caffeinated tea, as well as juices.

It does not mean that you have to completely stay away from soda and tea, but you can do so in regulated quantities. If you cannot completely let go of these drinks, you can drink an additional cup of water for every cup of soda, tea or coffee consumed.

Step 5: Apply moisturizer every day

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There is no need to stress the importance of using moisturizer every day. However, it is also as important to make sure that you use a skin-type specific moisturizer which helps in boosting elastin and collagen production each day. By maintaining a properly hydrated skin, you can also ensure having a firmer skin on your neck.

This is also applicable even though you may have oily skin. Contrary to what others believe, you also need moisturizer. However, you may just have to opt for a non-comedogenic and oil-free product. If you do not know your type of skin, it is advisable to seek professional help for assessment.

Step 6: Limit sun exposure

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Step 7: Stop smoking

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UV, or ultraviolet radiation present in the rays of the sun, works by speeding up the natural process of aging. They break down elastin and collagen fibers which are supposed to keep your skin firmer. Avoiding or reducing sun exposure can actually help your skin maintain its firmness longer.

One way to deal with UV rays is by protecting your skin with sunscreen. Choose a broad spectrum and high SPF of sunscreen, especially when staying longer outdoors. You can also wear protective items to further protect your skin against direct sun exposure.


Step 8: Avoid a sudden change of weight

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Similar to exposing yourself under the sun directly, smoking also accelerates the natural process of aging in the body. This is done by changing the supply of blood to your skin. Reduce or completely quit smoking in order to stop the faster aging on your skin. On top of that, you can also get to enjoy several other benefits that are associated with it.

Your skin will certainly thank you for this, as it now has the chance to become firmer, longer. If you find it difficult to stop smoking, seek professional help so that you can come up with an effective plan for treatment.


Despite the fact that aging is a process that is considered as inevitable, you still have control over some of its effects, including a turkey neck. By applying the tips mentioned above, you can prevent this unsightly effect of skin aging on your neck, and still maintain your level of confidence.

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