How to Safely and Effectively Shave Your Legs


Have you ever cut yourself while shaving your legs? It might not be a huge deal but for beginners shaving leg hair could be a daunting experience. And if this is your first time shaving leg hair then let this how to guide help you out.

Before anything else, understand that hair grows almost everywhere and at different phases. Even in one area of the body like the legs, hair might be in different stages of growth. Some might be at the early stages while some are at the middle and end of the growth phase. This is why people prefer shaving more than any other methods. Shaving is convenient, is not too complicated to do and can be done at home or while traveling.

​Things You Need For This Tutorial

You will need the following to shave your legs safely and efficiently.

- shaver

If possible, use a five-blade shaver. This will make sure that there are no nicks left when you shave. Multiple blades will let you shave hair near the roots and prevent it from growing back fast.

- disposable razor

If you have sensitive skin then you are likely to easily suffer from irritation. A disposable single or double blade razor may be the best for you. Disposable razors may not have the best features but it can be easily used and disposed of anywhere.

- shaving gel or cream

Shaving cream or gel will let you smoothly glide the razor across your skin. There are a number of good products in the market but opt for a natural cream that won't irritate or harm skin.

- exfoliating body wash

Aside from removing dead skin and keeping skin squeaky clean, an exfoliating body wash prepares the area to be shaved by removing dirt, excess oil and grime. You will be able to shave easily knowing that you are working on clean skin.

- clean towel

Opt for a clean and soft cotton towel. Nothing else comes close to this with freshly-shaved legs.

Step by step instructions

The following instructions will guide you on how to safely and effectively shave your legs.

1. Ready everything you'll need to shave your legs. Make sure that these are handy so you can work seamlessly.

Create a shaving kit. Use a small basket or a microwavable container. Make sure these have holes at the bottom to drain excess water from the razor. Get a colorful ribbon to decorate your grooming kit.

2. Take a shower or a bath. This way, your skin will be softer and easier to work with. But if you prefer, you may simply prep your legs before shaving.

Why shave while in the bath? As you lather away and rinse your body, skin becomes softer and hair is easier to remove. Also, excess oil and dirt have been washed away thanks to the soap or body scrub you have been using. Shave in the middle of your bath.

3. If you opted to shave only your legs then use an exfoliating body wash to prep skin and leg hair.

Use only a pea-sized amount of body wash and work it on both of your legs. Work up a lather and massage the body wash starting from the ankles moving up to the knees. Work it along the hairs of your leg using small circular strokes. Rinse well.

4. Apply shaving gel or cream generously all over your legs. A good alternative and a cheap one too, is hair conditioner. Conditioners can soften the area to be shaved and lifts hair for easy shaving.

5. Get your 5-blade shaver and shave unwanted leg hair away. Start from the ankles and move towards the knees. With all the skin prepping you just did, it won't be a surprise if you are effortlessly able to move the razor.

No need to move up and down, all you need is to guide the razor and let its blade run smoothly.

6. Rinse your blade every two strokes. Simply dip it in lukewarm and then slightly tap it along the edge of a table or basin to remove hair.

7. Continue to shave until you are done. Afterwards, rinse your legs in lukewarm water to remove hair and cream.

8. Pat your skin dry with a clean, soft towel. Don't rub the towel back and forth.

8. Apply moisturizers or natural oil. Now that you are done shaving, apply an extra dose of moisture over the skin. Use natural moisturizers like coconut oil or coconut milk.

Apply moisturizers immediately right after you shower or shave. This way, moisture is locked in and will be used to rejuvenate skin.

Your next shave will probably be after two weeks. This technique will not just shave hair but will make sure that you shave safely and your skin will stay soft and smooth as ever. Shaving is the hair removal of choice because it does not hurt at all like removing hair using hot wax and is very cost-efficient compared to laser hair removal and other invasive techniques to remove hair.

For women with sensitive skin or those who are prone to irritation, it is best to talk to a dermatologist if shaving is good for their skin. There are razors designed for sensitive skin while there are shaving products and skin products for sensitive skin as well.


Shaving is something very personal and learning how to do it safely helps you get rid of unwanted hair fast and easy and keep it from coming back soon. There is a better way to shave and that is to prepare your skin and leg hair well before you proceed with hair removal.

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