How to Shave Your Legs – Step By Step Instruction + Pics & Video

Have you tried shaving your legs? If you have, then have you ever given much thought about using the right shaver or using a moisturizer before you actually start to shave? I used to remove leg hair with wax but because of my busy schedule, I had no choice but to shave using a disposable razor as I showered. I have never actually thought about anything when I shaved, I only wished that I could get rid of that strawberry skin look after I shaved. Turns out, there is a right way to shave and was a far cry to what I was actually doing before.

What you need for this tutorial

A good shave has to start with using good materials. You need the following to give your legs a good shave.

  • A razor with multiple blades
A razor with multiple blades helps remove even the smallest hair on skin because every blade cuts and follows-up the shave. This removes the ugly strawberry-like skin. This type of razor blade is more expensive than most shavers and may have additional features like a versatile head, movable razor heads and a good grip.

  • A disposable razor with a single blade
A disposable razor with a single blade is for people that have sensitive skin since only one blade glides over the skin to shave. This type of razor blade is least expensive and is mostly disposable.

  • Exfoliating wash or a homemade exfoliating mixture
This removes dirt and excess oil trapped inside the hair follicles as well as the pores. You may use an exfoliating body wash or a homemade mixture made of honey and brown sugar or oats and milk.
  • Shaving cream or conditioner
Shaving creams provide a barrier between the skin and the blade to allow the blade to safely glide and safely shave your legs. Hair conditioners actually work the same way and costs only a fraction of the price of popular shaving cream brands.

  • A sponge
Use a sponge to exfoliate the skin well. A soft sponge will do.

  • Water
Rinse skin several times in between shaves and make sure you use only use clean water when you shave and rinse.

  • A clean, dry towel
You must towel dry by softly patting skin with a clean towel. You also need a clean towel when you clean your razor dry after you shave.

Step 1

Use an exfoliating wash or a homemade scrub to remove dirt, oils and grime.

Use a pea-sized amount to scrub the legs well using small circular strokes. Scrub from top to bottom paying close attention to the knees and ankles.

If you prefer to use a homemade scrub, you can combine natural ingredients like honey, milk, oatmeal or brown sugar. Mix your ingredients well and refrigerate any unused exfoliating cream so you can use it again and again. Use a soft sponge to work your way around the skin pores. After you are done, rinse well.

Step 2

Apply shaving cream or hair conditioner over the area to be shaved. Apply evenly.

Step 3

Start shaving with your shaver starting from the most distant part which is the ankles to the knees.

Step 4

Shave well but avoid shaving too close at the back of the ankles. You will only injure ourself if you are not careful.

Step 5

Rinse the shaver in water after two strokes to avoid nits. This will also help extend the life of your shaver’s blades.

Step 6

After you are done, rinse your legs and pat the area dry. You may use moisturizing lotion or cream to soften skin. Apply right after you rinse so the cream or lotion could lock in skin moisture.

Step 7

Take care of your shaver. Rinse well and make sure it’s free from dirt and hair. Store it upright with the blades facing upwards. Again, this practice extends the life of your blades.

Youtube Video

The YouTube video “How to Shave your Legs Perfectly!!! (Get Rid of Strawberry Skin)” is from AlexandraGirlyTalk. The author has a YouTube channel dedicated to beauty with videos about threading, nail care and style, to name a few. This video has over 3 million views and counting. AlexandraGirlyTalk is Alexandra Beth and her YouTube profile page is at channel/UCzEolHECo7JmmkWMGDYaSOA. Her how to video about shaving is at


Did you enjoy reading this tutorial as much as I did making it? Learning how to shave your legs well will not just help you remove unwanted leg hair but will also prevent that dreaded strawberry skin which could ruin your look. Shaving well is also more than just hair removal but you also need to care for your skin before and after shaving.

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