How to Start Living a Healthy Lifestyle

Starting is always perplexing and seems uncertain. But once you made the decision and do it, everything will start falling into place. Now that you have set your goals and pep-talked yourself into finally doing it seriously, your next step is knowing where to begin. So to help you get the jumpstart, here are the 10 steps on how to start living a healthy lifestyle.

What You Need

The journey in order to achieve the healthy lifestyle takes a lot of discipline, dedication and patience as the process can be daunting and overwhelming. But at the end, you will be rewarded by a happy, healthy and positive life that you will thank yourself for it.


  • Skinny Bitch


  • Vegucated
  • Cowspiracy
  • Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead

Changing your lifestyle and starting to be healthy is perhaps one prime example of the “easier said than done” mantra. Raise your hand if you are one of those who said and made it their New Year’s resolution to start being fit and healthy but throw it all out, the second it becomes tiring and demanding?! Because I know a few and I don’t even need to look any farther.

Doing something new and making some changes in your life and routine can definitely kick you to the curve and will create a few statics and bumps along the way. If you think getting started is difficult, wait till you start feeling the weight, demands, challenges and the list of “do’s and don’t’s” getting a toll on you as that’s where everything will falter. Hence, it is important that once you decide on it, own and commit to it, regardless. These tips may help give you the push you need in starting to live a healthy lifestyle.

No turning back

Let your mind and self believe that once you get the head start, there will be no other way but moving forward. Tell yourself that this is your only option and there is nothing else. Think of it like taking the last train, like it is your only chance. You need to suck up all the bumps along the way, as otherwise you will not reach your destination.

Focus on the positives

There may be times during the whole process that you feel like giving up, focus your energy on the positives and your goals. Teach your mind not to entertain the negativity and that little voice in your head that will tell you that you cannot do it, because you can.

Understand this is a process that takes time

We live in the world where everything is handed to us conveniently and automatically that we expect and want everything to happen in an instant as well. Thus we must recognize the fact that deciding to change your lifestyle is a continuous and long term commitment and results do not happen overnight.

Step by Step Instructions

These are the 10 steps to follow collected by Tori Sterling, published in her vlog in order to start living a healthy lifestyle,

1. Get Motivated

There are practically several ways in how to get motivated, and flame that burning desire to change and start doing something new. This is however more subjective and will depend on the reason why you decide to do this shift in your lifestyle in the first place. It could be because you don’t feel good anymore, a dress looks awful in you, gets tired easily, or get vindictive and get that revenge, whatever it is, as long as that gets you fired up, then, it is okay. There is, for me no bad reasons to get motivated.

2. Get Inspired and Educated

The great thing about the technology today is, everything is accessible and available. If you are an internet geek, a lot of inspirational videos and documentaries to watch online can be found that will inspire you to get on your feet. If you love books, then there is also a massive of these materials you can buy and read that can help and educate you about the different means and ways on how to achieve your goals and be healthy and fit. And by being informed, you become more inspired. Tori, recommended the book Skinny Bitch, as her “go to” read that inspired her in going through this journey.

3. Get Progress Pictures

While you get encouraged by the changes you see with other people, why not see yours as well, as that could give you the push, seeing the fruits of your labor and realizing that you can do it, and that you are actually making these changes. So take a picture of you every four weeks, at least, and you will see the difference.

Another thing you can do that Tori also did that boosted her spirits is taking a picture of yourself and edit it to what you want and aim to look like and achieve for this process. That is also one way of giving you the heads up of the goals and work to be done, and see what could be the amazing results of all the hard work.

4. Say No to Diet

This means following those diets that guarantees you will lose some pounds in a week or two, is not a real way of eating. Being healthy is a lifestyle. It may be hard at the beginning but once to find your footing, you will not be going back to your old eating habits. It is about experimenting and trying different things to know and figure out what will work for you or not and what is good for your body. There is no exact common formula, really, as everyone’s body is different and with varying needs. It is you who knows and understands your body more than anybody else. And once you find that something that will work for you, stick to it.

5. Drink ONLY Water

You may need to say sayonara to those flavored sodas, sugary drinks and juices and stick to water. And that includes tearing your Starbucks card as well as you may need to cut drinking coffees and those chocolate frappes you drink with your friends over the weekend. Drinking water has a lot of benefits to our body. If you don’t want the taste of it, you can opt to put some lemon as that could give you a bit of a flavor and zest from the normal bland taste of water. basically, don’t hate before you try it.

6. Try the lifestyle diet for 30 days

Commit to a whole month of following your new eating habits and avoid processed, junk and other unhealthy foods. Eat healthy and be strict, serious and consistent about following your food plan. And you will be surprised to see the changes and results after. It takes four weeks to see the changes in yourself, 8 weeks for others to see and 12 weeks for everyone to notice. And anyway, if you don’t like it, then you always have the option to go back.

7. Try to Work Out

I know many of us don’t really like to sweat and does not enjoy the lifting, running and yes, basically working out, but try finding the exercise routine that you think will tick you as that may do the trick and convince you to get a start. Or you can also find a work out buddy as that may help as well. But if you are not comfortable going to the gym, then you can always resort to youtube and exercise videos online. I swear there are tons of it, you can have your pick which exercise you want.

8. Get Enough Sleep

Probably, everybody’s favorite on the list. Getting enough sleep can do a tremendous benefit to your body and skin. Sleep at least 6 hours every night, you can set your body clock to your own pace. It gives your mind, body and skin the recharge it needs to get you through the day productively. It also helps when you feel really bloated as your body cleans up. You will feel refreshed and makes you feel really good.

9. Reward yourself

This is music to our ears, and it is true, in order to get amp and excited to this whole change-of- lifestyle-and-get-healthy thing, be generous and reward yourself with something like a dress maybe, a shoes, or that favorite jacket you have been eyeing, or have a manicure or get your hair done, that sort of things. It is your way of patting yourself on the back for a job well done and will help you get more motivated.

10. Learn to Love It

Get excited and embrace your new life because it can actually be very addicting, especially when you see the positive changes and how your body performs when you nourish it properly. It makes you feel really good and that becomes what truly matters more than the pounds lost, or how you see yourself in the mirror and how you look in the pictures. It is about feeling healthy and being happy and content in the inside. Reward yourself and it will reward you back. So be the best version of you.

This new lifestyle may sound daunting at first but eventually it will be just a way of your life.

See this video from Tori Sterling about how to start living a new lifestyle and get healthy. Tori is a lifestyle and beauty guru who make videos about make up tutorials, fashion, food, and whole lot of routines and a day in her life.


Did you enjoy this tutorial? What do you think of these ten tips? The mere idea of changing your lifestyle and letting go of some habits and routines may seem scary and difficult, but that is just the first step. The decision to change should start within you and once you do, own it and commit 100%. I think we all owe it to ourselves to nourish our body well and be healthy.

Are there any more tips you want to share and add to the list? Just comment it below. I would love to get a start on it. And if you like this video, please share and let us all live a healthy lifestyle.