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How to Stay Young – 10 Things That You Wish You Started Doing in Your 20s


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Trying to find out a way on how to stay young? Here we list 10 things that you wish you started doing in your 20s and how you can do them. There are plenty of ways to stay young, but if you want a safer way and not go under a knife, always go for the all natural options.

The body naturally goes through the aging process and you can clearly see the effects on your body. You can’t stop this, but you can help slow it down. Researchers have studied how people can keep them themselves looking young with only the safest and most natural ways.

Aren’t you just excited to know what the secrets are to stay young and magically win back time? You don’t have to travel far and wide to find that fountain of youth that you have been looking for. You might be surprised the answers you are looking for can be found right at your own abode.


10 Things That You Wish You Started Doing in Your 20s To Stay Young

If you think about what you might look when you’re older, you should not be scared. Everyone grows old but it doesn’t mean that you have to get those wrinkles and skin sogginess. There are ways that you can still keep yourself looking young and fresh even in your twenties.


Relax Once In a While

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What have you noticed about people who worry too much? Do they look tired and old, right? Stress is something that you would always encounter in your 20s, but too much stress can take a toll on your body and your appearance.

Studies have shown that stress can actually cause physical changes in the body. There are surges of hormones as well as adrenaline and cortisol which causes the blood pressure to rise and your heart to beat faster. If not controlled, chronic doses of cortisol and adrenaline can take a heavy toll on the body.

Looking old isn’t the only effect of this, as you can also experience heart attacks, high blood pressure, insomnia, obsessive anger, hostility, anxiety, and even depression. According to experts, one of the best ways  to counter these would be through the relaxation response.


Eat More Fat

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This doesn’t mean that you have to eat all sorts of fat. You need to consume, the healthy fat which means the Omega-3 fatty acids. This can be found in walnuts, salmon, and seeds. They help in stabilizing your mood as well as maintain bone strength and help prevent signs of aging.

They reduce the inflammation in the body and boost the body’s enzymes to pull the fat out of its storage. This means that they can get fat from regions of your body, such as the hip area, and then use it as energy. Omega-3 also helps keep you healthy and makes your skin radiant.


Begin To Exercise

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This should be a no-brainer at all. You are able to tone your muscles, lose weight, boost your overall mood, and build healthier bones. Not only that but you are also able to think more clearly when you have enough exercise to circulate blood throughout your body.

Simple things such as walking for ten minutes a day can already lower your risk of having Alzheimer;s at around forty percent. You are also improving your cardio and exercising your leg muscles. When your body is physically conditioned, it can help in reducing stress as well as anxiety.

In a Relationship? It Pays To Be Active

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When you have to look forward to every day, it is easier to get things done. Having the passion and the drive for doing things for your health can help in improving your lifestyle. A person’s central motivation is a huge factor when it comes to improving oneself.

Embracing life enables you to boost your self-esteem and it also improves the cardiovascular system and creates a better immune system. Having the right passion and drive in improving your personal relations can also reflect on how positive you look at life. Try other hobbies as well to ignite your interests.


Start Drinking Red Wine

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There has been a study that states red wine is able to offset a lot of health problems in the body. Red wine is actually able to diminish brain damage that can be caused by stroke. It also helps on reducing arterial clogging, thus giving you lower blood-cholesterol levels.

Red wine also helps you steer clear away from deaths that are caused by heart diseases. If you want to enjoy drinking red wine for health reasons, you can do so. Just make sure that you are aware of the latest alcohol guidelines and that you don’t drink more than five glasses a day.


Begin Joining Yoga Classes

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Yoga can offer a lot of health benefits to the body. It can give you more energy, a better posture, improve your mood, give you better flexibility, and also lessens the stress that you feel. Yogic breathing is well known to oxygenate the cells and in getting rid of toxins.

This helps in preventing possible illnesses and also makes your skin more radiant. Yoga poses have been designed to work both inside and the outside of the body. This helps rejuvenate the digestive system, the immune system, and also the reproductive system. Yoga helps move your body and joints around.


Learn About The Benefits Of Pomegranate And Goji Berry

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You can find researchers that state pomegranate juice lowers cholesterol and also blood pressure. Not only that but it also delays atherosclerosis and reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. A lot of researchers also believe that it also prevents some forms of cancer from progressing in the body.

Not only that but pomegranates also help in protecting the skin from damage which is caused by UV rays.  Goji berry is also a good fruit to consume as it is one of the most abundant sources of carotenoids which is a type of antioxidant. It stimulates the releases of the human growth hormone as well.


Try Drinking Green Tea

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Green tea has been known to give positive effects to the health. Recently, it has also been found out to lessen the risk of breast cancer and also is able to prevent emissions. Nowadays it is also being tested to see if it prevents lung,  bladder and colorectal cancer as well.

To add to that, green tea is also a very effective weight management agent. It helps improve the metabolism and also prevents Alzheimer’s disease. There are also studies that show if you drink at last one cup a day, it will help make your brain remain sharp as you age.


Don’t Be Afraid To Try Out Supplements

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There’s no harm in trying tested and proven supplements to make your skin healthy and strong. Retinol is a nonprescription supplement that is a type of Vitamin A. it is considered as the most effective over-the-counter treatment when you wish to prevent wrinkles.

You can also use madecassol or madecassoside which is an Asian plant extract which helps in making the skin look plump. It also helps minimize fine lines and restores your youthful glow. It has been used before in treating wounds and scars and also restores the firmness of the skin and hydrates the skin cells.


Opt For Mental Aerobics

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In doing brain exercises, you are able to prevent cognitive decline. Benefits from this exercise can last for up to five years and be in the right program can help improve your brain functions and that your memory begins to improve. Don’t hesitate to strengthen your mind through beneficial activities.

You can do this by simply playing crossword puzzles, brain games, Sudoku and so much more. Nowadays, you can even play mind games on your phone since there are plenty of apps that cater to enhancing how the brain works. They can be fun and full of learning at the same time.



Did you have fun going through our list? Was there anything that caught your attention while reading through the simple steps to make your 20s much more exciting, and healthier? Do you think you should also start your healthy journey while in your 20s?

Time can go really fast and it would be harder to change once you have grown older. However, this doesn’t mean that it’s impossible. This article aims to help you in finding that inner drive and start leading the healthy life as soon as possible.

If you have any comments and suggestions that you would like to share with us, don’t hesitate to share it below. We would love to hear from you and your possible experiences with how to stay young and vibrant, plus additional tips on things we should have done in our 20s.