How to Stay Young Tips – 5 Exercises Fit Girls Do Everyday

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Women nowadays are no longer considered subordinates only because they managed to climb the ladder and be able to do what men can do. We are now able to experience women leaders, women construction workers, and even women on the corporate world.

Biologically speaking, women’s structure is still weak compared to men because we are naturally for taking care of children and the like. However, there are ways for you to be able to keep up with the strength of others by simply doing exercise.

When you work your body every day, your muscles will start to build and improve. Simultaneously, you will also feel strong because your body is now conditioned to do more work after exercising, meaning, it also increases your stamina and endurance to do heavier work for longer period.

Apparently, exercise could give a lot of benefits to a person, especially when done in a regular basis. One of its benefits is keeping you young. When you move your muscles every now and then, it will continue to develop until it reaches its maximum potential. As a woman, it is important to stay young and pretty, especially if you are still looking for a potential partner. So, if you want some exercise routine to make you look younger, look at the 5 exercises fit girls do everyday.



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This step is simple but still a very effective body weight exercise, especially if you want to make your stomach flat. Since you need to hold your body stiff, it helps you in developing the core as well as your shoulders and arms. Planking also activates the muscles around your vital organs and rib cage, letting your upper body gain majority of the benefits.

To do a standard plank, first, place your hands directly under the shoulders with a width slightly wider. Then, place your toes to the floor and squeeze your glutes to balance your body.  After that, relax your neck and spine by looking down at the floor a foot beyond your hands. Hold that position for 20 seconds. If you feel like you can do more, gradually increase the number of seconds.


Jumping Jacks

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A form of calisthenics exercise that is one of the most popular forms of exercise that is commonly seen during warm ups or cardiovascular exercises. This step is beneficial for both your arms and legs plus it needs coordination as well as good stamina to be able to do repetition of this exercise.

To do a jumping jack, do a standing position with feet together and your arms at your both sides. When you raise your arms above your head to join, you need to jump and your feet should land in a wide apart stance at the same time. If you jump again, you return to the first position and that completes 1 count of jumping jack. Repeat as much as you can and gradually increase as you start to get the hang of it.


Walk Out Push Up

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If you want to try a more advanced level of exercise, try doing walkout push-up. Since it doesn’t require any equipment, you can do it easily at home and it improves your chest, triceps, shoulders, as well as your core. Unlike the usual push-up, this routine is harder but gives a lot of health benefits for you to stay young.

To do this routine, you start first with a standing position with your feet apart the same width as your hips. Then, slowly bend forward to the hips, letting your hands reach the floor. As your hands touch the floor, gradually walk them forward until your spine is relaxed and straight like you are in a push-up starting position. Then, perform a full push-up routine and walk your hands backwards going to your feet and slowly curl up to return to the standing position. Going back to the first position makes 1 count.


Hip Bridge

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One way to make yourself look younger is by keeping your butt firm and make your stomach flat as much as you can. If you want to achieve that kind of proportion, you need to add hip bridge on your daily routine because it helps you build muscles around core areas and boosts your flexibility.

To do the basic hip bride, you need to lie down on your back as the starting position. Bend your knees and keep your feet flat on the floor and apart with the width the same as your hips. Your arms should also be relaxed on your side. Then, gradually lift your glutes off the floor by pushing with your heels and make a straight line with your body from knees to shoulders. Squeeze your glutes and abs for a few seconds, then slowly release and lower your back to the floor. Be sure that you are using your hips. You can also hold the raised glutes position as a variation while doing this routine.



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A simple routine that could help you stay young is doing squats. It helps you build your leg muscles but it can also make your overall body improve muscle growth as well. Doing squats could also help you burn fat more and let your muscles grow to avoid having space for the fat to accumulate.

To make a perfect squat, first, stand to your feet wide apart. You should keep your back straight and shoulders down. Then, while keeping your back straight, bend your body down and back like you are sitting down, until your thighs are parallel to the ground. You need to make sure that your knees don’t cross over your toes. If you feel more comfortable with your arms raised forward, you can do that. But, the basic hand position is hands together in front of your chest.

Do you think you can try these routines mentioned on the list? If you want to stay fit and young, then you need to set your mind to do them. They are not hard to learn plus you don’t need heavy equipment or expensive items to be able to do them. As a person working daily, our body tends to forget to move around, especially if your job doesn’t require you to move around that much. That is why investing some time for your body will make sure that you will get the benefits soon.

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