How to Stay Young – Secrets Revealed

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Aging is a natural process that nobody can escape. While this is one of the saddest parts of reality, it does not mean that we do not have control over it. As a matter of fact, our attitude plays a very important role in dealing with this process. I know a lot of people in their 80’s who jam like they are still in their 20s, and there is no trace of awkwardness of them doing that.

Our physical body may not stay young, at least forever, but by following these secrets mentioned in this guide, you will be able to stay young as much as you like it!



Step 1: Maintain the Right Posture

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One of the easiest ways to tell the age of a person is his or her posture. A person who slouches a lot also has the tendency to age fast, because the posture of a person has a bearing with the way that person does all other activities in his or her life.

As a tip, make sure that you avoid the so-called 3 ‘S’ – Shuffling, Slouching and Stooping. This is applicable when doing activities such as walking. As you walk, avoid shuffling, walk straight, and always keep your back in mind. Each time you remember this, make an effort to push your back to the right posture.


Step 2: Eat Moderately!

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When you were younger, it seems that you can eat all the food in the world. You may have also gone through a time when you pushed yourself into a diet program. As you age, however, you need to be extra careful with the things that you eat.

It does not mean that you have to restrain yourself, but you just need to keep things in moderation. You can still eat your favorite food, but just make sure that you slow things down, and still give priority to healthy food. Enjoy your favorite fish-and-chips from time to time, just make sure that you don’t have a huge plate of it!


Step 3: Keep a Social Life

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One way to stay young is to make sure that you still maintain your social skills. Nothing is sadder than isolating yourself from other people, just because you feel that you can no longer relate to them. As a matter of fact, some older people find it helpful to socialize with people of different age groups – children included.

By doing so, you are absorbing the energy of the people around you. While it may be very easy for you to stay in your comfort zone, stepping out of it just to socialize will work wonders with your life. At the same time, those that are around you will certainly appreciate all the lessons and thoughts that you can share with them.


Step 4: Carry on with Work

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‘Retirement” – this is one thing that is often associated with older people. Older people are expected to relax, enjoying the fruits of their labor during their younger years. However, reality dictates that our body also tends to become bored. When it does, it also has the tendency to become weak.

Rather than stopping completely, why not carry on with some work. It does not have to be the professional type of work that you used to do, but it can be other forms of work. This will allow your body to still move and get some exercise, while it also ensures that your brain is at its top condition. Do grocery on your own, rather than ask somebody to do it. Continue doing workout, or engage in some hobbies, learn new crafts. This will help you maintain an active physical and mental health.


Step 5: Avoid Unnecessary Stress over Your Looks

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Constantly thinking about the way you have aged is half the stress. If you always notice those fine lines, those newly formed wrinkles, you’ll never get anywhere. Rather than constantly worrying about these signs, why not deal with them gracefully. You have the option to use anti-aging skin care products, but the most important weapon that you have is acceptance.

Also, filling yourself with accessories will not help at all. I know some women who think that they can wear a lot of jewelry so that they could feel good, but in reality, it’s burdensome to see. You can apply a simple rule of thumb here. If it takes too much time and effort to get everything together, then it’s probably too much for you.


Step 6: Enjoy Your Personal Style

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Each of us has our own style. Regardless of what your style may be, keep rocking it. Contrary to what we may believe, there is no certain fashion and style that is only for older people. Enjoy your personal style if it makes you happy. After all, your style makes a profound statement about yourself. It is also a form of self-expression.

Of course, you cannot change your style just because you want to achieve that younger feeling. Just make sure that you are comfortable at whatever you are wearing, and at whatever you may be wearing. This is the most important thing as you would not want to feel burdened at something that you are not.


Step 7: Avoid Looking Backwards

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Regrets is an enemy among older people. Those bouts of ‘what ifs’, and ‘should have’s’ can be really depressing. Rather than dwell on things that you failed to do, focus on things that you still can. Accept the fact that there are things that you can never undo.

Learn from those mistakes, and trust that you still have time to fix things. If there were things that you failed to do when you were younger, why not do them now? Enjoy your time as it is given to you, and achieve things you may not have wanted back when you were younger. Who says you do not have the right to become a better version of yourself just because you have aged?



Staying young is something that involves our attitude. This is a natural process that we can completely have control of. By following the steps mentioned above, you are in a better position to look at life in a more positive way. Enjoy your age, and life will endow you will happiness and satisfaction.

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