How to Use Avocados on your Skin for Anti-Aging


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Wondering about how to use avocados on your skin for anti-aging? There’s no problem in wishing you have young and beautiful skin. As people age, you may have started to notice signs of aging appearing on your skin.

Even if you can’t possibly turn back time, you could always change how you live and start changing for the better. You can follow a healthier lifestyle, this is always the key to bring back the youthful glow of your skin. It also helps make you stronger for your age.

Avocados are a popular source of healthy fats and they are also rich in some mono-unsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. Avocados would keep the heart healthy and they also lower the cholesterol levels.

In addition to that avocados also contain protein and fiber that helps keep you full. If you’re looking for the ultimate anti aging food, avocados should be on top of the list. Avocados are also very useful in the various beauty regimen.


8 Tips In Using Avocados For Anti-Aging

There are a lot of things that you can get from avocados. Avocados are healthy and also contain chlorophyll that helps in reducing inflammation. They can also help in hydrating the skin and contains Vitamin E giving softness to the skin and preventing skin wrinkles.


The Plain Avocado Face Mask

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One of the most popular masks out there would be the avocado face mask. You should prepare a ripe avocado. This is also very effective because avocados can be used as face masks on their very own.

Collect ripe avocados and slice them in half. Ensure that you take out the pit of the fruit. Use half of the avocado and then scrape the fruit into a small bowl. Then start mashing the avocado until it smooth and creamy in texture.

You can then take the mashed avocado and then apply it on your skin. Use your fingers to apply the mask and leave it on your face for twenty minutes. After that, wash the mask off with warm water and then pat your face dry with a towel.

The Avocado And Banana Face Mask

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A fruit that has a lot of nutrients and vitamins, would be the banana. They are also great to use on the skin. They can kill bacteria on the skin and also help in protecting the skin as a whole. They have antibacterial properties and treats pimples and acne.

Look for a plain and ripe avocado to use. Break the banana into smaller chunks to make it easier to mash them. Add them to the avocado mask mix and make sure that they are mixed well. You can then apply the mask on your face.

Leave the mask on your face for fifteen to twenty minutes tops. Of course, wash it off with warm water and dry the mask off with the help of a clean towel. This type of skin mask can be safely used on the face every day.


Avocado And Oatmeal Face Mask

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You don’t simply eat oat meals, they can also be great for the skin. You should know that oat meals have anti-inflammatory properties. You can use oat meals to treat acne, psoriasis, and dermatitis. Oat meals also help in soothing sensitive, oily skin and even itchy skin.

Take out a ripe and fresh avocado and make your avocado face mask. Then grab your oat meal and pour it on the face mask mix. Take 1/2 cup and make sure that the oat meal is cooked.

Start applying the mask on your face with your fingers and leave it there. You can time it for about fifteen minutes before you rinse it off with water. Always prepare a clean towel to pat your face clean and also dry afterward.

The Avocado And Honey Face Mask


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Honey is also one of the most powerful antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Not only that, but it is also an effective type of moisturizer and contains antioxidant that protects the skin. For others, this would be the nest avocado face mask for acne prone skin.

Turn your avocado into the paste before you add the honey. Then get a jar or organic honey and take one tablespoon and add it into the mix. Make sure that you mix them well. Apply the mask on your face with your fingers and leave it for twenty minutes.


The Avocado And Yogurt Face Mask



Yogurt isn’t something that you just eat, you can also use it for beauty purposes, yogurt includes probiotic bacteria and further protects the skin. Yogurt also helps in moisturizing the skin and enhancing the ability of the skin to destroy acne causing bacteria.

Start with your avocado face mask and then add the yogurt. Organic Greek yogurt works best and you can mix them with one tablespoon of the yogurt into the avocado mask. Leave the face mask on your skin for fifteen to twenty minutes.


The Avocado And Lemon Face Mask

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Grab a fresh and healthy lemon then squeeze it into a bowl. You can use the lemon juice to counter off acne. It is also antibacterial which means with can kill acne causing bacteria. Not only that but lemon can also help exfoliate the skin because of the citric acid.

Lemon also helps in revitalizing the skin. If you want a natural glow, then you can trust that lemons can help you with that. They also have photo-sensitized properties which is why you need to put on some sunscreen or avoid being under the sun too much.

Prepare your avocado face mask first and then add the lemon after. You only need half a lemon then squeeze the juice into the mixture. Stir them together and apply the mask thoroughly on your skin and avoid the sensitive areas.

You should then let the mask stay for fifteen minutes before you wash your face with warm water. Prepare a clean towel to dry it off. You can use this mask for about two or even three times a week, and also use sunscreen.


The Avocado Honey Lemon Face Mask

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Try to add honey into your face mask mix. You can begin through preparing the avocado face mask first and making sure that it has mixed right then add the lemon and honey. You will only need juice from half the lemon and a tablespoon of honey.

Combine them into the bowl and mix vigorously until they turn into a paste. When the mask is ready, then you can freely apply it on your face. Leave on the mask for fifteen minutes before you rinse it off with water.


The Avocado Honey Yogurt Face Mask

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As usual, have your avocado mask ready. Then you will need a jar of organic honey and plain Greek yogurt to mix in the avocado paste. Add one tablespoon of the honey that you have and then add one tablespoon of yogurt as well.

Try to make sure that you mix the ingredients well and that they turn into a paste. Put the mask thoroughly on your face and leave it there for fifteen to twenty minutes. Clean your face afterward and pat it dry with a clean towel.



Did you think our list was interesting? Do you have other face mask ideas making use of avocados that we haven’t covered? Are you wondering what other combinations can possibly be paired with avocados to make a great mask?

Avocados are your allies when it comes to improving the skin. They are very easy to combine with other ingredients great for skin care and this is what makes them so special. You can find a lot more face mask combinations with avocados.

We would be glad to hear from you in the comments below. Share with us some of your ideas on which type of avocado face mask worked best for you. If you liked the article, don’t hesitate to like and share with your friends.