How to Use Diet to Live Longer and Happier Life

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Do you want to know the secrets of how to use diet to live longer and happier life? Nowadays, more and more people want to aspire to live a healthier life than what they did before. This is because living longer is what counts more.

There have been many types of diets that were created to help people manage their food intake. This is because there are just so many foods that taste great but don’t give the body the proteins and the nutrients that it needs to be stronger.

When it comes to diets, you shouldn’t just pick one that sounds good or one that gives you the least food to eat. What you should bear in mind is that the lesser the food, the weaker your body gets. Don’t aim to look thin, aim to be fit and healthy.

The kinds of food that you put into your body affects the longevity of your life. If you want your life to stay long, then you should make sure that your body and your health is in great condition. It is never too late to have a change of lifestyle.


Diets You Can Use To Live Longer And Happier Life


Eat More Fresh Fruits And Vegetables

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All year long, you can surely find produce of whole grains and beans. If you wish to live a long and healthy life, it pays to eat a lot of vegetables. The best foods for longevity would be leafy greens.

There have been studies that state, people who have consumed a variety of vegetables were half likely to die in the following years as compared to those who never eat them. Of course, a lot of elements also come into play when it comes to your life expectancy.

However, it will do you good to eat a variety of foods and not only those that are produced commercially. Always look for the freshest greens and go to a produce market that you trust the most. Some vegetables spoil immediately, which is why you need to get the fresh ones.


Don’t Eat Meat More Than Twice a Week

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This can be a huge heartache especially if you are a meat lover. Eating tons of meat can mean nothing when you were younger, but as you age, this can have a lot of negative effects on your body. Don’t be fooled by the delicious taste of the meat and have control.

A good thing to do would be to limit your intake of the meat with two ounces or less. Try to measure it with a deck of cards and make sure that it is smaller. You can always go for chicken, lamb, and even pork from farms that you trust.


Aim To Eat Fish As Well

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Other than green leafy vegetables, lamb, chicken, and pork, you should also add fish into your diet. Among the people who have lived longer, were the ones who eat a plant-based diet and that they had fish as a common part of their meals.

It’s hard to get tired of fish since there are a lot of varieties that you can choose from. If you want to pick only the best fish for your diet, you should go for the middle of the food chain species like anchovies, sardines, and cod since they aren’t exposed to high mercury levels.


Avoid Dairy

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Even if a lot of people love cow’s milk, the body is not well suited for too much of it. Cow’s milk is very high in fat as well as sugar. You can get much calcium from cooked kale just the same as milk.

It doesn’t mean that you don’t have to drink milk all your life, you can always find alternatives. You can drink goat’s and sheep’s milk instead just to be sure. You can try and look for dairy such as yogurt and cheese that are made out of goat’s milk.


Eat Up To Three Eggs Per Week

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Eating three eggs per week can help in maintaining your body healthy. You can try and fry an egg and even boil it and put it into your soup, the varieties are endless. You can find a lot of recipes for eggs that can surely give something new for your palette.

You can always try a one egg breakfast together with fruit as well as other plant-based foods. You can pick up whole grain porridge or even bread. If you plan to bake, use 1/4 cup of applesauce, 1/4 cup of mashed potatoes or you can use a small banana for the egg.


Eat Half a Cup Of Cooked Beans Every Day As Well

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Beans have at least twenty one percent protein and also seventy-seven complex carbohydrates, and best of all, only little fat. They also serve as a great source of fiber and they include a lot of nutrients compared to other foods.


Try Out Sourdough Or Whole Wheat

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You can find varieties of bread that is safer for your body as you age and sourdough and whole wheat bread are two of those. These can give you a wide array of nutrients that can keep your diet healthy and clean.

These types of bread contain high levels of fiber and have bacteria that digest the glutens and the starches while the bread rises. In sourdough, this creates an acid which leads to its sour flavor.

This means that the bread is able to lower the glycemic load of the meals. These types of bread also have lower gluten content than actual gluten-free bread. You can always go to the nearest bakery and start stocking them.


Stay Away From Sugar

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Make sure that you don’t add more than four teaspoons of sugar in a day on your drinks and on the food that you eat. If you love eating sweet things, you should consume them only a few times in a week. Also, don’t go for processed foods with sweeteners.

If you really would like to eat something sweet to power up your day, you can always go for fruits. There are plenty of sweet fruits out there that can not only quench your sweet tooth but also provide vitamins and nutrients into your body.


Go For Two Handfuls Of Nuts a Day

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Nuts have given people around twenty percent of mortality rate compared to those who do not eat them. There are even recent studies that state, diets that have nuts in them can reduce the bad cholesterol levels in the body by up to twenty percent.


Stay Away From Foods That Have Lots Of Ingredients

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As much as you can, go for all natural foods. You want to eat healthily which is why you do not need so many preservatives with what you eat. If you can, only shop at your local farmer’s market for the freshest produce.



Did it feel great to read our article? Did you find it interesting and hope to try the things mentioned as well? Dare you in need of a healthy diet and thought the article had given you some sort of inspiration?

Anybody can start a diet of their own. You simply need to make sure that you are determined enough to go through it and that you are willing to change your lifestyle. Change for the better and a take good care of your body as well.

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