How to Use Potato to Treat Skin Problems

Do you have any skin pigmentation that you want to be removed naturally? Or perhaps you want to make your skin tone even? Are you having problems with your skin? Worry no more because you can do that by a simple recipe remedy that you can do at home. It is very easy because the ingredients are commonly found in your kitchen and doesn’t cost that much. Introducing the tutorial how to use potato to treat skin problems. With the steps that you can easily follow, you can achieve a flawless result in just 7 days. It sounds a bit impossible, but because of the vitamins and minerals included in a potato, it can actually be possible, especially if you are applying the remedy on a daily basis and following the instructions as mentioned from the video or from this article.

Sometimes, hyperpigmentation occurs in our skin even if we don’t want it to happen. It is caused by excessive production of melanin in any part of the body that can cause it to have uneven color and even dark patches. There can also be internal factors that may cause it to happen like pregnancy, hormonal changes and other health problems. Aside from that, environmental factors like too much sun exposure, skin injury, burns, emotional stress and skin contact with chemicals could also cause this. If you want it to get removed, you have to follow these steps.

Items Needed

Here are the things you'll need to acquire and remember to do to start clearing your skin up and making it zit free. It's a mix of standard and homemade treatments for your perusal.

  • 1 or 2 potatoes: The main material in order to make your skin flawless again. This ingredient contains a lot of different vitamins and minerals that helps you to treat hyperpigmentation, dark spots and even acne scars. In grinding this item, we recommend you not to peel off the skin because it also contains nutrients like potassium and vitamin A.
  • 2 Lemons: Additional ingredient for your home remedy to your skin problem. This fruit contains a lot of Vitamin C and citric acidthat can be beneficial for the skin including bleaching. Lemons are very popular ingredient as a home remedy against dark blemishes as well as hyperpigmentation.
  • 1 Knife: Use to cut the materials to fit inside the food processor or blender. Be sure that you handle the knife carefully so that you won’t get accidentally cut. Also, if you have children, be sure that you keep it somewhere they can’t reach so they won’t play with it.
  • 1 Blender: Used to make the materials to smaller sizes or to be grinded or mashed. You can also use a food processor if you don’t have a blender. This item is vital for you to successfully harvest the juice from the potato.
  • 1 Strainer: Used to strain the potato after mashing. We recommend you to use cheesecloth because it is more effective than the strain and you are assured that no pieces of potato will be able to escape from it.
  • 1 Brush: Will be used to apply the mix in your skin. You don’t have to spend too much money to purchase the brush. You can use a cotton to apply it to your skin. If you are going to use a used brush, be sure that you cleaned it thoroughly especially if you used it for your makeups because it can have some particles that could inhibit the effects of the remedy. It is also for hygienic purposes.
  • 2 Clean Bowls: This is where you will be placing the juice after and where you will mix the potion. Since this will serve as your container for your remedy, be sure that it will stay clean and has a lid so that if you plant to place the remedy inside the refrigerator after, it wouldn’t get contaminated by other stuff.
  • 1 Juicer: This item is optional. If you can squeeze the lemon, then you won’t need this anymore. Sometimes, squeezing the lemon by the hand is more efficient than the squeezer, especially if you have a strong grip.

Step By Step Instructions

Step 1: Preparing the materials

In preparing the materials needed in making the remedy for skin problems, you need a potato and a lemon that is washed thoroughly. Since potato is a root crop, the skin may contain some soil that could be dangerous for your skin. As for the lemon, you can also wash it properly so that there wouldn’t be any dust included while you try to squeeze it.

Step 2: Cutting the potato

Cut the potato in half then cut the other half again into quarters. The quarter sized potatoes should be cut to smaller pieces so that it can be grinded by the blender properly. If you want to make more potato juice, we advice you to cut all of them to smaller pieces and place them all in the blender later on. Never try to place a big piece inside the blender or else the grinders could get blunt.

Reminder: Be sure to be supervised by an adult when using a sharp object like a knife because you might accidentally cut yourself.

Note: You have the option whether to peel the skin off or not. But, we recommend that you don’t peel off the skin because it contains a lot of nutrients like potassium and vitamin A. But, if you plant to take away the peel, be sure to place them properly in biodegradable trash.

Step 3: Making the mash-y potato

In order to be able to get the juices from the potato, you need to grind them into fine pieces using a blender or a food processor. The more it gets grinded, the better quality you would get for your potato juice. You may notice that if you try to place the potato inside the blender as a whole, the grinders under wouldn’t be able to process it properly or might end up getting destroyed. That is why it is good that you cut them. It is not necessary that they are all in same size and shape, but as long as they are small enough to fit the blender and can be grinded easily.

Note: Be sure that the consistency of the potato after blending looks like a mashed potato or the same consistency as a baby food.

Step 4: Getting the juices

After blending the potato, you are now set to get the juices that you will use for the remedy to your skin problem. Grab your strainer or cheesecloth and place one of the clean bowls under it so that the juices will be placed there as you press the blend to the strainer. Then, as soon as you got the potato juice, you need to prepare the lemon juice as well by cutting it half vertically and squeezing out the juices not including the seeds.

Tips: If you want to maximize all the juices from the lemon, you can microwave it first for 30 seconds or soak it in a hot water for at least 1 minute to make it juicier. Aside from that, avoid cutting the lemon horizontally so that you can maximize all the juice inside. Also, using a juicer is not actually recommended. It will be just necessary if you already have one.

Step 5: Preparing the potion remedy

To make the right proportions for the remedy, take 4 tsp of potato juice and place it on a clean bowl. Then, take 2 tsp of lemon and place it on the potato juice and mix it properly until the colors blend together like golden brown. If you plan to make more, make sure that you follow the proper proportions so that you can achieve the results you want.

It may look like you are making a cup of tea that you would drink in the afternoon to relax. Instead, you are doing a mixture of remedy to use to your skin pigmentation and other skin health problems. Although it is actually edible, we advice you not to try drinking it no matter how much it looks so tempting. Since this is suppose to be a remedy that you will apply on your skin, as much as possible, just use it on external body. If you want to eat some potato or drink lemon juice, just go buy another one.

The potion should look like this color before you can even say that it is ready to apply to your skin. If you see some small particles that came from the potato or lemon, you have the option to strain it again so you can assure that the remedy you are going to apply to your skin is smooth and doesn’t contain small particles that might confuse you.

Step 6: Applying the remedy

Before applying the mixture, make sure that you have washed the infected areas first, especially on the face if you applied make up. Then, get your brush or cotton and dip it thoroughly to the mixture and apply a thick amount on the affected areas. Washing the affected area first is a must because it can be dangerous if you have other substances on that skin and it would be absorbed while you are drying out the layers of remedy.

Note: Using a brush is just an option if you have a spare. You can always use cotton because it is cheaper and you are also assured that it is clean.

Step 7: Apply other layers

Before applying the next layers, be sure that the first one you applied is air dried completely. The you can apply the second and third layer the same thickness and amount on your affected areas and leave them overnight. Then you can wash it of when you take a bath. Repeat the process every day for a week and you would surely get results.

The video inspired this article was created by Tanya Chaudhary, a Youtube user who uploads videos that are very helpful like facial using natural ingredients found at home, making your hair glow using items found in your kitchen and so on. Her videos are very helpful because there are things that you can find on your house that you can use to those kinds of problems. Even if you are looking for videos related to DIYs, beauty, makeup or even on fashion, her channel would consist of a lot of video that will strike your interest. The link of the video for this particular article is If you want to see more of her videos, you can watch all of it from her profile

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Did you enjoy the tutorial on the video and the instructions given by this article? You can share it with your friends and you might be able to help them with problems that they are trying to hide because they are embarrassed about their situation. Aside from that, this tutorial is very important for all of us because we don’t need to rely most of the time to the products being bought on store that would be more expensive.

Instead, you can do something that is more natural and less expensive by using something that can be easily found in your homes. Life hacks are very valuable nowadays because you would never know what circumstances may occur that you need to find a solution to. As a person who can also be affected by this kind of skin diseases, it is important that I know some tips that I can use to remove them or to be able to reduce its effects.

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