4 Tips That You Should Follow To Look Younger in Your Glasses

As we age, little by little, our senses become impaired. Our sense of sight is one of those senses which gets impaired first because they are more exposed to harmful lights that could make them unable to perform as good as before. This is the reason why glasses are usually and directly associated with old age because old people are the ones who usually use it.

But actually, if you really dig deep, the elderly are not the only ones who need glasses; there are teen young adults and even teens and children that already need glasses because of overexposure to blue light and other contributory factors ever since they were little. This case is very common because we are now living in an age wherein technology is used even by small children.

Since we are already on the topic of old age, would you really want people to see you as old? This is actually the problem when you do not know how to pick the right kind of glasses, there is a high chance that people would mistake you for someone older than what you are supposed to be. And so to help you with that, read some of the tips presented below on how to look younger in glasses.


Tips On Looking Younger in Your Glasses

Over time, the clothes and shoes that we wear, and the gadgets that we have, all will be long gone because of the constant change in the concept of what is the current trend. You may not know this but it but the same scenario goes for glasses.

If you think about the statement above, it just clearly shows that when a person fails to ride on with the latest trend, they will be easily labeled by their peers or the community they are under as someone who is very old when in fact you are not.


Work On Thick Resin Frames

Although this design is not new at all, fashion enthusiasts can see that this trend will continue to be present until some foreseeable time in the future which is why if you plan to buy new sets of glasses or head to your optometrist, you can grab a pair like this one right now.

If you want to test how the item would look on you, there are home try-on glasses with the same build and type but without the grade on the glasses. This would help you in determining which pair you would buy when you schedule an appointment with your doctor.

If you are just using glasses for fashion, then the try-ons should be good to go. Besides, there are try-ons that already has UV protection so you don’t have to worry anymore about the light emitted by your devices that could undeniably result to your eyes not performing as good as they were before.


Less Is More Is A Big No

You see, when you grow old, you will initially think that the simpler the better which is why you go for glasses that doesn’t give a lively effect to your eyes. This is also a stereotype on the part of the older community, when you wear glasses simply because you need them without considering its fashion effect; you are already the boring kind of old.

If you want people to see you as fun and still has that youthful vibe, go for glasses that attract the attention of the people so that they could focus on your eyes. This very effective to move away from the focus of the people on your wrinkles and dark circles on the eye.

Never Go Wrong With Cat-Eyes

Just because the cat-eye glasses have been introduced long before doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its effect anymore! Truth be told, this baby, even with old age, never fails to make its user feel young since its design has the effect of highlighting your cheekbones and contouring your face.

If you visit popular glasses companies, you will be able to see how they spiced up the cat-eye glasses. Put some touch of modernity and tada! You surely wouldn’t be mistaken for an old hag anymore.

There is a premise in the glasses industry that in order for your face to look like it has undergone a face lift, the style of your choice should be upward and outward on the, hence the cat-eyes. If you are planning on aviators, don’t. Aviator focuses downward, again, go only for upward and outward glasses.

Color Is Life

It is even lifer (teenagers use the term ‘lifer’ to emphasize importance of a thing, i.e, sleep is life but food is lifer). Well, anyway, the point here is to complement your eyes with the color of the frame of the glasses. Again, we would like to attract the attention on the eyes and produce a vibrant vibe.

You can balance it out. For example, if you are going on a bolder color, maybe a simpler frame could suffice, or if you go for bigger frames then a clear color can be used. But hey! There’s no crime in going overboard. Go crazy! Be brave to try on new things.

Again, just make sure that the color of the glasses could complement your eye so the effect would be refreshing and fun. If you want to go bold, not a problem, just as long as it suits you well.



Wearing glasses has a great impact on how people see us. When we are able to choose the right eyewear, we can appear as chic and as timeless as possible. So again, it all boils down to three considerations, the color, the frame, and the effect a certain design has on the face of the person.

The color would and the frame would help in sending a message that you are still into the latest trends or that you can still ride on what is new while the design is intended to achieve an illusion that your face is lifted even though it is not. It saves you tons of money if you compare it to an actual face lift procedure.

Glasses are not just something that old people use in order to aid their need for vision support because of an impaired eyesight, it is also a fashion statement that if chosen correctly will provide a bigger impact on your overall look. You say comfort over style? I say comfort with style.

Actually, if the problem is in your eyes, you can actually wear contact lenses to solve the problem. However, we all know how stressful it is to get those lenses in and out of our eyes. Plus, if we get old, we would want to deal with simpler things especially when our cognitive ability starts to waver.

By the way, please make sure to consult with an optometrist before buying glasses with grade because.

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