Men Should Follow This Daily Anti-Aging Skin Care

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Don’t you hate it when your appearance reminds you that you’re old? This is why people turn to anti-aging skin care products in the hopes of transforming their skin to a younger-looking appeal (thank heavens for these products!). Anyway, who wouldn’t want to have such great-looking skin? With that being said, Men Should Follow This Daily Anti-Aging Skin Care procedures to get back their youth. Yes, you heard that right—not only women are participating in this trend.

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Here are the procedures you should follow daily if you want your skin to look and feel fresh& young. Let’s start by the routines that should be done(plus top anti-aging products guidelines and list) from the morning until before you finally hit the sack.


#1 In the morning… Cleanse Up! (don’t you dare skip this part)

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Do you know the reason why you should never, ever skip this part? Washing removesbuild-up—this includes oil, dirt, and other unwanted substances. This maintains proper hydration and this prevents the coarseness, wrinkling, and aging of the skin. Also, this helps make your skin clearer and away from acne. Cleanse with mild soap or face wash to avoid irritation.



#2 Don’t Forget To Scrub (it’s better to do this before you shave)

Scrubbing takesa further step in cleansing; you will be thoroughly cleaning your face, inch by inch. By scrubbing, you could—

  1. Reduce deeper residual build-up
  2. Get a better shave
  3. Have a deep clean with exfoliating beads
  4. Fight against acne
  5. Benefit from anti-aging properties

Don’t be tempted—it is recommended to scrub only twice a week.

#3 Get Your Skin Hydrated (this will be perfect after your shower.)

Moisturizing your skin is a must! Trust us, you will feel great after you got moisturized. Your skin will thank you for this too! Doing this will reduce your skin problems (acting as your balance if you have dry or oily skin), lessen the appearance of other blemishes, have your skin repaired and tightens your skin to reduce wrinkles.


#4 To complete your morning routine, Protect Your Skin Before You Go!

It’s time to use sunscreen… but you’re not going to the beach, right? Will you be surprised to know that sunburn prevention is actually not the most important benefit you can get from this product, rather the reduction of damages?  Around10am to 3pm, the sun is to emit strongest ultraviolet rays. Use asunscreen or stay shaded.

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#4.1 It’s Time to Shop for Your Anti-Aging Skin Care Products!

Before you purchase any skin care item, observe the features of your skin—

  • Oily — light, exfoliating, and oil-free products are recommended.
  • Dry — moisturizers are to use.
  • Sensitive — do not settle for products containing fragrances, dyes, or other potential irritants.
  • Normal — no problem with looking for your products.
  • Combination — still look for light products plus moisturizers.
  • Acne-prone — non pore-clogging products suitable.

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As we head to the part 2, see these anti-aging skin care products for men you will find useful in your journey to a younger-looking skin.

  • Night creams — these products will make the most out of your regular beauty (or should I say manly?) sleep by repairing the damages you’ve had during the day.
  • Face serum — typically, serums are non-greasy and water-based.
  • Facial masks — need a deep-cleansing action? These are for you. It helps remove impurities or toxins that rest deep in your skin. Recommended for usage 2 to 3 times a week.
  • Face oil — your skin produces less oil the older you get. Face oils will help in the firming of your skin and treating of lines.
  • Sunscreen — over-exposure to the sun will lead to skin damages. Look for sunscreen with SPF 15 or more to get the best results.
  • Eye cream — wrinkles first appear by your eyes and this product will help reduce those wrinkles. Apply this twice a day—once in the morning, and once before you get to bed.
  • Daily moisturizers — Resveratrol, Vitamins A, C, and E should be the ingredients you’ll notice with effective moisturizers.  Antioxidants should be prominent with these products.
  • Exfoliants — this promotes the production of new skin cells by unclogging pores and dead skin cells. Apply sparingly; don’t use these products for more than twice a month.
  • Face wash — the washing off the dirt, oil, and bacteria is effectively done with a face wash. Lather up using warm water and with the small amount of face wash, apply with circular motions until you’ve covered your face.

Now, let’s move on to the nightly rountine!

#5 Cleanse Your Skin Again

After all in a day’s work, you deserve to feel refreshed. Of course… after all the exposure outside, you would need to wash again. Doing so will get rid of the stressors and impurities. If you haven’t tried this, I recommend you to try this now! Washing your face with face wash at night will make you feel fresher.


#6 Hydrate Before You Sleep

After using the face wash, lock in the freshness with an anti-aging moisturizer. Apply in a top-to-bottom motion for the anti-aging effect to take place (yes, doing it the other way around can actually make it worse). During the night, the body actually loses a lot of water. A good moisturizer will come in handy to address that.


#7 Rejuvenate to Wake Up Looking Fresh

Focus on your eyes this time. You wouldn’t want to wake up with eye bags or dark circles, so use eye creams as your final step before going to bed. Spoil your eyes overnight with a good eye cream so that you’ll wake up looking your best! That heavy, groggy feeling will be replaced with freshness.


#8 Repeat!

You might think that this part two of the routine is not important. You’re wrong. You should never skip your nightly skin routine—this will be a great opportunity for your skin to absorb all the freshness for that younger-looking appearance everyone wants. These skin routines are to be followed daily. Be mindful of the recommendations; don’t overdo it.

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Oh, what a day. Even if you’re busy with work or other things, do not forget to take care of your skin too. No matter how preoccupied you can be, taking care of your body is an important task you must pay attention to during your day (and the night). Know this—when you feel your best, you will look your best too. Now that you know the ultimate skin care routine, implement this especially when you are noticing your aging look. Believe me—you will thank yourself for trying it out.

Remember to be consistent with these routines to get maximum results. Choose the right products according to your skin type (as given in the guidelines a while ago) so that you wouldn’t have difficulties in attaining the anti-aging effect you’re looking for.

This way, you will look and feel fresh—and that will give you a boost of confidence every day!

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