Reasons Why You Should Never Use Makeup Wipes

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A lot of women are investing to make-ups because these products can help them look and feel beautiful. Although, after the long day outside with all the different products placed on your face, what you simply want is get your skin relaxed by removing all the traces of foundations, mascara, bronzers and other products found on your face.

Put it simply, you need to remove everything and leave your face bare and fresh again so that it can recuperate while you rest. But, since some of the products are hard to remove because they are oil based or waterproof, you might be tempted to use makeup wipes in order to remove them. I’m telling you now, don’t ever use makeup wipes. Why? Here are some of reasons why you should never use makeup wipes.

Using wipes is not the same as washing your face

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Yes, you read it right, girls. Never use makeup wipes as your alternative to your routine of washing your face before going to bed. The difference is plain and simple. Washing your face is more refreshing than just wiping your face. Imagine how many wipes you need to use before you get all the products removed from your face.

There are chances that sometimes, wiping your face could leave residue on other parts. This could be harmful if not cleaned because it contains chemicals from the product as well as from the wipes, then the pollution that you encountered also got stuck with the makeup, that is something that will lead to acne or even pimples.

Compared when you wash your face using water and facial foam, at least you are assured that it will really clean up to your pores. Plus, there are chemicals present in the wipes that makes them a good makeup remover. That is why if you are really going to use wipes to remove makeup, make sure that you still wash your face after to clean out the chemicals from the wipes.


Water is more ideal than rough cloth

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Whether the makeup wipes you bought is cheap or expensive, it still has the similar texture of the cloth of a wet tissue. The only difference is the chemicals present and perhaps the scent that comes with it. That is why it is not recommendable to use such cloth to your face because the skin to your face is very sensitive.

Imagine wiping a very rough cloth to your skin. Feels irritating, right? That’s the feeling when you use makeup wipes to remove your makeup. This could also cause your skin to get irritations and worse, it might lead to pimple breakout.

Whenever you are washing your face with water, be sure to use warm water first to open your pores, then gently scrub the facial wash thoroughly, and use cold water to rinse it. The cold temperature of the water will help your skin get relaxed and close the pores after it get cleaned.


Not hygienic

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Basically speaking, using wipes are not very hygienic especially if you are the type of person who wants to save the wipes and doesn’t replace the one you are using even if it already looks brown or black due to your foundation and eyeliner. This can be considered as washing your face with dirty water because you are not removing the makeup but scrubbing bacteria to your face.

If you already used the wipe to take off some part of your makeup, do not use it again to some part because it will just spread the germs and other chemicals that is found on your wipe with the combination of your makeups.


It will increase the chances of signs of aging

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Unfortunately, rubbing your face every now and then can cause stress to your face and make fine lines appear. Not only that, signs of aging will also appear like wrinkles and dark circles. That is why it is more advisable to wash it gently with water and facial wash instead of using wipes because causing stress to your face would really make it feel old.

It is more advisable that you wash your face with clean water and rinse it thoroughly. Sooner or later, all the makeup will come off. At least, you are sure that there are no chemicals that will be left. You can use a soft cloth to rub off some of the hard-stained ones like eyeliners. Unlike makeup wipes, the cloth you used is assured to have the texture of your preference and doesn’t contain any chemicals that might harm your skin.

After washing your face, it is ideal that you use a facial mask to rejuvenate the cells on your skin. But, this can’t be done if you only used wipes because it didn’t remove the chemicals on your face. The facial masks wouldn’t have any effect because there are chemicals that blocks it from entering the skin.


Use the wipes, if only necessary

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There are circumstances that using a wipe is inevitable, like you are on a camping trip or suddenly ran out of water. However, you need to make sure that when you rub your face with it, be as gentle as you can because scrubbing it too hard will cause irritations on your skin.

Since there are really makeup products that are very hard to remove, you have no choice but to use the wipes to remove them instead of scrubbing them off roughly. However, be sure that you removed the makeup thoroughly or the residues can cause your skin to get oily or show fine lines.

Aside from that, whenever you already got the chance, wash your face with water immediately because the chemicals that might build up on your face can cause oily skin or even acne breakouts. But, if you have a makeup wipe at your home, be sure that you use it at minimum.

Are you surprised by all the possible things that might happen when you use makeup wipes? This kind of items are the things that is usually taken for granted because they are just seen as efficient. However, it just shows that you need to look at them thoroughly before using. As a woman, this is a good additional for beauty hacks I could use that doesn’t need too much money. If you enjoyed reading this article, kindly leave comments below to share your thoughts and let your friends know of this site to know some beauty hacks they can use as well.