6 Reasons We Age and How We Can Slow It Down

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Ageing is inevitable. Through time, the cells in our body will come to a stage where it could no longer divide itself until they die or stays broken inside causing our body to deteriorate and age. But while it is still in our foreseeable future, we must be mindful of the factors that may contribute to its rapid development and can expedite the process. We cannot fight time for sure, hence, we focus on the things that we can control to avoid this premature ageing. To keep us at ease and put our mind to rest, the following are the 6 reasons we age and how we can slow it down.


Stress Speeds Up Aging

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It is a known fact that stress brings a lot of negative effects to our health and body. The reason why we are becoming unhinge, losing appetite or overeating, having difficulty sleeping at night is because of the manifestation of this anxiety that builds up as a result of several factor and causes stress.

One of its effects that most of us may not be aware of is how it contributes to fast ageing externally and internally. The most evident is the drying of the skin, weight gain, growth of wrinkles and acne that generally makes us look years older than our age. But will all these effects, how is science treating and explaining these changes?

According to experts, these biological changes that are caused by stress can be pinned down to the reactions of body’s cellular level when faced under such conditions. Job stress, for example reduces the telomeres, the part of our DNA that protects our cells from getting damaged. And the short supply of these is linked to Parkinson’s, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and even cancer.

Furthermore, stress also ages the brains and said to contribute to the risk of having Alzheimer’s disease, leads to vision and hearing loss and unhealthy lifestyle.


How to Slow it Down?

In order to avoid getting stress when faced in difficult and nerve-racking situations, you need to acquaint yourself with some relaxation techniques such as meditation and yoga. Easy everyday habits such as listening to music, laughing out loud, keeping a gratitude journal, and reaching out with family and friends can also make a huge difference.


Unhealthy Diet Makes you Look Old

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While we focus our diet on eating as fewer calories content as possible to lose weight, we may need to also be conscious on how the food we take can make us unattractive, look tired and cause premature ageing.

It is said that all conditions in our body from the skin, bones, brains, tissues and cells are massively affected by what we consume. It is basically summed up with that saying, “You are what you eat”, as literally, your eating habits determine not just the additional fats that increase your clothing size but also the sagging and dryness of your skin and growth of acne and pimples. Today’s sumptuous dinner may not kill you by all means, but may expedite or slow down the process depending on the quality of food.


How to Slow it Down?

Food plays a vital part in the repairs of our tissues, organs and DNA. So what you put in the table will define the kind of help it will extend to the process.  Hence, you might need to teach yourself include healthy foods to your diet and avoid these habits such as:

  • Fast food- rich in trans fat
  • Sweets- loaded with sucrose
  • Carbo Loading when not in training
  • Eating only when you are hungry
  • Uncomfortable eating

Perhaps the good news is, you are not totally told to shy these foods away, but highly advised to consume only occasionally and in moderation.


Bad Habits Contributes to Aging

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You may be exercising regularly and eating right, yet, you still notice that your skin is dull. In that case, you may need to evaluate certain habits and routines that may have caused you to age faster.

These everyday habits may seem harmful but can actually contribute to looking older than your age.


Being a couch potato

Lack of physical activity like watching television increases the development of sugar in your cells and makes you overweight. Furthermore, studies shows that by spending an average of 6 hours a day, you will likely to live 5 years lesser as compared to those who are not so keen on TV marathons.


Wearing too much make up

As much it makes us look beautiful and glamorous, our skin may be saying otherwise. Wearing makeup can actually cause our pores to clog and cause blemishes and inflammations.

Other bad habit that we need to also break are:

  • Multitasking
  • Too much sugar intake (you may need to get hold of those desserts sometimes)
  • Not using eye cream and sun screen
  • Keeping your face in the pillow when you sleep
  • Sipping your drinks through a straw
  • Keeping your home toasty warm
  • Bad posture

How to Slow it Down:

The key to avoiding these unhealthy habits is disciplining yourself, as these are things you have control of. It does not need to be abrupt and understanding that it is a process that takes time can mentally prepare you to the changes. Following these ways can also do the trick.


Smoking Makes your Skin Dull

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Have you ever seen smokers with radiant and beautiful skin? The answer is of course, an easy, NO. Whatever seemingly good effects smokers claim it gives them, smoking does not only has massive bad effects to our health but also makes us look older and aging.

This is because it promotes the release of free radicals in our body that reduces the production of collagen and the proteins that maintain our skin. These further increases the oxidative damage to the cells that fast-tracks the ageing process.

Smoking also causes the thinning of our blood vessels resulting to the decrease of oxygen level in our blood. And with this condition, premature aging becomes paramount.

How to Slow it Down?

Because this vice is very harmful to your health and causes premature aging, there are a lot of published and recommended ways on how to quit smoking. Among these things to do are writing down the reasons why you should stop, make a lists of the activities to do when you start craving, switch to decaf and talking to and spending time with family and friends and share about your thoughts and what you feel about it, among other things.


Exposure to the Sun Can Damage the Skin

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Blame it to the ultraviolet rays from the sun. We are all made aware of the serious damage of this sun radiation to our skin, which can cause skin cancer. Apart from that, however, it also heightens the premature ageing. In fact, recent studies points that UV rays is the number one culprit that causes such, smoking, which is also a known carcinogen comes second.

Medically regarded as photo aging, which is the damage caused by too much sun exposure, it damages the DNA of our skin cells and with the constant contact, our skin loses its ability to repair itself. At the same time, UV radiation also weakens the development of collagen that provides our skin flexibility and elasticity.

How to Slow It Down?

While you cannot completely keep yourself from going out, you can, however, do these things in order to fight getting burned by this UV rays

  • Find a Shade to limit your exposure
  • Wear clothes that can cover your skin
  • Use sunscreen. Make sure to choose products that has high SPF level for optimal protection
  • Accessorize yourself with a hat and a sunglasses

Not Getting Enough Sleep Causes Biological Aging

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Sleeping less than the required seven hours will not only cause you dark circles under your eyes, but also weight gain, fatigue, attention problem and mental sluggishness and is even linked to shorter life span.

Studies suggest that even one day of lack of sleep can already shake the body’s biological pathways that cause biological aging. It also contributes to the weakening of the skin’s ability to repair itself during night time. It is during sleep that the body rests, rejuvenates and replenishes, combating free radicals that cause this premature aging.


How to Slow It Down?

Now that we know the effect of not getting enough of sleep to our body and to the aging process, we have to ensure that we are having enough doze of it every single day. And to help with that, we need to start practicing some healthy sleeping habits such as avoiding caffeine, nicotine, and alcohol and keeping a consistent body clock.



What do you think of the list? Are you guilty of doing these bad habits too? Now that we know the reasons why we age faster, it is in our hands to find ways on how to combat them to keep ourselves from feeling and looking young. Though, we cannot stop the fact that getting older is a reality of life, we can however teach and train ourselves to develop these healthy lifestyle so we can slow it down, at least by few years.

So tell us what you think. Do you have any tips in how to fight premature aging too? Share it in the comment section below. And please do share if you like this article.