7 Sins Of The Skin That You Should Avoid

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Have you experienced feeling so conscious and unconfident going out and meet other people because of pimples and breakouts? It does feel awful, right? It may ease the pain knowing that you are not alone in this struggle, as many others are also experiencing this same kind of skin problems and issues. Hence, the saying, prevention is better than cure could best apply. And to do that, you need to take note of these 7 sins of the skin that you should avoid to keep that radiant and smooth glow.


Your Face Becomes a Real Life Emoticon

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Are you in the habit of squinting when something’s wrong? Or are you fond of making all those facial acrobatics when showing different emotions? If you do, you might want to limit that as according to experts, any facial movement that can cause to stretch your muscles can result to development of crow’s feet, fine lines and wrinkles. And yes, it includes laughing out loud, too.


When in Drought, Moisturize

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Dry skin has several causes, and so are its cure and treatment. In a nutshell, lifestyle, environment and genetics are its huge determinants. It is also possible that it occur as a result of a prevailing skin problems and diseases. This skin drought can be itchy and most of the time, distressing.


When the Going Gets Rough

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While there is dryness, there is also roughness of the skin. This is due to the accumulation of dead skin cells in your body that are pushed to the surface of your skin. So unless we don’t want other people to complain when holding us, we should be doing something about it.


Appearance of Skin Blotches

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Appearance of any patches that has a different color from your skin can be a familiar sight especially as you age. Though it makes you unattractive, most of them can be harmless. There are some, however, which can be a sign of serious health issues, hence, you need to be attentive to it, too.


Aging and Thinning of Skin

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As we are growing in number, our skin, on the other hand is thinning due to some decrease of oil glands activity. It helps to have a healthy skin care habits to combat and slow down the process.


Why Your Skin Looks Dull?

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Ever wonder why some women have that radiant glow that seems to be missing when you look at yourself in the mirror? There are several reasons why you could have dull skin. It could be possible that you are not being strict with your beauty regimen or lacks skin hydration. It is possible, too that you are stressed out lately that it is showing in your skin.


Avoid the Notorious Acne and Large Pores

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Save the best for last, or in this case, the worst. Acne has been the number 1 skin problem of most women in the world. One of the main causes of it is the large pores where bacteria and dirt could be trapped inside causing the development of it. Healthy skin care habits and diet can save you a lifelong of skin misery.



Did you find this article interesting or alarming? Taking extra care for our skin is something we should not take lightly and for granted. Our skin reflects who we are to the world, as it is what people could visually see in us immediately. And I know how important it is to make a good first impression.

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