Some Coconut Oil Beauty Tips and Tricks that Will Change Your Life

Surely there are already a mammoth of beauty ingredients that were introduced to us, it is even hard to keep track, but have you tried using coconut oil yet? If not, then you are in for a treat. This beauty secret is used by many not just to keep their skin smooth and soft, but also to keep their hair and nails healthy and strong. Stick around as we rounded up this list of some coconut oil beauty tips and tricks that will change your life, it will make you run to the store in an instant and start stacking. And yes, you’re welcome.

1) Get a Good Start: Wash your Face and Neck

Get oiled by rubbing a small amount of some coconut oil in your face and neck while giving it a good massage. Then wash it off, thoroughly with your favorite cleanser to get your skin moisturized. Want to give it a try? This list of benefits might just convince you.

2) Remove Your Makeup With it

Looking for a natural and inexpensive way to remove your eye make up? It doesn’t matter whether you have outdone yourself and applied too much mascara and that dramatic cat-eye effect as by using coconut oil, it will all be wiped clean in a breeze. Yes, even that water proof mascara of yours doesn’t stand a chance. Check how the magic happens here.

3) Give your Hair Some Shine

Our hair is our crowning glory. Thus you can’t blame the many of us who spends a great deal of time, effort and money to make it smooth, shiny and free of frizz, split ends and dryness. It’s a good thing though that it is possible for us to achieve that easily and conveniently without spending too much. Thanks to the wonders of coconut oil.

4) Shave Those Excess Hairs

Follow these tricks and you might have just given yourself a favor by avoiding possible razor burn or cuts as you shave your legs. The coconut oil will moisturize the skin allowing the razor to just glide and remove the hair with ease. Try and thank me later.

5) Rub and Scrub it to your Body

Get rid of that dead skin cells thoroughly and with the sweet aroma of this body scrub recipe using coconut oil, granulated sugar, citrus fruit zest and citrus essential oil. You can try other combinations you fancy as well. You may need to stop yourself from tasting it then as the smell can be absolutely enticing and tempting.

6) Wear that Coconut oil-effect Smile

You may want to keep that smile plastered on your face the whole time following the use of coconut oil to whiten your teeth, prevents cavities and keep gums healthy. And it is super easy to do. You simply just have to take a small amount of it and rub it to your teeth. How convenient is that? But if you want to try other option, you can make homemade toothpaste as well, of course by using coconut oil.

7) Read with Your Soft Lips

Having problems with chapped lips? It can totally be annoying, for sure and may ruin a good lipstick application. It normally happens when lips gets dry and dehydrated. By moisturizing it with coconut oil before bedtime, you will have soft and smooth lips come morning.

8) Grow Those Lashes

You will be batting your eyelashes in style by using only this coconut oil. Apply it as a substitute for your mascara. With constant use, you will be surprised that your lashes have grown as it promotes growth and help strengthen it.

9) Bath in Coconut Oil

Bathe in oil regularly and keep your entire skin soft and moisturized using this coconut oil. Slather to your skin as it will soothe all the dryness. And while you soak, you can relax as it is a good aromatherapy as well. Follow these steps for best results.

10) Have That Soft and Shiny Skin

After getting bathed, apply it to your skin to get it smoother and shinier. You may do so by mixing it with your favorite lotion and it will guarantee a long lasting effect. It keeps skin from getting dry even when all things around you, are.

11) Use It As a Makeup Foundation

Want to achieve that perfect glow and flawless finish? Enhance the use of your foundation with the use of organic coconut oil. Yes, you heard me. It is totally possible to combine a small drop of it to your favorite foundation before applying it to your skin to give you that glowing effect. Don’t worry, it is safe. You can never go wrong with organic.

12) Care For Your Nail

We put so much emphasis on the hair and skin, that we forgot that our nails are also as important. And it is our best interest to keep it healthy and strong as well. And using coconut oil alone can do and finish the job. Strengthening your cuticle, helps in nail growth, and other benefits, you name it and it is handled.


What do you think of the list? Were you amazed at how useful and versatile coconut oil is? Or do you still need more convincing? It is easy for me to conclude that the use of coconut oil is truly life-changing because of its wide range of uses. It makes me even wonder why I didn’t know about this before. An effective and conveniently available alternative, you can have that smooth skin, shiny hair and strong nails easily.

Or have you tried using it before? Tell us about it. Comment below for some other tips and tricks you know on using this wonder oil to add on our list. And please do share so we can know about other’s thoughts and ideas as well.