Top 10 Antioxidant Herbs

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What kind of herbs do you usually use in cooking? Do you know that most of these plants we used as flavoring and garnish are actually rich in antioxidants? In fact most of them have higher content than most fruits and vegetables. It is quite amazing how a pinch or teaspoon of these can help our skin and body a great deal in not only looking young and healthy, but also relief for simple illness and treatment to some chronic diseases. So when planning for your next menu, make sure to include any of these top 10 antioxidant herb.


Clove:  Asian and East African Flavor

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Loaded with many different vitamins and minerals, that is used to aid in controlling diabetes, increasing immune system, fighting against cancer, and protecting the liver among other things, clove is considered to have the highest antioxidants content among all herbs. A native in Asia and East Africa, it is also a common ingredient in showcasing their culinary skills.


Cumin: Your Antioxidant Defense Army

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This yellow and brown dried seed is especially used to spice any recipe because of its distinct flavor and nutty aroma. It has high antioxidants properties because it contains Vitamins A, B and C, copper and manganese. The two minerals produce the enzyme, which is our body’s natural antioxidant defense system. Aside from that it comes with outstanding antimicrobial abilities as well.


Basil: Rich Source of Flavonoids

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Aside from using it as a food ingredient, include it to your green smoothie for a refreshing feel and added health benefits. And use some to make an amazing pesto sauce. Its flavonoids content is great in protecting our cell structure from radiation and free radicals. It helps kill those unwanted bacteria that can harm our skin and body.


Sweet Cinnamon for Immunity Boosting

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Its unique smell, color and flavor are the reason why many find it delicious to include on their recipe and desserts. And would you believe that its sweet taste actually came from its bark? Known to be one of the most beneficial spices in the world, it is not only giving you high antioxidant benefits, but also anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties and immunity boosting


Thyme: Your Antibacterial Agent

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Contains high level of thymol, an essential oil that has high antioxidants content, thyme also is a rich source of calcium, iron, manganese, chromium, Vitamin K and fiber. Considered as one of the top antioxidant food, it a great use for antibacterial and antiseptic agent as well.


Cayenne Pepper: Spicy but Oozing with Vitamins and Minerals

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Generally spicy and makes your face becomes all red when eaten, you will swallow it nevertheless, as cayenne pepper is proven to have a high antioxidants content. This is from its flavonoids and manganese properties. Apart from that, it is a source of potassium, Vitamins C, E and B6. And if you are prone to some indigestion, this spice is an effective relief too.


Turmeric: Free Radical Neutralizer

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Among its many features, its antioxidant properties are one of top list because of its key ingredient, which is the curcumins that works in neutralizing free radicals in our body. Hence, a regular dose of it can combat anti-aging, protection from some of the chronic diseases, keeps your heart healthy and helps body cope up with pain and inflammation.


Ginger and Its Number of Antioxidant Varieties

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With an exceptional antioxidant content, ginger contains more than 25 variety of these antioxidants, which makes it an efficient soldier in fighting free radicals in our body. The gingerol, its compound that provides its unique hot and pungent taste is also used to treat motion sickness, food poisoning and menstrual cramps for women.


Parsley: Your Food’s Antioxidant Garnish

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We know it as a nice decorative addition to our food, but what makes this herb healthy is because of its two main components, which is the volatile oils and the flavonoids, which is a famous antioxidant. If cardiovascular symptoms are one of your health concerns, then adding a handful of this to your food also may help a huge deal.


Oregano for Any Viral and Bacterial Defense

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The Italians and Greeks commonly used it to add flavor to their cooking, it is, however, been used for centuries in treating wide range of viral and bacterial infections and asthma. At the same time, researchers claim that oregano has higher antioxidant level than most fruits, vegetable and other spices.



What do you think of these top antioxidant herbs? Do you use it in your cooking or as a medical treatment as well? These herbs may be an effective additive to most of our foods, but it is even amazing to know that it has these benefits as antioxidant is essential in slowing down aging and treatment to some known diseases and ailments.

Tell us what you think. What other herbs do you use at home that is also rich in antioxidants? You can write in the comment section below. If you think this article is interesting and useful, please feel free to share it too.

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