Try These 18 Sexy Green Hair Ideas That You Will Surely Love

No matter how many times you color your hair, the experience is always fun and exciting. It takes a lot of time, but the great thing is that you enjoy the entire process.

From choosing the colors to waiting it out at the salon (or your living room!) to unveiling your new hairstyle, there is nothing to not like about it! In case you are thinking about giving your hair another makeover, check out these 18 sexy green hair ideas!

1. Go for sexy, layered curls

Source: Style and Designs

This hair coloring style is commonly known as color melting. You can say it is a type of ombre, but we think it deserves to be called a style in its own! Whatever it is called, it definitely is the trend this year.

2. Be dreamy and dreamlike

Source: hairbykaseyoh

Be as pretty as the stars. If you are feeling a little adventurous, go for a two-color style like this one. Purple is one of the colors most often paired with green, and it’s easy to see why.

3. Stand out by going plain

Source: Modern Salon

Look at that. Just an even tone of emerald green all over. No need for fancy highlights, cuts, and techniques. This is a nice style because it looks great on just about any hair type (but it looks best on thin to moderate hair).

4. Have fairy-like hair

Source: Buzznet

We love how this look is equal parts funky and demure. It almost has an ethereal feel to it. Think Cate Blanchett’s Arwen from Lord of the Rings, only green.

5. Cute and youthful


If you have not tried anything anime-inspired on your hair recently, we strongly suggest that you do. This high double bun style brings our memories of our beloved anime characters back during our early teens. It is never not the time to be kawaii.

6. A different take on chalking

Source: Hairchalk

Combining large and loose waves and hair color that starts out dark green and ends in a light shade of blue green, this style is very feminine, sexy, and classy.

7. Shine bright (literally!)

Source: Vebston Rose

If you feeling a little daring, why not go all out and color your hair a bright neon green? Experiment with different colors for your tips and set a trend using the sheer power of your imagination and love for the color green.

8. Take unconventional to a new level

Source: GBTYL

We love shaved cuts for women because they strike the perfect balance between strong and angsty and sweet and girly. Why not add a little more spunk to it by coloring it a deep and rich emerald green?

9. Peek-a-Boo!

Source: Love Hairstyles

Split between mint green and a darker shade of green, this peek-a-boo style is a trend in the making! We love it because it looks good on everyone: long and short hair, thin and thick, you name it, it will look good under these colors.

10. Funkify those curls

Source: Sally Beauty

You’re really lucky if you have curly hair because you have such a wide range of styling options available. Curls are also fun to highlight because of their volume. Look how the different color gradients and the curls together create a heightened 3D effect.

11. Sexy bedroom hair with a twist!

Source: Hubpages

Green hair styling does not always need to be fancy. In the photo, the green highlights give the classic bedroom hair look a unique twist that simply, subtly says sexy.

12. An understated kind of foxy

Source: VPFashion

It is understandable if you are trying hair color for the first time and do not want to go for anything too bright yet. Try this dark green ombre. It is not too bright but not unnoticeable either.

13. Why not a bold green pixie?

Source: Nothing but Pixies

The pixie cut will never go out of style because it looks good in any color. We have seen numerous ones paired with it and apparently, it looks good in green too!

14. Play with striking contrasts

Source: Vebston Rose

Combine light colors with dark ones for maximum impact. You can color your roots dark green and let the color fade to yellow green or mint green. You can also go darker by coloring your roots black for a more intense contrast.

15. Create a summer-y feel with seafoam colors

Source: Seek Hair

Long layered curls will always be hot. Give yours a summer-friendly twist by going for a seafoam-inspired palette. This is an exciting take on the classic diva hairstyle.

16. Or take it from Fashion Week!

Source: Buzzfeed

You really can’t go wrong with neon. It is not only all over the internet, it has also been seen on numerous celebrities in movies, fashion shows, and on the red carpet.

17. Make the double bun a little more playful

Source: Square Salon LV

A cousin of the double bun, the triple bun is just as fun, playful, and youthful. There are tons of online tutorials showing different ways to do this. All of them have the same outcome, though: a funky hair day!

18. Be bold and daring!

Source: Hot on Beauty

This is just pushing all the limits like crazy… and it works! Again, putting bright highlights and curls together create an amazing, voluminous effect, so this is great if you have thin hair. It’s not true that you can’t have short bangs or short curls. A little mousse is all this takes!


Whatever mood you are in right now, there surely is a shade of green for you. Why not take a day off to relax as your hair is painted to bright green perfection? We hope you enjoyed this list. If you would like to share a unique style or a different look, leave us a comment!