10 Vegetables You Mistakenly Thought Were Good for You

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Ever since we were younger, we always had the impression that all vegetables are good. However, how would you feel if you are told that there are actually some vegetables that are not good for us? Even though they may not really be completely unhealthy, they have the tendency to cause harm to us. What are these vegetables? Take a look at these top 10 vegetables you mistakenly thought were good for you.



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First things first. White potatoes offer several health benefits. There is no doubt about that. However, they are among the vegetables tested that contain the highest pesticide levels. This, in turn, poses harm on our nervous system, particularly the liver. Potatoes also contain alkaloids, which affects nerve-muscle function, digestive function and joint function.



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Corn is one vegetable that is popular in many forms. However, it is also considered as one of the most common food allergens. It is also a current subject of some serious genetic modification. By consuming genetically modified corns, side effects may be expected, including hormonal changes, major sensitivities as well as changes in our digestive tract.


Bell Peppers

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While peppers add an interesting twist to the flavor of the food we eat, it also contributes to inflammation. Peppers contain solanine and alkaloid, which is known to disrupt the function of our nerves, thus leading to twitching, trembling and convulsing. They also cause some problems to joint health. Therefore, this is not ideal for those with rheumatoid arthritis.



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Eggplants are known to have high solanine content. However, if you are someone who is dealing with some serious joint problems, it is best to stay away from this vegetable. This is because eggplants contain oxalates which is a naturally occurring substance. It plays a huge role in creating kidney stones. If you have issues with your gallbladder or kidneys, stay away from eggplants.


Conventional Spinach

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It does not mean that because spinach is good for Popeye, it’s good for you too. Even though spinach is filled with Vitamins A and K, along with its anti-cancer properties, non-organic spinach is filled with 48 pesticide residues. It also contains purines and oxalates, which may result to kidney stones and gout. This is not recommended for those with kidney problems.


Cherry Tomatoes

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Cherry tomatoes are ideal for snack time. Its lycopene content makes it highly favorable, especially to those who are suffering from osteoporosis and prostate cancer. However, cherry tomatoes may also increase inflammation in the body, particularly in the joints. Therefore, this is not good for those with joint problems or arthritis.



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Even thinking about cucumbers leave our minds feeling refreshed already. However, cucumbers come with 35 pesticide residues, with most of them hormone disruptive. Among these residues are neurotoxins, which means that they can harm our body. Conventional cucumbers usually comes with a synthetic wax which is usually made up of chemical contaminants. In order to avoid these, opt for organic cucumber instead.



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Celery in this list? We always thought that celery is harmless. After all, it is almost nutrition-less. It is consumed, however, because of its fiber content, as well as its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. However, this vegetable is found to be filled with 68 pesticide residues, with most of them being hormone disruptors.


Conventional Kale

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Kale is considered as among the most nutritious vegetables available. It is known for its healing properties which makes it a local superfood to some. However, organic kale is filed with organophosphate insecticides which are extremely toxic to our nervous system. At the same time, kale is goitrogenic, which means that it may make goiters worse. Therefore, if you have an unhealthy thyroid, better avoid this vegetable.



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We all know that squash is filled with amazing vitamins and minerals, and fiber at the same time. However, it is also filled with organophosphate insecticides. These insecticides are hormone disruptive, and even play a role in the development of kidney stones. Therefore, if you currently have kidney problems, monitoring your intake of squash is a good choice.



Convinced? It does not mean that because they carry the name ‘vegetable’, it’s automatic that they are all good for our body. Of course, they are not poisonous as to avoid them, but consuming them in moderation is the best path to take. There are also other healthier options out there which you can turn your attention to.