What Really Happens When You Cut Out Sugar From Your Diet

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Is it so hard for you to take a pass on a yummy dessert? Does your comfort food spell S-W-E-E-T-S? Sugar is really addicting that once you taste it, it is so hard to resist. And the problem is, it is present on almost all delicious foods, as apparently you don’t even need to be on the supermarket’s sweets section to be surrounded by sugar. Indeed, the struggle is real considering overconsumption of it can yield some serious bad effects. To give you some idea, here’s what really happens when you cut out sugar from your diet.


You’ll Cut Down those Calories Intake

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Who doesn’t like to eat sweets? Probably none. But do you know that taking out a good amount of this sweet poison from your diet can make you lose weight? This is because approximately, we consume about 22 teaspoons of it per day or equivalent to 350 calories. So just imagine the additional pounds you consume along with it.


Have a Happy Visit to Dreamland

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Having trouble sleeping? Does counting sheep not working at all? Then perhaps, counting on the sugar you consumed for the day might help you sleep better the next time. Because as it happens, sugar consumption can have negative effects on your sleeping cycle. Blame it to reaction of hormones, as we always do.


Makes you Look Younger

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This might be totally surprising but sugar actually contributes to aging. And how is it possible? As it mixes with protein, it produces a substance called Advanced Glycation End-products (AGEs), which causes wrinkles to skin. Can’t seem to resist a chocolate bar? Counter its effects by eating foods with high antioxidants content.


Life becomes better and happier

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Remember those times when you feel sad and gloomy and you are craving for anything sweet? This is because you think eating ice cream or grabbing a cookie can boost your mood. Perhaps. But only for a short period of time as there are studies linking sugar to be one cause of depression as an effect of chronic inflammation affecting brain functions.


Lowers Scare for Diabetes

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A recent study has debunked earlier claims that sugar does not exactly cause type 2 diabetes. It states that sugar consumption may have a direct effect to this serious disease as for every 150 calories of sugar a person consumed every day, the occurrence of diabetes rose by 1 percent.


You’ll Enjoy a Longer Life

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That being said, cutting down sugar will add years to your life. In fact in a study conducted to the world’s healthiest village revealed that the secret to their long life is their lifestyle, which has a lot to do with eating less sugar. Obesity is one of the primary effects of high sugar consumption, which brings higher risk of high blood pressure among others.


Makes you Energized

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While we only know that eating sugar boosts our energy, it seems that at the same time, it also lowers our energy and makes us tired and exhausted. This is because the energy increase is so fleeting that it follows a swift crash thus a drop in your blood sugar which would cause such exhaustion.


Makes you focus on your work

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Studies show that whenever you consume sugar, free radicals are formed in your brain’s membrane that may compromise your nerve cells’ ability to communicate. It does also affect how you retain instructions and process it. Hence, it might not be a good idea to load yourself with it during exams or when making important decisions.



What do you think of the list? Do you have sweet tooth, too and guilty of excessive sugar consumption? As much as it is hard to resist an ice cream, chocolate or a cookie, too much of it can cause serious health conditions, hence always make a mental note to keep it to a minimum. By knowing and understanding its effects may be the trick on how to pep talked yourself into steering clear from it.

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