Natural Skincare

Proper skincare can lead to rejuvenated skin that remains radiant well into advanced years. Most anti-aging skincare regimens use at least a cleanser, toner, moisturizer and serum. However many skincare systems are more involved. It is important to remember that anything placed on the skin enters the bloodstream much in the same way something ingested does. Therefore it is vital to ensure that skincare products do not contain any chemicals that are harmful to the body as a whole.

Choosing the right skincare line can depend upon a number of important factors. In addition to the personal aspects of skin care such as age, skin type, and skin condition; there are also environmental, ethical and personal health issues to consider. There are more natural skincare products on the market than ever. Trying to decide which line to use can be tricky, but the benefits of using natural skincare far outweigh any inconvenience. The list below ranks (in no particular order) the top 10 natural skincare lines. By using them as a guide, anyone can dip their foot into the natural skincare pool and see what all the fuss is really about.

#1 – Clark’s Botanicals

Clark’s Botanicals is a killer new line that can be used by a wide array of skin types as their products are tailored to anything from oily problem skin to skin suffering from extreme dryness. Jasmine absolute makes this skin balancing product line an instant hit. Every product in the line uses this calming flower essence which is not only antibacterial, but also anti-inflammatory. Those suffering from conditions such as rosacea, and minor skin irritations would find this product line particularly beneficial.

In addition to producing natural and organic products, Clark’s Botanicals is dedicated to the betterment of humanity. The company was founded by Francesco Clark, an ambassador for the Christopher Reeves foundation. After suffering a life changing spinal cord injury following a diving accident, Francesco Clark was determined to improve the quality of life for those living with paralysis. A percentage of all sales proceeds go towards medical research for finding treatments for those suffering from spinal cord injuries.

#2 – Tata Harper

Tata Harper products are 100% made in the USA, and are a favorite among those who prefer domestic brands. Small batches are produced daily in a state of the art Vermont laboratory that continuously produces natural and organic products whose effects are scientifically proven. Known for being packed full of excellent quality natural ingredients, Tata Harper products often contain as many as 29 active ingredients while most cosmetic formulas typically do not contain more than 3.

An eco-friendly company, Tata harper’s Vermont facility is run entirely on renewable energy sources. This company believes that they must set an example for other cosmetics companies to show that makeup and skincare can be economical as well as kind to the environment.

#3 – Juara

One of the more unique brands on this list, Juara is completely vegetarian and uses several botanical blends based on traditional ingredients only grown in the founder’s native Bali. By combining folk remedies with simple healing oils and modern ingredients, Juara is a trendsetter among the new school of natural skincare. With products that can be used on both face and body, Juara is incredibly versatile. Its most popular product is the moisturizing Candlenut Body Crème which contains the nutrient packed Candlenut oil. Juara is one of only a few skincare lines to contain this rejuvenating oil. It is relatively unknown outside of Bali, where it has been used for centuries to treat a variety of skin ailments.

#4 – Votre Vu

Though this Parisian producer of fine skincare has a glamorous name, it should not be mistaken for a product that is overly fussy. This small-batch line made from fruit and herb extracts has definitely been formulated with tree hugger types in mind, albeit those who appreciate the value of radiant skin. Primarily praised for its brightening and rejuvenating formulas, Votre Vu uses botanicals such as papaya extract, bilberry and bergamot for their long-touted benefits for the skin.

The premiere product for this line is Silk Stockings, a luxurious lotion or ‘leg lustre’ that can be applied to bare legs to give them a golden radiance and natural glow reminiscent of a pair of silk hose.

#5 – J.R Watkins

Founded in 1868, J.R Watkins is one of the oldest and most respected names in personal care. Originally an apothecary chain in the United States, dedicated to producing not only body care products, but also medicines, tonics, and cosmetics. These days J.R Watkins produces everything from bath and body products to kitchen spices and all-purpose home cleaners. Though many companies founded so long ago have long since abandoned their old-world sensibility and natural ingredients, Watkins have maintained the same high standards that made it famous over a century ago.

#6 – Yes To

Yes To is a relative newcomer to the personal care landscape, but that hasn’t stopped it from cornering the market on natural products for the body, hair, and face. This company is unique because they are specifically formulated to deal with sensitive and problematic skin.

Currently operating with product lines named after the fruit or vegetable they derive active ingredients from, Yes To’s Carrot, Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Blueberries, Grapefruit, Coconut lines are all huge commercial successes.

A line for babies and young children was recently developed called Baby Carrots, which makes Yes To one of the few natural body care lines to expand onto the market for children. This company’s conscious attitude is not just limited to its dedication to using the highest quality ingredients. A portion of every sale goes to the Seed Fund, an organization dedicated to inspiring children to lead healthier, happier lives.

#7 – Seventh Generation

Best known for its natural cleaning products for the home, Seventh Generation also has an excellent plant based skin care line. One of the most affordable lines available, Seventh Generation is an excellent choice for those looking to try natural products, but prefer not to spend too much on unknown brands. Unlike most economical skincare lines, there is just as much specialization of products as would be expected from high end lines. There are collections for dry, acne prone, and irritated skin. Each collection is made up of at least a cleanser, serum, and moisturizer in addition to other products specialized for each skin type. With such simple and user-friendly systems, Seventh Generation is a definite must-try for anyone who loves natural skincare.

#8 – Tracie Martyn

Founded by celebrity skincare guru Tracie Martyn, this line of skincare utilizes minerals as well as botanical ingredients to create dynamic products for a variety of skin types. Available for purchase by most well-known cosmetics and skincare retailers, Tracie Martyn also has a gorgeous brick and mortar penthouse spa (dubbed The Purple Palace by Vogue) on New York City’s iconic Fifth Avenue. Appointments are available for a limited number of slots each week, so visitors should book early to ensure an appointment. The spa’s guestbook includes entries from Brad Pitt, Diane Von Furstenberg, and Kate Winslet, who are frequent visitors in addition to other A – List stars.

#9 –Nude

This carbon-neutral company is one of the most sustainable and ethical companies in the business. Nude is a brand that has set high standards for itself and its products. They use no petroleum based ingredients in their products or packaging, and never test on animals. Formulating their products as nutrition for the skin, Nude uses a balanced combination of omegas, minerals, probiotics and antioxidants to treat the skin and restore its natural glow.

#10 – Dr. Hauschka

A well-established company that has been in business for the better part of a century, Dr. Hauschka’s line was founded in 1935 with a mission to “support the healing of humankind and the planet.” This eco-friendly product line is known worldwide as one of the most conscious and ethical body care companies to have ever existed. Dr. Hauschka’s products are based entirely off of plant ingredients that are grown in-house on company owned farms. This provides the company with the assurance that its products contain nothing but the highest quality plant essences and natural ingredients. Most other natural care companies do not have such accountability for their ingredients, which puts Dr. Hauschka head and shoulders above the rest.

Choosing the right skincare can be incredibly difficult. The many factors that go into choosing products of any kind in these days of ethical dilemmas and unsavory chemicals are at times very confusing to navigate. By choosing products whose makers have a proven track record of using high quality ingredients and ethical business practices, consumers can be sure that they are helping to make the world and the skincare market a better place.