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Can You Reverse Bone Loss and Reshape the Facial Bone with Facial Exercise?

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We might have blamed it to losing weight, but the apparent reason why we notice our parents and grandparents face are getting smaller and thinner through the years is because our facial bones are actually reshaping and losing as we age. While we know of several medical procedures that can restore the shape of our face and make us look younger, other options such as facial exercises were also made available. But the question is, can you reverse bone loss and reshape the facial bone with facial exercise? I am adamant to know, too as you probably are.


What causes shrinking and loss of facial bones?

It has been proven by medical studies that our jawline, particularly, becomes flabbier and less pronounced, or we often regard, less prominent through the years. Aside from that, our eye sockets also get wider causing the skin below our eye brows to sag. And you know that skin in between our eyebrows? It’s actually called glabella, where creases and wrinkles normally develop through time. We often notice the drop of cheekbone among elderly as well.

While there are no research yet to prove as to the reason why the structure of our face changes, there has been scientific claims, however, that women displays and develop these signs more hastily than men does. This the prevalent reason why women shows sign of aging sooner, of which, they can lose up to 20% of their total facial bone mass, after three to six years after menopause.


How Can We Prevent and Treat Facial Bone Loss and Reshaping?

While these things happen beyond our control, certain procedures can be done to address such concerns. For easy and quick fix, your surgeon can definitely recommend facial implants to restore the shape of your face. Not all, however, would be willing to get cut because it can be prevalently risky. Hence, experts recommend the following options:

Strengthen your bones

Boost your bone’s health by including foods rich in calcium and Vitamin D in your diet to avoid osteoporosis and other bone-related illness. Aim for the ideal calcium dose of 1,000 to 1,300 mg and at least 500 IU of Vitamin D daily.

Stop Smoking

Smoking also causes bone loss and fracture because it decreases bone density.

Apply Moisturizer to Face

When the bone starts to shrink and reshape, fine lines and wrinkles starts to appear. And by moisturizing your skin regularly and consistently, you help counter its effects as it keeps skin from getting dry and it boosts elasticity.

Schedule regular facial

A good facial can help keeping your skin exfoliated and moisturized making it firm and smooth.

Facial Exercise

By exercising your facial muscles and getting it toned, the changes in your bone structure may be less visible.


How Effective is Facial Exercise in Bone Loss and Repair?

We know for a fact that exercising is essential because it makes our bones and muscles stronger and firmer.  And facial exercises have been used by many to help improve sagging muscles and wrinkles on our skin. In fact, facial yoga is a thing now that many celebrities are even into it.

There have been claims, however, that linked facial exercises to treat facial bone loss and restructuring as well. But the question is, how effective is it? While that is still but an ongoing talk, researchers believe that the exercises conducted to improve sagging facial muscles and wrinkles can also help in slowing down bone deterioration. This is through the pressure applied during facial exercises that is proven to help in enhancing the integrity of the bones.

This is further supported by Carolyn from Facial Fitness in an article, saying, facial exercises aid in building muscle fiber that restores connective tissues, thus helps in improving bone structure.

The pressure you apply during facial exercises, can affect the bones in your face and on the area where there are visible signs of aging. Apart from that, the pressure also helps in building underlying muscles that lifts your face and thus, making your face looks firmer and more elastic.

Thus, though there is not enough scientific research yet to actually prove facial exercises can reverse bone loss and reshape facial bones, it can, however, help delay and slow down the process and at the same time can make you look younger as it helps stretch those sagging muscles and fine lines as well.



Facial bone loss and reshaping is one common effects of aging. It is the fact that through the years, our bone would start to shrink and deplete. But in order to keep our skin young, certain procedures can be done to counter these effects. And there have been studies that prove facial exercises can help improve the bone structure, by following proper program as there are right ways on how to put pressure to enhance its effects.

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