Do Vitamins Help Beard Growth?

Do Vitamins Help Beard Growth?

Here we have shared an amazing article on vitamins and how they can help us in beard growth.

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We all know the fact that our body works all on minerals and vitamins as these our the basis on which our body is made. Now, many people think that diseases in the body, weakness of the body and the immune system of the body can all be fixed with certain vitamins and mineral but when it comes to facial hair growth, people forget the use of vitamins.

Have you ever wondered that if vitamins are the answer to every problem then why isn’t hair growth a part of it. There are men in the world who cannot grow beard and even if they do, there are unequal patches of beard coming out. In short, there is a big part of the population that cannot grow a good and fuller beard and the causes of it are mostly unknown to these people.

If you are also one of those men who is worried about his beard growth then you are at the right place, reading the right article. Today we are going to tell you all about vitamins, how they help in beard growth and which ones are the best to trigger your hair growth. So, folks take notes of what we are about to tell you because this article will surely help you and there are high chances that by following our instructions, you will be able to grow a good and thicker beard.

The Hormones That Play A Vital Role In Beard Growth

There are two basic hormones involved in beard growth, one is the DHT and the other one is the testosterone. Also, it is necessary to maintain the production of collagen, sebum and keratin in your body because that will ultimately give you energy and that energy will trigger your beard growth.

Now, let’s get one thing straight, there are no such vitamins yet discovered that can directly help you in beard growth. However, vitamins to help in beard growth indirectly and there is no doubt in it. In order to make the vitamins effect your beard growth indirectly you yet need to maintain optimal levels of all the essential vitamins in your body. Hence your hair will start growing naturally.

So, this is all going to be the base of our article today. We all need to understand that vitamins need to be maintained in our body so that our body can function properly and among men beard growth is one of the most essential function of the body.

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Now we are going to jot down a few vitamins and minerals that take part in the beard growth process in men. Also, we will explain how do they work.

Vitamin A:

Vitamin A is one of the most important vitamin that is very essential for beard to grow. The reason behind it is that it is necessary for the synthesis of testosterone in the body and testosterone is the major hormone that triggers beard growth. According to research, when the levels of Vitamin A drop in the body, the testosterone levels also drop and hence it becomes a hurdle for the follicles to grow hair.

Vitamin B:

Vitamin B is complex and it contains all the 8 soluble vitamins that are necessary for beard growth. Nearly all the water soluble vitamins in Vitamin B are involved in maintaining the testosterone levels and they also help in producing sebum and keratin for beard growth among men. Specially biotin and folic acid are involved in this process.

Vitamin C:

This vitamin is the only antioxidant of the body and it protects our body from free radical and oxidative damage. It also helps in preserving DHT, testosterone along with the hair follicles from the damage done by the stress hormone cortisol.

Vitamin D:

Vitamin D is the best supplement that somehow is responsible for your beard growth and according to studies it raises the testosterone levels of your body by 25% so yes you can call it as the most essential Vitamin for your body. It is a facial hair vitamin because it is responsible for increasing the hormone that is involved in your beard growth.

Vitamin E:

Vitamin E is also essential as it protects your body from the damage done by free radicals and the stress hormone cortisol. It is an anti-oxidant that works similar to Vitamin C, furthermore, it blocks the production of reactive oxygen species also known as RO. It promotes hair, nail and skin growth too.

Vitamin K:

This vitamin comes in two major forms one is the K1 which is obtained from green leaves and the other is K2 that comes from animal organs such as liver, heart and brain. Both of these components are very important for maintaining the level of testosterone and DHT and hence it is responsible for growth beard too.

These are the few vitamins and their functions in our body, however, this is not where the struggle ends and you have to make sure that you take all the measures to cope with the levels of the required vitamins of the body. Lack of these vitamins can not only become a hurdle for your beard growth in fact it can create so many other problems in your body and all of its functions. Beard growth is just another function performed by our body so it is a simple formula for that, the more vitamins and minerals you feed to your body the more thicker and fuller your beard will grow.

The Other Reasons Of Not Growing A Good Beard

Another important part of the beard growth process is that you need to be very very patient with it and don’t think about trimming it or styling it before you are sure that your beard actually is growing good. People usually don’t grow beards due to several other reasons, for example sometimes its not just in their genes but most of the time it is because of their nutritional deficiency. You feed your body with good nutrition, you will start seeing the results.

How Can You Consume These Vitamins?

Now many of you might have this question in your mind that what exactly can one do in order to consume these vitamins for beard growth. Well, don’t worry because we have the answer to that too. In order to consume these vitamins all you need to do is to consume animal organs such as liver, heart etc and you can also go for green vegetables and leafy foods in case you cannot beard animal organs.

You see a balanced diet which is full of nutrition can help you in a lot of ways and especially when it comes to men, more nutrition means more beard and more testosterone levels along with DHT. The other way to fulfil the requirement of the vitamins in your body is by consuming multi-vitamin tablets that can trigger your beard growth. Your facial hair basically come out of the follicles on your face and in order to trigger those follicles you need to consume a healthy nutrition filled meal that has vitamins and minerals in it.

All of the above mentioned explanation finally gives you a clear cut answer that yes, vitamins do play a very important role in beard growth. After this, there are several other factors that can help you in growing a good and thick beard. These factors include, the use of beard oil, beard shampoos, beard conditioners and overall a good grooming. Among all these factors the one that is genuinely effective is the use of beard oils.

There are men out there who find it useless to try beard oils but have you ever thought that if our scalp needs to get oiled every now and then, then why not our beard? It is also a part of our body and it grows just like the hair on our scalp. So, yes, on number 2 you should emphasize more on using beard oils as they can be very very effective if you find the right one to use. You see, the market out there is full of beard products and if you go out there to buy a beard oil for yourself then there are high chances that you will get confused.

However, you no longer have to worry more because here we are to solve that confusion of yours. Today we thought to discuss it all in detail and we do have a secret product for you too that can trigger your beard growth and you will grow thicker and fuller hair with it. So, folks take notes of what we are about to tell you because this article is a complete package for your beard and how to grow it.

Drunken Pelican Original Beard Oil

Drunken Pelican Original Beard Oil

The Drunken Pelican is one of the most popular beard oil that can actually trigger your beard growth. We talked about the vitamins and how they work indirectly for our beard but if you want quicker results then you need to try something that works directly too and using this oil is the best way you can directly trigger your hair follicles.

The best part about this oil is that it is reasonably priced but it is great in performance so yes this is one high quality oil that can do wonders to your beard. Not only will this oil help you with your beard growth in fact it will add more strength and shine to it too. Also, no matter which beard oil you use, all of them have one common function and that is to moisturize your beard.

The one thing that irritates men the most regarding their beards is when it gets itchy and dry but only if you buy yourself a quality beard oil like the Drunken Pelican then your issue will be solved for sure. The other reason why we consider the Drunken Pelican, the best beard oil is because of its customer reviews.

People are obsessing over this oil because it is highly effective and once you start using it, you will see the results within a few weeks and that is what every man dreams of, a good, shiny, smooth and thick beard. If you are also one of those people who wish to get a well-groomed beard then consume vitamins and use this oil. You will be shocked to see the difference.

Conclusion – Wrapping It Up!

Apart from using beard oils, you should also care about trimming your beard every now and then. Look out for stray hair and split ends too as these can become a hurdle in your beard growth too and if you genuinely care about your beard then get into some action and let the beard speak for you.

Your beard says a lot about your personality and it adds a lot to your looks so make sure you are leaving no stone unturned with the efforts. We assure you that a little effort on your beard daily will bring you outstanding results and you will see how just the addition of a good beard can change your personality game. Trimming your beard and combing it is necessary too. People often grow very good beards but they don’t comb it properly which then effects their looks.

This is why you should eat well, feed your body with nutritional food, oil your beard, wash it properly, clean it, comb it and above everything, trim it to ensure that you are giving full attention to your beard.